The Job Civil War

Last night I remembered my last dream which involved what I will call a job civil war among business men and the dream had American English, British English, French, Italian, and Spanish language(s) in it. 😀

It started with me on my first day on some unknown job in a small upper class restaurant/bar and 50 Cent was working as a waiter/dish washer/bartender/several other things, which makes no sense, but that is how dreams are sometimes. 😀

He was carrying this clear container that held forks, spoons, knives, ice, cups, plates, etc and he would wait on the few customers in the restaurant/bar, clean up behind them, etc.

He was supposed to be showing me what I was supposed to be doing but he was busy and sent me to wash some dishes, and so I went into a dark kitchen-like room to wash the dishes; I was the only person in this area, but this building appeared to be a multi-purpose building with several other places probably.

I am guessing that there was a kitchen for the cooks somewhere else, bathrooms, and probably other types of various areas in this building; everything seemed to be for the upper class and the place was not crowded at all, so it must have been hard to get into.

After washing the dishes I went to find 50 Cent to ask him what was my job exactly & what was I supposed to do, but I could not find him, and I only saw the clear container that he was using earlier; there were a few customers needing service, so I picked the clear container up & went to try to help them.

I was not exactly sure what to do but I did the best I could, and I went to wash some dishes at some point; while I was in the back washing dishes, an accident involving a little girl happened in the restaurant/bar area, and she either died or was seriously injured somehow.

I did not see what happened but whatever happened caused an immediate response from the business leaders of this business(s), and the business leaders came in person after firing the current management.

They came in twos with two men from France, two men from Britain, two men from Italy, and two men from Spain; the previous management were from America, but they were now voted out by the others after the accident.

One man from each pair seemed to be the translator and would sometimes translate what was being said to American English; they gathered all of us employees together in a kitchen-like room to announce the new management and who was going to keep their jobs & what their jobs would be.

All of the business men had expensive suits, slicked back hair, a watch, a ring, most of them were not very tall & slightly overweight (except the translators & the two men from Britain), and most of them had sun-tans except the two men from Britain & the two men from France had very light sun-tans.

One of the business men from France did the announcing of who still had a job and what their job would be, he did it all in French & his translator would rarely translate what was said into English; I felt that I was not going to be hired again after the accident, even though it was not my fault. 😀

The business men made things seems like they were trying to show their power & place over us by showing up in person, having a dramatic public announcement of who would keep their jobs/etc, and I felt that they were behind the accident from the way they were acting; I felt that there was a civil war among their business leaders, and they decided to join to end the management from America.

The business man from France started to make a longer announcement in French and then he said my name, and the crowd gasped in shock, surprised that I was named as a person that would still have a job; the business man from France paused and smiled with a smirk as he watched the crowds shocked reaction with joy, and then he said something in French which I understood to mean that I would be the Janitor.

Which was the lowest, dirtiest, and least wanted job there; he & the crowd started to chuckle in amusement, he seemed to think that was a better punishment than firing me. 😀

He then started to say something in French describing what my job duties would be for amusement and he even had his translator hand me a broom or mop, for further amusement, and I smiled & thanked him for giving me a job; I was honestly happy to still have a job, I actually like quiet background jobs, and since he thought that he was punishing me I decided to make my smile somewhat fake to make him think that I was really not happy (which was not true 😀 ).

After the announcements, we all went to a small auditorium in the building, where members of the business men’s families, friends, and VIP customers were sitting; most of us employees stood up as each business man was introduced and gave a small speech, and the employees would smile & clap like they were being forced to or something (except me).

I remember thinking how it seemed like we employees were modern-day slaves or something, and how the upper class management & their customers did not seem to care about us, and seemed to be obsessed with money & power.

From the various speeches and conversations I heard in the crowd which were in American English, British English, French, Italian, and Spanish; I heard hints of the new management being behind the accident and hints of the new management probably continuing the civil war among themselves with their obsession with money & power.

I even remember the wife of the business man from Spain hinting that she knew that her husband was behind the accident & she did not care about the little girl or the employees that got fired, and she seemed to only care about more money & power; from the conversations I over-heard, she was looking forward to her husband & her gaining even more money & power (probably through unethical means).

I did not care for the old management or the new management but I was happy to have a job and as long as their civil war did not affect me, I did not care too much about them fighting among each other; but I did care about us employees, since we were all Lower Class it seemed, among other reasons.

After the show of power or whatever you want to call it, us employees went back to work serving the upper class members of the audience as they continued their celebration or whatever.

I went into the back to start cleaning and I saw a woman who now had 50 Cent’s job, so I told her about what had happened earlier in the dream and I asked her if should could show me what my job duties were; since I could not understand most of what the business man had said in French, but I did understand some of it. 😉

She told me that she would help teach/show me what to do, but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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