How To Change Your Density | Spartacus

Dream 1

Last night I remembered most of three of my dreams, with the first one taking place at my parent’s house.

I think that one of my brothers was watching a TV program about elephants, and I think I remember them saying something about the elephants lacking endurance or something due to their size, but I could be wrong.

They also mentioned something about the aggression of charging elephants, and some tips on dealing with a charging elephant; I think it had something to do with changing your density & dodging their charge, and then they would probably think that you are one of them or something weird. 😀

One of my brothers told me that he found a temporary way to change his density (I think), and he had some white liquid medicine that I think was Milk Of Magnesia, a generic brand.

He took a bit and then he was able to go through the ceiling and then through the wall to the outside of the house. 😀

Then there was a scene with him dodging an elephant’s charge by jumping/floating in the air over the elephant to dodge the charge. 😀

I then took some of the generic brand Milk Of Magnesia and I was able to go through the ceiling too, and I dodged an elephant’s charge several times for fun. 😀

My brother then told me that the name brand Milk Of Magnesia, Maalox I think, would allow you change your density for longer periods of time than the generic brands. 😀

So he gave me a bottle and I tried some, and then I went to show another one of my brothers that was outside the house, about this temporary density changing technique. 😀

My other brother was younger than in real life and was in my dad’s truck, and I told him about the technique and so he tried the generic brand first; which allowed him to go through the roof of the truck and through the window of the truck. 😀

He thought it was fun too, so he tried the name brand one next, but then I woke up.

Dream 2

My next dream took place outside on a sunny day in some fictional field in an unknown place, and I was working with Spencer Shay & Carly Shay from the TV show iCarly, and a few other people. 😀

We appeared to be working on some scenes for the show, but we had this mean female director/teacher, and at some point she stopped the show & forced us into a classroom-like situation; anyway that made her mad in the slightest way was sent to this dark area across the field.

The dark area was this indoor/outdoor cinema that was somehow dark, even though the side of the building was completely open with no walls. 😀

There were people watching videos, commercials, and occasionally someone in the audience would be chosen to perform on a stage under the screen. 😀

At some point either Carly and/or Spencer and/or I either were sent there and/or went there willingly, I am not sure. 😀

I remember walking near a stand that sold food & drinks, and the bathroom area; as a commercial for a MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fight was playing on the big screen. 😀

Then there was a commercial for Entertainment Wrestling that showed that Hulk Hogan was going to wrestle someone, another showed that Ric Flair (but his hair looked different & he looked younger) was going to wrestle someone, and then a few more matches were mentioned. 😀

I noticed some of the people who the director/teacher had sent to this area, they were tied to their seats, but people in this area were having a good time; but I still found that odd.

I also was a bit afraid that I would be randomly selected to perform on the stage, and I wondered what could I do, since I can not sing or dance or really play a musical instrument exactly; my only thought was drums, which I could probably make up my own beat/rhythm, but I still hoped that I would not be chosen. 😀

The next person chosen to perform was a woman in the crowd and music started to play, and she started to sing a song as the crowd cheered; it started out good, but as I was looking around the crowd, the music stopped.

People in the crowd wondered what had happened and everyone was looking around, I did not look at the stage, so I am not sure what happened; but the music and singing stopped, and no one in the crowd appeared to know what had happened.

I was listening to people and watching their reactions instead of looking at the stage myself, but then I woke up.

Dream 3

My next dream is blurry in some key parts, but I think it took place underground in a tiny kingdom/lair of some Shapeshifting Viking / Nordic / Norse-Like Human Man with whitish colored skin, probably long whitish blonde and/or whitish colored hair, armor, cape, sword, and maybe a crown that could change into a Reptilian (Dinosaur or Dragon-like creäture) God / Demigod / Or Something.

I was not the main character in this dream but I was in the dream, I will call the main character Spartacus, because that is who he reminded me of.

It appeared that Spartacus, many other people, and I had been recently captured & enslaved by this small kingdom of this Man (Or whatever he was), and it appeared to be underground.

We were arriving on a raft in water and carved into the sides of this underground place we saw stands like a primitive arena with people in the stands, dressed probably like peasants from another past era and some people only had loin cloths, such as Spartacus.

We saw a fighting arena like place in the middle of the water area connected to a walkway underneath some stairs that led to a throne over-looking the arena and in between both sides of the stadium.

