3-30-2011 | Three Dreams With Two Involving Disasters

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Last night I remembered part of three dreams, with the three of them having the same former classmate & friend in it, and I think the first dream took place at a fictional fishing spot on the outskirts/country of my birth town.

It is a fishing spot on someone’s farm and my dad, brothers, a former classmate & friend, and I were there in the evening or late afternoon.

I had a string with a hook & bait, instead of a fishing pole, and I was fishing on a small dock with no luck; while everyone else were on the bank of a wooded area that was higher up than the rest of the area(s) around the lake.

It was starting to get darker outside and I was about to give up and/or move to a new spot, when I suddenly felt a tug/pull as I was pulling my line out of the water; at first I thought that the hook was caught on the dock, but then I felt something tugging/pulling on the other end of the line, so I knew it must have been a fish or something. 😀

I started to pull the line with my hand and a big fish started splashing at the top of water near the dock, and I yelled to the others that I had a fish, and that I probably needed one of them to help me. 😀

My former classmate ran to help me as I struggled with the fish, trying to grab it, but it kept moving too much; eventually I go it on the dock as my former classmate arrived and he told me what kind of fish it was, which was some name I have never heard of before, but I can not remember the name he gave. 😀

The fish was probably close to 30lbs, and I think I was using 10lb test line, so I was surprised, especially since I did not have a fishing pole; just string, but then I woke up. 😀

The beginning of the next dream is not clear and my former classmate from the last dream was in it, and we were flying somehow, maybe with some device; I am not sure.

My classmate may have been the one that could fly and/or that had the device and maybe I was somehow holding on to him and/or the device, I am not sure, but we were flying over my birth town on a nice day.

I remember seeing the courthouse and then seeing some old greek/roman-like stadium-like ruins in a field near the fairgrounds, and so we landed in the seating section of the ruins.

Near this were some of our former classmates and others playing and/or trying out for football or baseball, I forgot which, and my classmate & I briefly looked around the ruins and then we stopped to watch our former classmates play.

At some point I decided to join them in the game and after a while I decided to get ready to leave, but as my classmate & I were leaving, the weather started to change; the wind started to blow hard and I think the sky got cloudy.

We noticed a few tree branches falling, but our classmates kept playing, but I felt that something was wrong; so we kept walking away as the wind got stronger & stronger.

Eventually some tree started to fall and so we started to run, and my classmate left (probably flew back to his house), and I ran to my parent’s house which was up the street from the field oddly.

It started to rain as I reached my parent’s house and the weather was like a hurricane or something was coming through town, and inside the house my parent’s were also worried about the weather; we watched through the window as the water level had magically rose about two feet in a few minutes.

I started to tell everyone in the house to start gathering supplies quickly & get into the attic, before the water could reach the inside of the house, and so they started to gather supplies as my dad & I talked about the situation.

My dad & I went into the dark attic to move a few mattresses up there, as my dad complained that the insulation in the attic would irritate our skin, and something serious happened, either: the top of the house(attic) split from the rest of the house while my dad & I were in the attic or my dad and I had stepped outside, and then it happened (I am not sure).

I remember my dad saying something about the Christian Book Of Revelation and how he thought this was the End Times or something, I was not sure what to believe, but I knew something Big was happening; it was like nothing I had seen before, worse than the hurricanes & tornado I have experienced in real life.

I just remember being outside with my dad as we watched the water pulling the part of the house with my mom & brothers in it away from us, and I saw one of our neighbors small yachts in the water not far from us, as the water was breaking & pulling stuff around the neighborhood; so I told my dad to swim to the broken part of the house to my mom & brothers, while I would swim to the yacht and drive it to pick them & the supplies up.

But my dad wanted to get the yacht and began to argue with me, but I told him that we had no time to argue; I think he was worried that I might drown trying to reach the yacht, either way I finally got him to listen to me.

I swam to the small yacht, untied it, cranked the motor, and drove to pick my family up; then we drove to go see if we could save my grandfather at his house before it was too late, but I woke up.

The next dream was possibly about the aftermath of the disaster and/or a new one, and I just remember being in the same field where the storm or whatever started; it was like I had just appeared in the dream or something and I did not know what was going on.

