The Young Shepherdess Paintings

Lazy Overview:

The last few days I have been busy editing my blog and I have not taken the time to type my dreams, so I will briefly type parts of a few.

I remember having several dreams where I found a painting of The Young Shepherdess by the artist William-Adolphe Bouguereau in each of them, In each of those dreams I found that to be interesting, but I did not explore the paintings or think about them much; these dreams were positive, and I think that every dream and/or part of dream after a painting of The Young Shepherdess is in it, probably almost always is positive and I am not attacked so it like it is a symbol of safety/a safe zone or something.

Except one recent dream where The Young Shepherdess spoke to me, and later in that dream a few people were mistakenly killed.

In one of the dreams with a painting of The Young Shepherdess in each dream, my brother and I were driving on the highway in some fictional city, and we stopped at an abandoned motel that was on the side of the highway.

We saw several automobiles but did not see or hear anyone, it was a nice sunny day, and the building was in pretty bad condition; but I thought it had potential to be used again in the future with some remodeling.

Some parts of the motel had cracks in the walls, some water was coming out some parts of the building, parts of the roof were collapsing, and more; but it felt great to be trying to explore this quiet abandoned motel.

I asked out loud if anyone was there, since we saw a few automobiles, but no one responded; my brother and I were too afraid to go inside any of the motels, fearing a collapse and/or that we had no idea who owned this abandoned motel and/or if someone was there or not.

I had some other dreams with me being in a class and we were in a school gym and we were acting for a movie for most of the dream.

I had one dream where I was in my grandfather’s yard and in his house for longer periods of time than usual, and I was helping family members do stuff and talking to them.

I had more, but I am too tired to type them or think.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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