A Few Will Stand

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Lazy Overview:

Dream 1

I had one dream fragment a few days before today’s dream that took place in D in the day time and I was walking near the Alternative School, and went to visit my cousin ME at his ex-stepfather’s house.

I can not remember anything else except leaving and later that night I found or met a woman with blond hair who was naked for some reason, and I think that we walked to the house my cousin ME was staying at, so I could get her some clothes; but ME’s ex-step-father saw us coming into the house and he had a long barrel revolver on his hip, and he told us that he did not want us in the house.

Firstly because the woman was naked and secondly because she had whitish colored skin, we stopped & I was trying to figure out what to do, since this was a very awkward moment; others in the house began to wake up to see what was going on, but I woke up.

Dream 2

Last night I had a series of dream fragments that were connected and at some point during the night I woke up feeling hot, dehydrated, I felt like there was something I was supposed to do and/or remember, and I saw something that probably was just my shadow; after drinking some water & going back to sleep I continued to have some dream fragments that were mostly connected.

I was at a shopping mall-like place or something with my family & there was a robbery that went bad with people running around getting shot et cetera., no one was fighting back, at some point I distracted them so that my family could escape, but I was left, and I ran outside to another place.

In this other place there was another threat, maybe terrorists, one or more people joined me to fight back; we helped some people, and some of us escaped.

This happened every place we went, there would be a threat of some kind and only one or more people would help & join us to defend against the threat, we gained courage & fighting skills & team work skills after each place, some of us died, about seven of us barely escaped one of the threats & we took some automobiles in a parking lot to escape. (After the first few threats, the newer threats became paranormal with things like: living toy-like things, zombie-like people, dark short humanoid beings, et cetera.)

We reached an upper class private school-like place with students (we probably stopped to talk with a few students & teachers), we suddenly got attacked by various threats, my team split into three teams, one team went to the second floor which could only be accessed from the cafeteria but were flanked & killed by threats that were already on that floor (which we did not know about), the second team went to save them but they were also killed due to being heavily out-numbered, my team went to save them, and they were killed except for me.

I ran from the threats, leading them away from the students and I got ready for my last stand, but I was saved by a group of students at the school who came to help me fight the threats and we pushed the threats to the second floor & the attack ended.

The rest of the students were in a safe zone watching movies, and a woman who was in charge of the school, talked with me briefly.

Several students and I met with the group of students who had saved me in a darker colored room with a fireplace and nice chairs (the room had an old British Royal House-like study room look to it) & stuff (the members of the group sat in nice chairs); the group was led by a woman also, the members of the group talked slow &  they seemed calm & almost emotion-less, they were weird (maybe vampire-like) but they treated me okay.

They talked about what had happened and how it was their worst security breach ever, and they tried to figure out what went wrong; I explained what happened, and I told them about my other experiences in the dream.

They did not blame me for what happened, and they told me that the second floor was the zone where the threats lived, the students used to live on that floor until the threats forced them down to the first floor; the threats occasionally would attack when their numbers got big enough.

It seemed like this group of students had dealt with this for a while, and they seemed to almost know when attacks were to happen; their strategy was to let the threats chase & kill some of the students, and in the chaos they would flank & kill the threats until they would retreat back to the second floor.

I told them how I disagreed with their tactics and I recommended some other strategies, they let the three students who were to become future members of their group (a few died in the attack, they seem to always have future backup members for when this would happen) show me around the school as we scouted & as I made my security recommendations.

Two of the students reminded me of Dutch & Revy from the Japanese animated (anime) TV show Black Lagoon, and the other student was like a small female version of me (in personality) mixed with another former member of my group who had died.

We walked around the school scouting and talking, it seemed that we might make a good team one day.

We reached the cafeteria-like place where my teammates had died, we went to explore some of the second floor, there was clear glass with two entrances, the area was dark & quiet; the Revy-like student made noises & she shot her pistols and she made the threats (which may have been  a variety of threats such as: zombie-like people, humanoid toys, and some dark humanoid things) attack.

We got attacked by wave after wave of threats, I did not want to leave the students who were helping me but they wanted me to warn the others (since if we all left, the threats would attack the first floor), I stayed too long helping them fight, and when I finally did leave to warn the others, the three students were killed too soon.

By the time I warned the others, the school was over-run by threats, & the leader of the student group or a woman & her guards & I, went around the other side of the school to avoid most of the threats to escape on the second floor.

We reached a balcony-like area outside on the second floor, but we were in the sky (like we were on a floating school high in the sky or something); the leader was not sure how to escape and her guards were fighting some of the threats, warning her to leave before they were killed.

I somehow became the woman or something (I guess we somehow fused or I entered her body); I realized that the only way to escape was to jump from the sky and hope that I would not die, so I decide to try to look down on the land for a place with water & then I jumped.

I passed clouds and the ground looked almost like a map since I was so high in the sky & I was able to see more of the city as I fell down; it was a fictional version of LC that is in my dreams sometimes.

I decided to land near the marsh-like area and I hit the ground & I hurt my legs a bit, but my new body was stronger & faster than normal, and the pain quickly went away; I forgot to mention that the woman’s body that I was now in had shoulder length orangeish and/or reddish hair with whitish colored skin and she looked somewhat like Victoria from the Twilight films.

I ran very fast through the marsh jumping over & on small mounds of dirt & over & on alligators until I reached land; and I felt unafraid & powerful.

I wanted to form another team & help people & continue to defend against the threats, and I wanted to one day take the school back, & I hoped that some of the students had survived; and the end of the dream was like a movie, with me walking alone determined & already making plans.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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