Lucid Dreams | Farscape Zombies & How To De / Un-Zombiefy / Cure A Zombie | & A Zombie Lucid Dream

Lazy Overview:

These dream fragments were partly written a while back and I barely remember them, so they are very unclear, and both dream fragments involve zombies. 😀

Dream 1

The first dream fragment took place in a school and zombies were chasing a group of people and I, and the cast of Farscape was with us. 😀

The school had many rooms, halls, lockers, etc.; and there were bedrooms in the school for some strange reason.

For most of the dream I was seeing things like a camera person, as I hid in one of the bedrooms, and I could somehow see what each member of the Farscape cast were/was doing; one-at-a-time of course.

It seemed that a shapeshifting being was the one making/turning people into zombies, the being would shape-shift into a member of the Farscape cast, and since the members of the cast were divided in teams of two, the being would be alone with one member of the cast each time.

Each time the shapeshifter, who I will now call a face dancer since I like that word(s) better, would be with a member of the Farscape cast alone, it would wait until the cast member would let their guard down and it would touch them from behind or something; and then they would turn into a zombie and the face dancer would then be able to shape-shift into them.

Whenever the person had their back to the face dancer, the face dancer would turn into its true/real form before it would turn them into a zombie and copy their appearance, and its true/real form looked like Scorpius I think.

The face dancer kept doing this to many people, and at some point I was back in the dream; and I decided to try to stop the face dancer.

I ran through a hallway and I went into another one of the bedrooms, and the face dancer had just turned Pa’u Zotoh Zhaan into a zombie and it shapeshifted into Zhaan; and the face dancer ran, and then I decided to try a crazy idea.

I decided to try to de/un-zombiefy/cure Zhaan, and my crazy idea was:

“Think of positive thoughts, think of the person that you want to cure & think positively about them, imagine them being normal again, and then touch them or something like that.” 😀

So I tried my idea and I touched Zhaan, and she turned back to normal and she was no longer a zombie; I was surprised that my crazy idea had worked, and so Zhaan & I hid in a bedroom to think up a plan.

I shared my de/un-zombiefy/cure technique with Zhaan, and we decided to go around the school using it on all the zombies that we could.

We both went around the school curing people, but at some point the face dancer started turning some of those people back into zombies, and Zhaan & I started to get tired.

There were too many zombies and the face dancer kept turning people back into zombies, and so I decided that we should try to kill the face dancer instead; but I woke up.

Dream 2

My second dream fragment took place outside in the day and it was just like another dream I had before, and I was riding on this homemade cart on some train tracks; I felt that I was on the run from zombies and the train tracks went through the woods/wilderness, and so I was afraid.

My cart was somewhat slow and it made a lot of noise, and I had no protection from zombies, because it was a homemade cart. 😀

It seemed that maybe zombies had attacked the cities and so I was traveling through the woods on the train tracks to try to avoid them, but even the woods were not completely safe.

I remember passing through a camp of survivors, some of the survivors were character from the TV show The Walking Dead, and they came out of shelters yelling at me to be quiet or the zombies would attack; but the only way for me to be quiet was for me to turn off my cart, but then I would have to walk and I was not going to risk walking.

I decided to keep going, because I already knew what would happen, because I then remembered my previous dream of this place while still in this dream; and this is what happened in the last dream:

“Everything was going the same as last time and after the survivors started yelling at me I realized that I was dreaming, the survivors started shooting at me, then I started to fly in the air dodging bullets, and then zombies started to attack the survivors; but I woke up.”

This time the same thing happened and the survivors started shooting at me since my cart was making too much noise, and because I would not stop my cart.

I already knew that it was a dream at this point and I knew what would happen so the dream went lucid, and so I started to fly in the air dodging bullets; and I flew around as the zombies started to attack the survivors, but I woke up again.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

2 replies on “Lucid Dreams | Farscape Zombies & How To De / Un-Zombiefy / Cure A Zombie | & A Zombie Lucid Dream”

!. From your dream, “I decided to keep going, because I already knew what would happen, because I then remembered my previous dream of this place while still in this dream; and this is what happened in the last dream:”

This happened in one of my recent dreams, too, although I described it as deja vu, but you see that I knew what was going to happen next. I tell my sister.

2. Kudos for a Dune reference!

3. I have some Walking Dead theme dreams, too. [I think zombies have a particular meaning in my dreams. :D]

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First I want to say thank you Ingidisa for indirectly helping realize that I spelled Zhaan’s name incorrectly in this dream (I had is spelled Zan, silly me), and please feel free to alert/tell me about spelling errors/grammar errors/other suggestions that you might have/missing details/offensive material/et cetera in my dreams (I hope to add this on my About Page in the future to encourage others to do the same because I know that I make a lot of errors here-and-there, and I would like to make sure that my writing is easy to understand and suggestions could help me to improve my poor writing). 😉

Thank you for sharing that link to your dream, I will try to read it, and I will try to comment on it on your blog. 😉

2. Thank you and it is great/surprising that you noticed that 😉 , I have not read many books in my life (I know, I should read more books 😉 ) but I have read the all of Frank Herbert Dune Chronicles books once, and I think that the name(s)/word(s) Face Dancer(s) is creative/interesting; and overall I liked the Dune Chronicles books (some more than others) and they had an influence on me, but oddly I almost never dream of Dune related things unfortunately 😦 .

3. Nice, I look forward to reading some of those, and I wonder what they often mean in my dreams because I have had a somewhat good amount of zombie dreams and some Walking Dead inspired dreams.

Thank you again for commenting Ingidisa, you are breaking comment records on my blog like most comments in a day, most comments of the year 2013, longest comments, some of the most relevant/meaningful comments on a dream, et cetera; thank you very much. 🙂


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