The Woman In White

Lazy Overview:

Last night I had a/some crazy experience(s), it is too hard to explain, but the best that I can do to describe it is as a combination of: partial sleep paralysis / odd side effects to medicine with periods of daydreaming and thinking and/or dreaming at the same time, among other things.

During some parts it was like I was in a different state of consciousness/state of being, where I could hear another stream of consciousness (probably my subconscious), which was sometimes probably daydreaming and/or dreaming and/or thinking and/or organizing memories and/or various other things; and my body was not responding to my commands and I could not get out of bed (I felt too weak and I had no mental or emotional or physical strength to make myself get out of bed).

It felt like my body was partly separate but still connected, I was in one place but still connected, and my subconscious/another stream of consciousness (or several) was/were connected but separate as well; I could think as another part of my consciousness/subconscious was also doing its own thinking/day dreaming/dreaming/whatever, it was interesting.

I never was scared, I never saw anything/hallucinated, I never heard any external voices, and none of the voices and sounds that I heard talked to me or anything; and it was like being able to partly understand part of my subconscious in action or something like that, where I could hear some of what was going on in that stream of consciousness or something like that.

At some point I remember wondering what would happen if I tried to talk to it, would my body talk in the real world, and/or would that part of my consciousness/subconscious talk back?

I think that I tried saying something to it but my body did not speak so it was me speaking in my mind, and the other stream of consciousness/subconscious did not talk back to me; and it just kept doing whatever it was doing.

I went back and forth between sleeping, dreaming, daydreaming, and thinking; and sometimes with the other stream of consciousness/subconscious doing one or more of those things at the same time.

I had dreams where I thought that I was awake but I was not, false awakenings, and I had dreams where I was talking about the previous dream thinking that I was awake.

There were moments where I realized that I had a false awakening dream while I was in the real world, and I took a moment to think about the false awakening; and sometimes while the other stream of consciousness/subconscious was doing its own thing at the same time.

These two streams of consciousness did not conflict and I was able to do my thinking while the other side was also thinking, without the other side being too loud; it was interesting.

One of my dreams involved some former classmates of mine and I going to a hotel, and sharing one big rectangular room; and my family arrived, but I woke up.

Each time that I woke up I still could not get out of bed, and I was experiencing various things that I mentioned earlier.

I had a false awakening where I was telling my mom about the dream at the hotel, and as I was describing the hotel I was there in the hotel again, and I was able to describe the room not realizing that I was really there; and then I would be back talking to my mom again.

It was like I went inside of the memory of the dream world while inside a dream, and talking about the dream memory; crazy stuff. 😀

I woke up realizing that it was actually a dream, and then I went back to sleep.

I dreamed of being at the hotel again with my former classmates and/or my family and/or other people, and an attack happened probably involving aircraft or something like that in the sky that sounded like bombing.

We ran outside to what looked like an airport landing strip (runway), and we went into a hidden underground bunker that had two large doors built into the airport landing strip-like (runway) area in the ground.

We went down a small dark stairway that led to an open room with some rooms on the left side with closed doors, and some other areas on the right side with closed doors.

The inside was a whitish-color concrete-like place that reminded me a bit of Superman’s hideout (The Fortress Of Solitude), without the crystals, and there was some light in the open area.

We heard bombing-like sounds that shook the roof a bit but the place seemed sturdy, but we were still worried a bit; and so I told the others to run to the doorways on the right side, which led further into this bunker, so that they could be safer.

I told them that I would stand guard and make sure that no one else comes into the bunker, but the others did not want to leave me alone; but I convinced them to go.

As they were going further into the bunker, I heard a noise that sounded like someone else had entered the bunker, so I warned the others to close the door(s) and let me handle it; and I looked up the stairway but the entrance was closed, and I did not see anyone.

As I turned around a door on the left side of the open area opened, and a tall thin (over 6 foot or taller) middle aged-looking woman with whitish-color skin, long straight whitish-color hair and/or whitish-blond color hair and/or grayish color hair, a white dress, and a small white cap-thing that may have somewhat looked like the cap/whatever that the Pope wears sometimes (a small skullcap or skull cap(?) or zucchetto or whatever like some members of Judaism & some other religions wear?) was standing in the doorway where the door opened.

