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Last night I remember some of my last dream, but my memory of it is unclear in certain places.

I remember driving past downtown D at night and I heard police sirens, and I saw some police cars coming up the road behind me.

I started to try to pull over to the side of the road, but some of the other drivers behind me were in my way.

I forgot to mention that I think that I was driving back from a large fictional house-like place that has been in a few of my other dreams in the past, and I think that I had visited a former classmate(s) of mine there maybe.

Anyway, one of the police cars pulled me over since I was not able to get out of their way in time, but I can not remember what happened.

I just remember walking in a neighborhood by a small field.

I am not sure when this part of the dream happened, but I remember seeing small lights in the sky that were moving in certain patterns, one of which were triangular patterns; I could not tell if they were spaceships or not, I just remember trying to figure out what they were, and my first guess was spaceships.

I think that I started to try to find a place to go inside, but I can not remember what happened.

I just remember walking in the same small field in the day, and I had a CO2 powered BB gun pistol that was metal & it looked like a real pistol.

I saw some kids playing in the field near a white one floor/story house, and I walked by them & I stopped to talk to them or they started to talk to me; and for some strange reason I started to point the BB gun pistol at them pretending that it was real, and that scared them & so they ran into the house. (In the dream I meant it as a joke, but that is not like me at all to do something like that, so that was strange.)

I think I went into the house to let the kids know that I was just playing, and inside I saw a woman & several other people; and so I stopped to talk to them.

I do not know who the woman was exactly, but her & one or more people there were supposed to be some of my unknown family members I think; and I think that the house was owned and operated by a church group.

I think that the house was used to give shelter, food, drink, tutoring, babysitting, religion, and support to/for kids-young adults.

I remember talking to a group of men and women, and I think that they were going to possibly let me join their group and/or let me stay at the house and/or help me return to college and/or help me get some job training.

I remember the group showing me their rooms, and at some point there was a small fight/conflict between members of the group about/over something; but I can not remember what it was about or what happened exactly, I just remember that I helped stop the fight/conflict.

At some point after the conflict there was a graduation going on or something, and I saw some people who I knew there; and I saw my former male classmate JC with one group of graduates, and his group were dressed like they had just completed either Navy Basic Training or United States Air Force Basic Training or Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) or something.

I did not say anything to JC and he did not say anything to me when he passed by me and he acted like he did not see me, but that did not bother me really.

At some point after the graduation, I was back in the house with the church group, and the kids that I had scared earlier in the dream were there.

We were sitting in a room together talking about something, and at some point I got pretty emotional as I started to apologize to the kids for scaring them and for pointing the BB gun pistol at them; and I remember almost crying or crying a bit, but I am not sure what else we talked about.

I just remember explaining how that I had no idea why I had scared them like that, and I explained how that was not like me or how that was out of character for me to do something like that; and they accepted my apology, and I remember feeling very sorry for my actions/behavior.

After that we may have talked about the strange lights in the sky from earlier in the dream and some other things, but I can not remember; and that is all I can remember at this time, unfortunately.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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