5-11-2011 | LC Dream Fragment

Photo showing the pedals of my car for use in ...

Last night I only remembered part of my last dream which involved me arriving at a small motel or hotel in a fictional version of LC late in the afternoon.

I was waiting in line to pay for a week’s stay, as the customer in front of me was paying the woman who ran the motel or hotel; I was a bit nervous but I was smiling and trying to hide my nervousness, and I even started a small conversation with the customer and the woman who ran the hotel.

After paying I went down a hallway trying to find the exit, but it led to a nice upper class-like restaurant, and so I continued trying to find the exit.

At some point I saw a waiter who happened to be a former classmate of mine named JP, and I briefly talked with him but he was trying to work & told me just a moment; when he was finished doing something at one of the tables, I asked him where the exit was & he showed me.

I said goodbye and walked out as two women my age and another man my age were also going outside, and it was now night; one of the women was a cheerleader and I think she even had her uniform on. 😀

We crossed a play-like area for kids or something and there was a small metal fence with a hill-like area that led to the sidewalk where my automobile was parked next to the road; so I jumped the small fence and landed on the sidewalk.

The cheerleader was a bit loud and moody, and needed help getting down, so I decided to help her; instead of following my instructions, she jumped without warning and I barely caught her & she hit her butt on the hill-like area.

She got mad at me but it was funny so the other woman, the man, and I started to laugh; and the cheerleader started to laugh as well.

We all briefly talked, I think they may have had a bit of alcohol to drink at the restaurant, so they were in a party-like mood; I had plans on going to eat at a Chinese-style buffet, and I asked them if they wanted to go with me.

They said yes and we started to get into my automobile, talking & joking around, and in the distance we could see lights from buildings in the city; the view was nice and LC was bigger & different from in real-life.

I was in a good mood & looking forward to having some fun, and as I was getting in my automobile & started my engine, my automobile started moving while I was trying to put on my safety belt & still trying to close my door; to my surprise the cheerleader was pushing the gas pedal with her feet from the seat behind mine for fun.

But we were now on the highway & traffic was coming, and I was trying to control the automobile & close my door & put my safety belt on; it scared me a bit at first and I told her to stop, but then we all started to laugh & I was not worried as much.

But I still was cautious & I managed to close the door, put my safety belt on, and finally the cheerleader took her foot off of the gas pedal before the other automobiles on the highway got close enough to be dangerous; but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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