Team Work Dream

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Lazy Overview:

Last night I barely remember any of my last dream, I know it took place in the day time in various unknown places; I think one may have taken place in an Egyptian-like temple or something, and there was a battle outside of it.

I am not sure if they were human, they looked human, but they were stronger/faster/etc.

I can not remember anything except walking to my grandfather’s yard with John Mitchell from Being Human (UK Version) and a former classmate BH; I am not sure if Mitchell was supposed to be a vampire or something else, but he was something more powerful than us humans (I think I was human) and he was something more powerful than whatever was fought in the other parts of the dream.

Mitchell was explaining some things about the beings that we fought at the Egyptian temple-like place or whatever, and he was explaining something about himself and another group of beings like himself and/or more powerful; I can not remember the details.

I do not remember the word vampire or anything about blood, so I am not sure what they were supposed to be; basically I think at least three groups , humans being the weakest, some other beings that we fought, and another group that we had not fought yet & I think Mitchell was supposed to be from that group.

I am not sure but I think Mitchell and/or the more powerful beings were supposed to be maybe some ancient species or something; I am not sure if they were somehow awakened at the Egyptian-like temple or if they had just arrived or whatever.

He was trying to give us an overview of the situation as we walked into my grandfather’s yard, during the day time, and he was warning us to not under-estimate the beings we had already fought; and he warned us that the more powerful beings like himself and/or the others would easily defeat the beings we fought at the temple.

I think he said that the more powerful beings would whip the beings at the temple or something like that; he seemed worried and tried to make it clear that BH & I were no match for them alone.

I am not sure if BH & I were supposed to be just normal humans or something else, but Mitchell was something different & more powerful that us.

We stopped in my grandfather’s yard as Mitchell talked and we asked questions, but then a woman & man about our age (in appearance), walked into the yard; they were obviously there to fight us.

BH & I were acting a bit over-confident after our victory and/or survival at the temple-like place, but Mitchell was worried; I think he hinted that the man & woman were beings like him, and were more powerful than BH & I.

Mitchell started trying to talk to them but a fight began, with Mitchell fighting the man, and BH started to fight the woman; Mitchell once again warned us to not under-estimate her/them.

To BH & my surprise, the woman easily blocked BH’s attack, and started to twist his arm; so I started to attack her to help him, but she clearly was more powerful than both of us combined. 😀

Since it was obvious that BH & I probably could not defeat her, we started to use our team work skills & confusing & dirty tactics; to survive.

One of us would attack and when she would grab the attacker, the other would start attacking, forcing her to let go of the previous attacker; and we also used our grappling skills.

We were still not winning, but our strategy was confusing her, annoying her, and keeping us alive; we hoped that we would survive long enough for Mitchell to help us, once he finished defeating the man.

BH and I were so busy trying to survive against the woman, that we had no idea how well Mitchell was doing in his fight with the man. 😀

To make things worse, the woman did not seem to be even trying her hardest to defeat us, so I felt that she was holding back her true potential/power; which made the situation even worse for us.

I think the woman was even taunting us during the fight, and she had the voice & personality of a rough female member of a street gang or something; though she was smaller than BH & I, but she was stronger. 😀

I woke up as BH & I kept using our strategy to hopefully survive long enough, since we could not defeat the woman, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