Three Dream Fragments One With Paralyzing Screeching Sound

Last night I remembered part of three dreams, though I know that I had more dreams than that and I know that some of these dreams were longer, but I only remember part(s) of them; I am not sure of the exact order of these dreams, so I will put them in the order that I think they go in.

Dream 1

I think my first dream took place inside a building where a talent show-like event was taking place and I remember being there with one of my cousins and her fictional friend named Chow (which was her last name I think); Chow looked like Knives Chau from the film Scott Pilgram Vs. The World, with short black hair in a bowl-like style.

I can not remember most of this dream but I know that there were various performances as we all watched, it was almost like a talent show/fair/circus-like event, in a circus tent-like building maybe; I also remember Chow acting like she liked me or something, which was odd, and I had to keep my distance from her.

I could not even tell how old she and my cousin were supposed to be, and I felt a lot older than them which made things even more odd/strange, I just remember constantly keeping my distance while trying to enjoy the show.

At some point it was Chow’s turn to perform and I think she performed some acrobatic/gymnastic-like routine, but she fell during her performance, and I remember her walking back to us disappointed after her performance and she ask me for a kiss; which I found odd and so I told her I would just give her a hug instead, and then I left the building to get away from her and to investigate something that I heard some people talking about I think.

This place seemed to be a community on the outskirts of a town, a trailer park-like place in an open field next to the woods, and I heard that people were disappearing and/or being killed and/or being raped (mostly kids, or only kids).

I felt that I could solve the mystery and felt that since everyone in the community seemed to be at this event, that the Attacker would probably be hiding outside somewhere, waiting for someone to be walking around alone; so I was going to make myself Bait and/or try to catch the Attacker in the act.

I snuck/sneaked around buildings/houses checking my corners and watching my back, and I think at this point the dream went lucid or semi-lucid when I realized that I was dreaming, since I remembered the dream where I was showing my brother how to check his corners & clear a building/house. 😀

Instead of trying to control the dream, I just let the dream continue normally and I kept watching my back, since I realized that in dreams Attackers can sometimes magically appear. 😀

It was a nice day outside and at some point I came across a more muscular version of one of my elementary coaches that was inside a small shed-like building, and I felt that he was the Attacker, so I confronted him.

We were near the woods and away from all the people, so it was just us, and he denied being the Attacker at first; but I managed to question him enough to where it became obvious and he finally admitted that he was the Attacker.

I was somewhat shocked and asked him why, since he was a coach of young kids and we trusted him, why would he Attack people & kids especially; I am not sure what his response was, but I do know that he tried to kill me, since I was the only person that knew the truth.

Since I realized that I was dreaming, I was not afraid and I did not feel that he could beat me, so I asked him to just turn himself in without violence; but he did not listen and he attacked me anyway(s).

I dodged his attacked and I punched him with a left jab to the face, a right cross to the face, and a right hook-like punch to the stomach; but his body was solid and it did not seem to effect/affect/hurt him to my surprise.

I then decided to try to use my grappling skills to take him down, but he was way too strong, it was like he was on steroids or something; so as I tried to defend against his take down, I took a moment to think about what to do.

I wondered if I should make myself very powerful & use special attacks like fireballs or something or summon weapons & armor, or summon other dream characters to help me, or make myself slightly stronger than him & fight him straight up/one-on-one; so I decided the last option, but first I once again asked him to turn himself in without violence but he once again refused.

I then made myself slightly stronger than him just by thinking it, since I was lucid dreaming, and I told him that I was not going to let him beat me in my dream and that he could not win, so he should give up; but he refused and so I took him down with my grappling skills, but I can not remember what happened after that.

Dream 2

The next thing I remember or the next dream, I am not sure which, was very short; I either drove or walked to the parking lot of a grocery store in my birth town during the day.

I saw either one of my brothers and/or Miley Cyrus jumping up and down in the parking lot, which caused my vision to rumble/mess up like an earthquake or something; which was annoying, as I walked in front of the building as my vision was shaking.

Suddenly I started seeing & hearing a news broadcast in my mind and/or in my field of vision in the dream world mixed with the dream world itself, so I probably could see it in the dream world like a holographic screen or something maybe in front of me along with the front of the store.

