A Dream Fragment Of A Vacation

Lazy Overview:

I dreamed of being on vacation or something with my family on a nice day in a fictional city that was a combination of Hollywood, California & the fairground in my birth-town/hometown & Galveston, Texas & somewhere else.

We were walking outside in this area that was like a fairground walking path with stores, restaurants, museums, cinemas, hotels, apartments, casinos, etc on both sides of the walking path.

There were some celebrities here and there, and an apartment that had been in another dream(s) before.

My family and I stopped at a nice restaurant that had a small buffet, and it was next to a small beach.

It was not crowded, the bar was missing some of the food, and we could see part of the beach since the back of the room had no door.

After eating some food we were about to leave a bit disappointed but then they brought out new food, and so we stopped to eat more.

A new family came in and so we moved to a new table.

A variety of music was playing on the radio, and I recognized one song that was in French; which I found odd since I never hear music in French on the radio here.

I thought it was cool though, and the song sounded like it does in real life, though I actually did not even know the music artist or song title & I have only heard the song a few times; so I am surprised that it was in my dream. 😀

The music artist(s) and song was/were: Autour de LuciePersonne n’est comme toi.

I think I tried to sing a long a bit to practice my French and just for fun. 😀

At some point I took a glance outside on the beach and I saw people relaxing and having a good time outside, and one of the waitresses was standing outside in the shade.

I noticed that the waitresses and the few other workers were keeping a low profile, and they almost seemed like they were undercover dream security for me or something; everything felt safe and nice, so all they had to do was keep their eyes on the entrance and exit, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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