I saw my classmate from the other two dreams again and he was with his young nephew or someone, and they were hiding in some grass, and came pulled me over to hide in it too; they were acting almost caveman-like and it seemed like they had lived outside for a while or something.

I noticed a police car drive up the street but it kept going, and I asked them what were they hiding from, it took them a while until they started to speak much; they whispered & it seemed that they had not spoken in a while, so they slowly started to speak fluently after a while.

I noticed some people walking oddly in the distance in the road near where the police car had passed by, and I felt that they were really what we were supposed to hide from & maybe the police too; I had the feeling that those people walking oddly were zombies or something and the sound of the police car had attracted them.

My classmate and his nephew showed me a hole in the ground hidden between tall grass, that they had made and had put a large trash can-like thing in there, and they would cover the top of it with a camouflaged top made of grass & trash to hide themselves.

We hid in there to avoid the zombies from seeing us and they told me a few things about the situation, which I can not remember; it was depressing though, they had survived by scavenging for trash & supplies & living in this hole in the ground.

Most of our birth town seemed abandoned from where we were and there were damaged homes, boarded up homes, and stuff in the distance; it was like we were in the Walking Dead or something. 😀

At some point I decided to try to make the hole in the ground bigger so that there would be more space/room for us, and so I took their large trash can-like thing out, and I started digging a bigger hole; but I found a door that led to somewhere further underground, so we went down to explore.

We reached a small dark hallway of what appeared to be a small cinema with a closed double door entrance to the viewing room in front of us and on the left of us was a hallway with probably the bathrooms, the control room, and probably a closed double door leading to the lobby.

It was quiet and I was cautious, so I did not walk far from the small ladder that led back up to the surface, then suddenly a few of our former classmates burst through the double door of the viewing room running toward us screaming run; so we ran and started trying to climb back up to the surface, I stopped to help them up first and I was the last person left.

They were being chased by what I will call zombies, I think they looked like normal humans basically but I can not remember; they moved faster than your average zombie, they could climb better than your average person, and they were smarter than your average zombie.

I slipped as I tried to climb back up to the surface, but the others helped pull me up before a zombie could grab me, and then we all ran in separate directions as zombies climbed up to the surface to chase us; I ran through the neighborhood closest to us, so I was alone at this point.

It was starting to get dark outside and I ran up an upper-class looking neighborhood which had nice houses, except most were damaged and/or boarded up, and I saw several other people scavenging for stuff; it did not seem that any zombies were chasing me, so I guess most of them chased the others instead of me.

I decided to climb on top of one of the nice houses that was boarded up, since I thought that the roof appeared to offer a good hiding place, and I sat up there watching some of the people slowly scavenging in the streets; it was dark & depressing with a few people digging in trash cans.

One family walked by and saw me on the roof and they asked me if they could come into my house, but I told them that this was not my house, and that I was just hiding on top of it; so they said okay and continued walking looking depressed & hungry, I felt bad for them.

At some point a group of mostly young men dressed in some kind of homemade-like odd uniforms, came walking in formation not far for the house that I was hiding on top of, and they stopped as their leader talked to them; who I think was a woman, but I could be wrong, they appeared to be new recruits going through training.

A young man was digging in the trash can at the house that I was hiding on and I think the leader of the men and/or some of the men told the young man to join them or something, he refused so a group of them jumped him, and I think a few of them had mêlée weapons like bats (but they were just watching not attacking); I decided to help the young man, so I jumped off the roof on the group of men attacking him, and I began to fight the ones that I did not land on. 😀

The young man and I managed to hold them off until the leader told them to stop, and told us that we fought well, and asked us to join their group (which the leader named, but I can not remember it); it seemed that they were going around gathering/forcing people to join them so they could fight the zombies, basically a militia or something.

I told them that I did not have a problem with them fighting the zombies but I had a problem with them forcing people to join them & attacking people, I told them that we should be working together not against each other, and that I did not trust or know enough about them to join them at this time if ever. 😀

The leader said okay and then the leader ordered the men into formation and they all ran up the street doing a practice drill/exercise, that seemed to involve moving up streets and clearing yards; then the young man told me thank you for helping him and then he walked off.

