Pulling A Cart With A Bicycle | A Semi-Lucid Dream With Skeleton Zombies?

Lazy Overview:

Dream 1

The night before I remember part of one dream that took place in the day time and I was riding a bicycle and pulling my family, who were in either a broken automobile or a cart of some kind, and I think we were on our way to N.

I was riding my bike like an Olympic cyclist or something and I was listening to music, I guess my bike had a music player or something. 😀

At one point a fictional remix of Gravedigger by Dave Matthews started to play, and I was using that as inspiration and singing along; since I was getting a bit tired.

At some point we stopped on the side of the road near a gas station and we started to walk toward it, I was glad to get a break, but I woke up.

I woke up thinking that there had to be a better way of handling the situation, so I came up with an idea for a self-powered motor, that would use the spinning motion of the engine and/or belt and/or a hand crank to charge several batteries that would power the engine.

The engine would have a sensor that would switch to another battery when it gets low, and that battery would be charging while the new one runs the engine.

Dream 2

The next night I had several dreams involving school, and one of them took place after school near a small shallow river near the school with students & teachers on one side of the river talking & having fun in the day time.

At some point I decided to try to jump over the shallow river and I remembered that I could jump high or fly, maybe I realized it was a dream somewhat, and I started to jump high & partially glide in the air.

I did this for a while trying to impress everyone and at some point a group of skeleton zombie creatures with various mêlée weapons, appeared on the other side of the river, preparing to attack everyone.

I was feeling over-confident at this point and decided to lead everyone in a battle charge against the creatures, without weapons, and so I started running yelling for everyone to attack; I even said “For Narnia!”, just for fun.

Then I jumped & glided over the river in front of the group of creatures, there were at least 10 or more, and I walked up to face them to show that I was not afraid; I was expecting the students & teachers to catch up with me any moment, so I waited smiling at the scary skeleton zombie creatures, right in their faces.

I turned around and noticed that none of the students or teachers had come to join me, so I was standing on the other side of the river facing the creatures alone with no weapons, I was surprised and yelled for them to come help; but they just watched as the creatures started to attack me. 😀

The creatures had various mêlée weapons such as: swords, spears, axes, knives, etc.

They gave me a hard time at first and I got stabbed and/or cut one or more times, but I managed to take one or more of the creature’s weapons, and I started to defeat them; eventually I defeated them alone with a few injuries.

I had a few other school dreams with one taking place inside the school which was like a fictional version of my former high school and we were in a classroom that was like the library, but it had a video store & food area. 😀

School was about to end and I was supposed to bring two of my brothers at the high school home, but they were not in the same last period class as me.

My class was eating, talking, and watching short films as part of some project or something.

I was sitting at a table with a former classmate CG and another woman or two, and CG had just finished watching an art film about a philosophy or something; I remember seeing some of the visuals from the film.

We talked about it and some other stuff and then the school bell rang, but the teacher would not let us leave; so we had to wait and wait and wait, and the teacher picked only a few people to leave to go home, CG was one of them.

I was wondering if my brothers were going to take the bus, since I had not shown up to pick them up yet, and at some point the teacher let us all leave; but I could not find my brothers, and I woke up.

Dream 3

I also had one dream with a family gathering at my grandfather’s house, but that is all I can remember on that one.

And I may have had a dream involving a possible natural disaster, but I can not remember.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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