Math Dream Fragments

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Lazy Overview:

Dream 1

One of my dreams last night involved me being in my birth town in the day time and I thought that I had to pick my brothers up from American football practice, so I went to get them, but instead of using my automobile; I used a bicycle. 😀

At some point I remember coming across one of my brothers and he rode on my bike as I rode/drove it and we reached a small fictional office near a small gas station near my other brothers school, but something went wrong with my the bike and so we stopped & took it inside the office building so I could check it.

The office was about to close so we had to hurry, and I noticed that the chain was not all the way on, so I fixed it; and I asked my brother how were we going to fit my other brothers on the bike. 😀

He told me that we did not have to pick them up from football practice, because they did not have practice that day, so we left the building as they were closing; and I started to ride/drive my brother on the bike home, but I woke up.

Dream 2

I had a series of dream fragments last night that all involved me going to class, studying, doing homework, etc all involving Math (me weakest & least favorite subject). 😀

The series of dream fragments all were connected and were probably my most detailed school dreams ever, in that I actually was focusing on what we were supposed to be learning.

In my dreams one of my former classmates mom was the teacher and I went to class & she was going over the homework (which I remembered that I did not finish from another dream in the past), so that was interesting that I already knew about the homework from a dream that I had not even remembered in real life. 😀

I had not finished the home work and did not quite understand it, and I remember it involving integers and Math problems involving moving a number which becomes negative if it was positive and if it was negative it becomes positive/etc.

I was able to see examples in my textbook, I could see what the teacher wrote on the board, and I was trying to make sense of it and do my homework at the same time; so I was not able to pay enough attention to the teacher.

I thought about asking her for help, but class was almost over and I did not want to interrupt her going over the homework, and so I decided that I would probably ask another student to help me after class.

A woman next to me had finished the assignment and I kept trying to glance at her notebook for examples, and at the end of class I asked her for some help and I remember the teacher mentioning how many years she had taught.

I was starting to partially understand and remember some of the things I learned back in school with these types of Math problems, I just need a bit of help refreshing my memory.

I tried doing problems in my notebook, glanced at examples in the text-book, on my classmates notebook, I asked my classmate questions, and I think the teacher was going to help me after she finished talking to a few students after class; but I woke up.

I woke up feeling like doing some Math and some of my memory of some types of Math problems came back, and the word Integer was on my mind. 😀

The end,

-John Jr 🙂