I was surprised and I had no idea who she was or where she came from, she had no weapons or armor, and she did not look hostile; and she probably had a positive neutral facial expression that I could not quite read, and she probably had a somewhat royal and/or Bene Gesserit-like look/face/appearance/demeanor/presence/whatever about her .

I asked her who she was, but she did not say anything and she just stood there, maybe looking at me with the same expression that I could not read; and she did not look zombie-like or robotic or scary, just a bit out-of-place.

I turned my head to the right side of the room to see if the others were looking and I saw some of them watching with their door partly open, but none of them seemed to know who she was either.

So I turned around to probably ask the woman some questions and/or to approach her, but then she calmly lifted her hand up and she opened the palm of her hand in my direction; and I was not sure what she was doing but suddenly I was rapidly pushed off of my feet and in the air backward (like she pushed me with her mind (telekinesis) or with powers or something, like the Force Push from Star Wars or something like that) as I said something like: “huh or woah or ahh!” or something like that quietly as I was flying backward in the air. 😀

Her movement did not seem aggressive, her facial expression was not aggressive, she made no noise, her movement was normal not fast, she still stood in the same place, et cetera.

It was like she pushed (knocked) me out of my own dream on purpose or something like that, I almost instantly woke up in the real world quietly saying: “huh or woah or ahh!” or something like that like I was saying in the dream. 😀

I was not scared, just surprised that I got pushed (knocked) out of my own dream like that, and I still may have been unable to get out of bed; but I am not sure, maybe I was able to move shortly after waking up that time, but I can not remember.

I do remember wondering if I would ever be able to get out of that weird state and out of bed, and eventually I was able to get out of bed around 12:00 pm.

I felt like I had been drugged and abducted by aliens or the CIA or something like that 😀 ; and it took me awhile to feel somewhat normal again.

I am still curious about the woman in white in the dream, I can not remember anyone else like her in a dream before, except maybe a reoccurring interrupting dream character that I read about in someone’s dream before and/or a clothed/non-muscular/female version of some dream characters that are sometimes in my brother GC’s dreams (they are muscular pale whitish-color naked male unknown entities/beings/maybe aliens but I am not sure).

Then end,

-John Jr 🙂

5 replies on “The Woman In White”

Wow, that sounds like quite an experience. I’m glad you mention that you were on a type of medication, I would guess that to be the main culprit. It’s crazy the effects pills can have on our dreams and thoughts. The person pushing you out of the dream seems to be a separate oddity from the transposed subconscious overlapping your conscious mind. Did you have anything you needed to do that day? You said it was noon when you woke up, were you needing to be released from this dream and get up to do something?

I don’t think I’ve had this experience of being pushed out of a dream, but I have experienced the overlap of conscious and subconscious. It is quite an experience. I have a disease called pancreatitis. When it flares up it’s insanely painful, I can’t eat and I take a lot of pain meds. This puts me into a state similar to what you’re describing. I wrote about my latest episode in another blog I have that I’m not very active in right now

It’s a long post and doesn’t describe my actual visions as well as you have here, but more focuses on the feeling.


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Hello Lost Truth,

Yeah, I am also glad that I mention that I was on medication (probably 20mg of Fluoxetine) at the time, you are probably right about that; and I agree that it is amazing and sometimes scary how medicines and other substances can effect / affect us.

That is a good question, I can not remember but I probably did not really have anything important to do, but you may be on to something there because I probably did want to get up finally because I was not able to get out of bed the other times; and so that is a very good thought that I probably had not thought of before, thank you. 🙂

Thank you for answering that and for sharing your post, pancreatitis sounds terrible, and I hope that you will not have to suffer from it anymore.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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I have heard of some intense, negative experiences people have had from different medications affecting their mind. I was taking Xanax for a short while and it actually made my dreams incredibly vivid, long, frequently lucid and amazing. I enjoyed the affect for sure. I read that other people had similar experiences. I would not recommend this drug for dreaming though, just offering a contrast of the positive vs negative affects medication can have on our minds.

Thank you, I hope the pancreatitis will not bother me anymore either.

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Hello Lost Truth,

Thank you for sharing your experience with Xanax.

You are welcome, one thing that I hope that we can unlock through lucid dreaming is the ability to not only communicate directly with our subconscious but to also be able to command our body to heal itself et cetera, that would be nice.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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