6-2-2011 | Dream Fragment | The Classroom Situation

The British Baker rifle

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Last night I woke up once with part of the bottom row of my teeth or mouth hurting, like either I had ground my teeth and/or someone kicked me in the mouth or  me or something. 😀

I only remember part of one dream last night, which took place in a classroom, and our teacher was talking; and she looked somewhat like my Head Start teacher.

I remember our teacher talking and acting a bit weird, in a somewhat religious cult-like way or something; the class and I felt uncomfortable as our teacher somewhat calmly talked to us about how we were not like her and the others that are like her.

To me her whole speech/talk was implying that she/they was/were not human or something like that, but I do not think she ever said that directly.

A group of kids who were probably no older than 13 entered the room and they were with the teacher, as she talked, they seemed to be trying to block the entrance(s) and exit(s); I really felt that something was wrong and so I started to look at the two windows in the room, trying to figure out if I could escape through them in case something bad would happen.

The kids were acting strange too, in that somewhat religious cult-like & calm way/way, like the teacher; they stood in a row blocking one side of the room and some were by the teacher.

The kids were supposed to be like the teacher, I assume not human and/or part of some special group.

At some point some of the kids brought some compact rifles with wooden stocks into the classroom and they appeared to be waiting for the teacher to give the next order, as she continued to talk; this made our class almost start to panic, and I started thinking of ways to escape out of the window.

I took a moment trying to decide if I should escape if necessary, and leave the others behind; I decided that I would escape when the time was right and I would try to help someone else escape if possible.

I was starting to think that the teacher and the kids were going to kill us all in a ritual sacrifice or something, and I was waiting for the right moment to escape; I decided to start trying to escape if the teacher gave the order for all the compact rifles to be handed out to all the kids.

Though I can not remember what the teacher said all that time exactly, I do know that she seemed to be talking about us, like her & the kids were not humans; and her talk seemed to be negative toward humans, and she seemed to be acting like all of us humans were the same and/or that none of us were worth saving/helping/living anymore.

The moment the teacher gave the order for the kids to start handing out the compact rifles to all the kids and the teacher, I yelled for everyone to run because they were going to kill us, and I ran out of the classroom; I was not even going to try fighting them, and hoped that most of my classmates would escape in the chaos, since most of the kids did not have a rifle yet.

Everyone started running and screaming in and out of the classroom, in was chaos, and many of us ran outside to the playground; it was daytime outside and the playground was somewhat similar to the Junior High School that I went to.

As I ran across the field I saw a former classmate of mine, a girl I use to like in High School named CW, and she was in shock; as I was trying to calm her down, my friend NF came running over in shock as well, but seriously in shock and/or hurt.

Oddly NF was bald and had no hair, I asked her what happened to her, but she was too shocked and/or hurt to say and we had no time to talk; for a moment I was briefly confused about what to do.

CW was in shock and talking to me and NF was hurt and/or in shock & talking to me, I care(ed) about both women, and I found it odd that both of them were there and both needed my help to save them; I think NF was more hurt and/or tired than in shock, like CW.

It was almost like I was supposed to decide which of them I cared about more and/or I was supposed to let one of them go/decide which one I liked/there could only be one and/or I decide which one to help or not to help.

I did not feel like making any decision in my mind and decided to try to help both of them, and try to split my attention/time for the both of them; so I told NF to climb on my back, since she was too tired and/or hurt to run and I told CW to try to relax & keep running.

I carried NF on my back while running and I helped hold on to CW and kept encouraging her to run, as we run across the field and to the road; which was a somewhat familiar fictional road that is in some of my dreams sometimes.

So we continued running and running, I could hear screams in the distance at first still, but we got so far away that it was like we were on the highway at some point; along the way I had to keep talking to CW since she was in shock still and I had to keep NF encouraged as well, as she held on to me, since I was carrying her on my back.

At some point I felt that it was safe enough to go off the side of the road so that we could rest a bit and hide in the woods, and I was trying to figure out should we continue along the road or should we hide in the woods or should we travel through the woods instead.

I wondered if any of the others were traveling on the road as well and I wondered if the teacher & the kids would come up the road; this and many other things crossed my mind.

I was hoping that no one was got hurt and I was hoping to do my best to protect CW and NF, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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