I climbed back on the roof of the house and another family saw me on the roof, and stopped to talk to me; there was a husband & wife with their young daughter, and they asked if they could come on the roof with me & I said yes, so they climbed on the roof to join me.

But as they were climbing on the roof, we heard screaming up the road from the direction I had come from to reach this neighborhood earlier, and we saw some zombies chasing people up the street; we tried to hide, but some of them saw us and climbed on the roof so we had to run.

We managed to find an automobile that would work and we drove off, well I was not driving but riding with them, and I went to sleep in the dream during the ride.

When I woke up in the dream we were driving in a downtown-like area of a big city which I thought was New Orleans, Louisiana but the couple said that we were in Orlando, Florida. 😀

They said that they had family members there and at some point we reached a shopping-like district with shops, hotels, and other places; there were people walking around and things seemed better than in my birth town, but most of the city still seemed abandoned.

The people there seemed to be doing better as well, eventually we came across some of their family members that were walking on the sidewalk as we stopped & walked around, but suddenly we heard people screaming in the distance.

We saw people running and some zombies were chasing them, so everyone started to run to their various hiding places around the city, and the family members told us to go to the museum to hide; another member of their family was hiding there, so we all ran to it, and knocked on the large sturdy wooden doors of the museum until a man let us in.

Once inside the place was mostly dark with most of the light coming from a large sunroof and I could see museum displays around the room, and the man who opened the door for us began to talk with us.

For some reason I do not remember any talk of a virus or people being infected when you got bit, I can not remember what the zombies were or how they got that way (they may have been normal humans that for some reason were out of control), but my guess is that something was either controlling them or had some how made them that way; maybe some kind of implant or technology of some kind or some kind of mind control or something weird like that maybe.

I am not sure but I remember that the man seemed to be mentally/emotionally disturbed and he held an ancient short sword as he talked with us about the sword, the situation, and hinted that his family had been killed and that he was still trying to deal with the pain of that.

He gave the short sword to the husband and told him to use it to protect his family, and hopefully he would not fail to protect them, and he hinted that he had failed to protect his family; and was still feeling guilty about that.

The short sword was old and slightly curved with chips in the blade from use, but it was still sharp enough to kill.

The man led us to a basement-like room that had a big room with several water beds, a water floor (a water-bed version of a floor 😀 ), bathroom with running water & showers, and even working electricity; it was nice and we all stopped to enjoy it and we stayed there for the night & went to sleep in the dream.

We woke up the next day and their family members took us to show us an abandoned house that we could live in, it was a fake adobe style house made of a hard plastic/resin-like material, and it had an interesting shaped roof.

The inside was not very big and there was only one entrance/exit, so that bothered me, but it was nice to have a house instead of a hole in the ground. 😀

I went on the roof to see would it make a good hiding place/watchtower/escape point, and it seemed to only be good for escaping. 😀

I told the couple that we should have someone outside on the roof watching out for zombies always, but they did not seem worried about it, so I asked their family members if they did that; and they said yes, they always have someone on watch/guard.

I decided that I would stay on the roof and watch for danger myself, since the couple were not interested, and their family members left back to their hiding places; as the couple & their daughter got comfortable in our new house.

It was day time but I was still alert as I tried to hide on the roof looking for danger, after a while I saw some zombies on the street not far from us, and I tried to knock on the roof to alert the couple & their daughter but they did not hear me; so I had to open the door to tell them, but some of the zombies saw me.

I told them to lock the door and I would let the zombies chase me over the roof and they could escape or stay hidden in the house, and I closed the door & ran to the roof looking for an escape route.

Behind the house was a row of fences that led to a field that seemed to house some strange government or military building, it was a strange shining black rectangular building that may have been made of glass or something; you could not see any clear openings on it or clear roof, it was just one black rectangular shaped building, that I felt led to a secret underground facility.

So I decided to jump off the roof to one of the fences as the zombies chased me, they could climb very good and they kept up with me, as I jumped fence after fence after fence. 😀

I kept trying to out-smart them but they were pretty smart, but I still managed to put enough distance between us to allow me to probably reach the strange black rectangular shaped building before they did, but I woke up.

Then end,

-John Jr 🙂

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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