A male news reporter was mentioning that scientists had found a sound/frequency/something like that & when most Humans heard it they would start to experience/visualize/see flashes of images/or videos/or sounds/or events/or something and they could re-enact these flashes all in real-time even though the flashes would come into their minds very fast; and that scientists were not sure if these flashes/visualizations/etc were hidden genetic memories or instinctual or what ever.

I also remember something being mentioned about a composer that may have made/discovered the sound/frequency or something for some British King, or something that was somehow related to this; but my memory is blurred due to what happened during this part or after it.

I started to hear the sound and my body became paralyzed in the dream world, it was like something had grabbed hold of my mind and was downloading/broadcasting and/or uploading to & from it.

It sounded somewhat like a screeching sound (like a combination of someone scratching a chalkboard and a whistling tea kettle, with this/a constant note/frequency sound).

I could not move and I was visualizing/seeing flashes of something or places or events or images, it was happening so fast and that I could not do anything except try to make sense of it; it was like part of my brain could understand some of it and/or was following these flashes, even though they were so fast that my field of vision could not keep up properly.

It was almost over-whelming, it was so fast and I was paralyzed standing up, as this screeching sound continued at a set/certain frequency; which/and I remember trying to hum to help me/myself remember the sound and I remember it reminding me of the beginning of the Vertigo Theme (the Alfred Hitchcock film) and the Da-Da-Da-Da-Da-Dummmm (or however that would be spelled) instruments parts.

Either my/me trying to hum what the sound was like reminded me of those parts of the Vertigo Theme and/or those parts may have started to play with the sound, I can not remember.

I just remember hearing the sound, being paralyzed, feeling like my brain was being downloaded/broad casted to and/or uploaded from, the flashes were moving so fast & were not under my control, and I think I even started to almost feel like something was pulling me up or something.

I remember feeling somewhat over-whelmed, so I decided to wake myself up, and I woke up in the real world mumbling something out loud (even I could not understand what I was saying, since I was just waking up and I was mumbling in a hard to understand way that probably was not any clear language/or not a language that I know (it just sounded like mumbling instead of talking, like I was trying to say something but my mouth was somewhat paralyzed & could not get the sounds out properly)) as I woke up thinking I saw & heard something/someone moving in the dark room; but once I realized that I was awake and my eyes started to adjust, I saw & heard no one/nothing.

Dream 3

My last dream involved me going to classes at a college that looked like my former high school, and then the dream jumped to the next day with me walking to my college in the morning.

My college was near the Walmart in my birth town oddly, and a small fictional housing complex was in the Walmart parking lot, and I walked on the walkway/porch-like area of this housing complex to reach the parking lot; there I came across a former classmate of mine & his family having breakfast outside on the walkway/porch-like area & they invited me to eat with them.

I ate an apple and I thanked them, and I talked with them for a moment, it was a nice looking morning outside; then something weird happened that I can not remember.

I remember some military jets being in the sky and a few UFOs (maybe missiles), but I do not remember, so I will call them UFOs; somehow the military jet pilots could communicate with my classmate over a radio-like device and I had a RPG-like anti-aircraft weapon. 😀

I was supposed to shoot at these UFOs and try not to hit the military jets, there were about 4-6 of them (UFOs), so I slowly shot one-at-a-time (sometimes several times) at these UFOs; we had to warn the fighter jet pilots when I shot, to help them avoid getting shot, which almost happened a few times. 😀

I had to try to aim each shot and hope that my shots would lock on to the proper target and/or hit the target, the UFOs were so high in the air, that I could not tell what they looked like exactly, except small silver-like objects; like I said, they could have been missiles or some kind of dummy training targets or something or maybe even spaceships, I do not know/remember. 😀

I think my RPG-like anti-aircraft weapon was single shot, so I may have had to reload after each shot, so this was a slow process; I can not remember if I hit any of the targets or not, or if the fighter jets hit any of the targets, I just remember waking up.

I remember some more details about this dream which I forgot to mention, in that newscast that I heard before & maybe during the screeching sound; I remember the news reporter mentioning the name either of the sound and/or something to do with that composer that made/discovered something for a British King (which they named but I can not remember the name, the name had a number like (Someone) the IV or III/etc.

The sound and/or piece composed/discovered by the composer was called Soul-(Something I Can Not Remember), but Soul was definitely in the name.

The end,

-John Jr

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