The Drawings

Last night I barely remembered any of my dreams, I know that one or more of them took place in and outside of the library in D.

In my dreams libraries usually have darker lighting, are more comfortable, and are slightly different in various other ways than they normally are in real life.

The only other part of a dream that I remember is being in my parent’s yard in the late afternoon or early evening with a former classmate BH.

He told me that he wanted to show me some paintings, he said that he liked to paint & draw sometimes, and he had a notebook or something of some of his paintings & drawings.

He told me that each one had hidden words or sentences or things in them, and he asked me if I could see them; I told him that I did not see any of the hidden things.

He explained some things about them and showed me a rough simple example, by scratching some X-es on a word, and he asked me what did I see; I saw that it spelled a semi-coded form of my last name, which was correct.

He asked me if I drew or painted sometimes, I told that I use to draw sometimes (not very good), but not anymore; he recommended that I try it sometimes.

I told him that probably was a good idea, but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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