The crowd appeared to maybe be reformed slaves/captives or ones that had learned not to resist or something, but I could be wrong.

A Viking/Nordic/Norse looking man with long blondish and/or whitish hair, armor, cape, sword, and maybe a crown came out of an opening in part of the cave system; I will call him the Man, and he had a bunch of tough looking Viking/Nordic/Norse looking bodyguards with 6 foot claymores, armor, white capes or something, and they all had their two-handed swords out and ready to use.

The crowd cheered or clapped as he walk out raising his arms to his side like he was the unstoppable King or a God or something, as his bodyguards was around him in a circular formation up the stairs; and a few bodyguards would duck down in a strange formation along the stairway with their swords in hand, looking like they were ready to chop anyone in half that came close to the stairway that led to the throne.

I remember feeling a bit intimidated by the bodyguards, since they looked tough and serious, but I noticed that there were not many of them around this place; so the bodyguards around the place were probably out-numbered by at least 10:1.

I think the Man started to talk & started the ceremony welcoming us newly enslaved people to his lair/kingdom, and to a tournament or something; it appeared to be like the gladiatorial games or something, where us slaves would fight each other for the crowds amusement or something.

Spartacus appeared to be a former soldier and/or leader of some tribe or something, and the rest of us seemed to be from other various locations that must have been conquered or something; I remember Spartacus, some of the others, and I not wanting to fight each other.

I can not remember any of the tournament exactly but I know that Spartacus and some of us had a plan to rebel during the tournament, so we were spreading the word around the crowds of other enslaved people, as Spartacus worked his way up to being able to face the Man; I think that the Man was going to fight early in the tournament for fun, and Spartacus got to be his opponent.

During their fight Spartacus was fighting with all his might and the Man was over-confident and not trying hard, but he underestimated Spartacus and started to lose the match, and got killed at some point in the battle; but he came back to life, it was like he could not die, and then he changed into a large Reptilian (Dinosaur or Dragon-like creäture).

Our group decided that this was the time to rebel and so we all started to attack the bodyguards, and a giant battle took place, as Spartacus was fighting the Man in his transformed state; I remember sneaking into the Man’s home with a group to find weapons & armor.

The crowd fought wildly and I guess they killed all the bodyguards, because I do not remember seeing any of them again, and some of us ran to help Spartacus.

We killed the Man in his transformed state several times, but he kept coming back to life; eventually he stopped fighting us and changed back to his Human form I think, and then we went to talk to him in his home.

His home was in the cave entrance and was a small place carved into this cave system, and during our talk, well Spartacus was doing most of the talking; I started to hear a heart beat-like sound mixed with a baby reptilian-like sound.

I noticed that the Man and I appeared to be the only ones that could hear it, which I found odd, and I wondered if I was able to hear what he was hearing or if for some reason I could hear it too on my own.

I decided to mention the noise to the others and we went out to the stadium area to see what it was, and in the corner of the stadium where there was an opening that probably had a tunnel that led to the surface; and we heard a stampede coming down the tunnel, and a group of baby versions of the Man in his transformed state came out.

They were a purplish color instead of a greenish color like the Man in his transformed state I think, and they started killing everyone that was still in the stadium seats.

Spartacus yelled to the Man to make them stop and I think he tried, but they would not listen; so we all started trying to fight them, but they kept coming back to life too.

Many people were being killed and the battle looked hopeless, but then I got an idea as two of the creatures charged the opening of the Man’s house; I decided to try to change their color to greenish like the Man, hoping that they would then follow his orders and/or not attack anything that was greenish in color.

I held out both of my hands at them and I imagined them turning green while yelling green, and they both changed to a greenish color & they stopped; so I then turned my shirt to a greenish color, and they did not attack me or the Man.

I then started to turn all of them green, and after that, I started to turn all the survivors shirts/clothing to a greenish color; so I had everyone line up and one at a time I tried to change the color of some of their clothing to a greenish color.

I started getting tired and it started being harder to make things green the more times I did it, and so I could only change people’s clothing color in patches. 😀

I told them that I was getting tired and that I did not think that I had the strength to change everyone’s clothing to a greenish color, then I woke up as I took a deep breath and started laughing about the situation. 😀

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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