3-28-2011 | Dream Fragments | Trying To Steal A Research Project

Bath Room interior by the J. L. Mott Iron Works

The last week or so, I have had several dreams as usual, with one that took place in an apartment/dorm-like building.

I think I was sharing a room with several people, the room was just one big open room with no privacy. 😀

The toilets were actually holes in these long wooden benches in the room, which we had instead of couches, so you sat next to people as they used the toilet. 😀

It was night-time and I went back to our apartment/dorm-like room to use the bathroom when no one was in the room, number 2 * cough *, and while I was using the restroom a bunch of people started coming into the room. 😀

My roommates were having a party! 😀

So I sat there trying to use the bathroom in the open room full of people and a group of them sat right next to me, which was annoying. 😀

Some guy was talking to a group of women right next to me and turned to me & complained about the smell, I got angry and told him that I was trying to use the bathroom before they all burst into the room; and that he should not have come over by me while I was using the bathroom if he did not want to smell it! 😀

I got pretty mad and I woke up. 😀

I had another dream that involved me being in a building and The President Of The USA was arriving in the lobby and was going to give a speech some where soon.

In this lobby were politicians and other people who had been cleared by security, I have not idea why I was there. 😀

The President was either a former classmate of mine 😀 or The President from the TV show The Event or A Fake Obama or The Real Obama, I am not sure. 😀

I just remember The President coming through the lobby and I said something to him, and I guess we somehow knew each other, and then he continued walking followed by the group of people who had been cleared by security & his bodyguards; but I stayed in the lobby for some reason. 😀

Groups of students were coming to see The President give a speech and I was waiting for my class to arrive, that is why I waited, and when my class arrived we walked away from the lobby to a field outside that was in the neighborhood that I grew up in real life.

Oddly I did not notice security in the field, which I found odd, I just saw groups of people walking across the field to a fenced area that had a booth set up at the entrance; a person in the booth made sure that you had a pass, then you could enter the field where The President was going to give his speech.

I saw people sitting in seats in the field, people standing up, people talking, camera people taking pictures, etc.

The President was not giving a speech yet so I waiting outside the booth area looking around for suspicious activity, since I was worried by the lack of security; I think I noticed a suspicious person or persons, and I went to follow them.

I think I came across a woman (that looked like one of the assassins in the TV show The Event, the one with the black hair) and a man wearing shades that looked like a Secret Service Agent, both talking about something; I think I felt that they were planning an assassination attempt or something, so I decided to help with security since no one else was doing it. 😀

I decided to try to figure out what they were planning and either try to find & warn The President’s bodyguards (if I could find them) and/or handle the situation myself if necessary; but I woke up.

My last set of dreams were three dreams that were connected to the same story line and I was not one of the main characters until the last dream.

The first dream started in a cinema room and a girl with orange-colored hair was watching a group of mafia-like men come into the cinema with a boy, she liked the boy, but had never talked to him before; he would often come to the cinema with this group of mafia-like men and she would watch him, but he never seemed to notice her and she was too shy to approach him.

I woke up and then went back to sleep, and the second dream was years later when the girl & boy were adults.

The girl was now a woman and worked as a scientist with a team working on something in my grandfather’s yard oddly.

The boy was now a man and was walking inside my grandfather’s house with a group of people he had grown up with, other people who grew up in that mafia-like group, and he passed by the woman without noticing her again; but she noticed him, but did not stop to say anything to him before he went inside.

The man & his childhood friend’s went into the breakfast room of my grandfather’s house, and started talking about how they were about to go their separate ways, but they would still always be members/brothers of whatever group they were part of.

One of the man’s friends was a big strong guy that the others seemed to follow whatever he did, and he told the man who his brother was having problems, and that he was trying to help him get his life straight again; then each person in the group talked about their plans.

Some were going off to college, some were going to live in other states or countries, etc.

The man came up with some idea he wanted the group to do later that day, but no one liked the idea, except the big strong guy; so the others changed their opinions once they realized that the big strong guy agreed with the man.

It was funny, watching them all change their opinions magically. 😀

They then started to walk off and were going to meet later, I was in the dream and walked outside watching the woman & her science team giving a presentation of their project to someone important.

They had some big metal thing against the side of my grandfather’s house attached to some pulley-like system or something, but something went wrong during the presentation and the big metal thing fell.

The woman was standing under it and I think I ran to push her out-of-the-way, but part of the metal thing still hit her, and I had to pick her up and her science team rushed her to the hospital.

I then started to walk toward my grandfather’s gate to leave the yard, but I saw a man walking into the yard with a home defense style 12 gauge pump-action shotgun, as the Man & the big strong guy were walking out of my grandfather’s house.

The man with the shotgun then pointed the shotgun toward the big strong guy as I ran to grab the shotgun from him while I was yelling to warn the others, but he fired one shot before I could grab the shotgun; I then took the shotgun from him and knocked him down, as others came to help.

One of the members of the group took the shotgun from me & asked the man how could he shoot his own brother and then he shot the man dead, as the others tried to see if the big strong guy was dead or not; but I woke up during all the panic.

The third dream involved me being in a building with the woman and her science team, and she was still recovering from her injuries & had a walking cane or something I think.

At some point I was in one of the lab rooms with a new member of the science team and an old man who was over the science team, the old man was telling the new member of the science team that their project was finally finished or something like that; but the new member of the science team then killed him.

I was shocked and asked him why did he do it, and he told me that he wanted to steal the project for himself and he was going to kill the others & me or something like that; I guess he felt that he could get a lot of money from this project, but the science team wanted to use it to help the world.

He then started to walk toward me to kill me as I tried to convince him to surrender peacefully, but he refused and then we started to fight with dream powers, which is odd; we could use our minds to throw stuff, each other, fireballs, etc.

He was more powerful than me but then the woman with orange-colored hair came into the room, saw the old man dead, saw me losing the fight, and she started helping me even though she was still injured from the presentation accident.

We both were still not strong enough to defeat the man & he was throwing us around the room, so in an act of desperation I distracted the man and used my last remaining power to grab him with my mind & held him as I yelled for the woman to burn him; she then set him on fire with her mind, and he burned to death, then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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