Killing In Self-Defense

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Lazy Overview:

Last night I remember part of my last dream which involved my cousin DE, my mom, and I driving to LC in the day time.

My mom was driving and when we reached the bridge that leads from MB to LC, most of the bridge was gone, and in place of it was some wooden boards. 😀

So my mom dropped my cousin DE and I off so we could walk, and I guess she was going to drive around another way & pick us up on the other side in LC or something.

My cousin DE and I walked cautiously across the boards, it was a bit scary, since we could see the water under us; there were some other people walking as well and some people were actually very slowly driving over the boards.

At some point we reached the other side and there was an area with other people who had walked and a small field-like area on side of the road somewhat near the Walmart.

I can not remember what happened except that I remember seeing two suspicious looking men, among the people, as my cousin DE and I waited for my mom.

At some point one of the men approached us and said something to me, that hinted that the two men had something to do with why my mom had not shown up yet, and so I got worried and angry; but in this dream I felt a bit weak like in real life, after my semi-near death experience.

I asked the man what happened to my mom and where was she, but he just smiled, I then called my mom with my mobile phone but she did not answer; and so I grabbed the man and asked him the questions louder and then he pulled out a small pocket knife, since I felt weak, I decided to use my grappling skills.

I managed to grab the man’s arm and take him to the ground using my weight and I took the knife, as my cousin DE stood there in shock; but the other man pulled out a combat knife and came running to attack me from behind, so I started trying to kill the man who I was fighting on the ground before his friend could reach me.

I started to stab and cut the man on the ground with me with the small pocket knife and I yelled for my cousin DE to help me, since the other man was about to attack me too, but he was in shock and just stood there.

The other man stabbed me from behind, but not deep, and then I grabbed his arm; I then used my weight to partially pin both men down, even in my weakened state, and I stabbed them to death.

The other man stabbed me a few times as the three of us wrestled on the ground, but since I was holding his arm, he could not stab me deeply; the fight was slow & realistic, it took a lot of stabs & cuts with the small knife for me to kill both men.

I then stopped to catch my breath and I was still on the ground as the two men lay there dead with blood around the area, and I told my cousin DE that we had to find my mom; I was worried about her and I hoped that she was still alive, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