Spaceships In The Sky

File:FrankHerbert ChapterhouseDune 1st-No-ship.jpg
Image of the no-ship Ithaca; cropped from the US 1st edition book cover of Chapterhouse: Dune by Frank Herbert. Original artwork by Bruce Pennington.

Digital scan of book cover, cropped and uploaded by TAnthony; copyright maintained by publisher or artist, as applicable.

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Ship image from cover

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List of technology in the Dune universe

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Primary means of identifying a particular representation of a fictional element from the Dune universe, and illustrating its characteristics as noted in the article.

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Source: Wikipedia

Lazy Overview:

I had this dream about two months ago, fortunately it was short and my memory of it is pretty good, considering the amount of time since I had this dream.

Some of my family and I were walking to my grandfather’s house in the day and as we were about to walk into my grandfather’s house, I noticed something appear in the sky.

It looked like a spaceship (the non-human kind) and so I asked the others if they saw it, and they saw it too.

Then suddenly many spaceships (spacecraft) (UFOs because I was just guessing about what they were) of various unknown types started to appear all over the sky, I remember getting this strange feeling that I can not describe and I was a bit afraid, and so we ran into my grandfather’s house to turn the TV on the news to see what was going on/happening.

For some reason most of the TV channels were not showing what was happening, so my guess was that the government was censoring it, and the few channels that seemed to be about to show what was happening, were on commercial; so we still had no idea what was happening exactly.

I remember hearing people outside running to their houses, I heard automobiles driving fast to get home, and I heard police sirens.

I decided to tell everyone to lock all the doors and windows, I still had that strange feeling and I was still a bit afraid, and so I stepped outside to see what was happening.

As usual the spaceships were not attacking and they were just hovering around in the sky, and there were probably more spaceships in the sky than any dream that I have ever had yet.

As usual I had no idea who or what was/were in the spaceships, and I had no idea what they wanted or why were they here/there.

I remember seeing many types of spaceships with some being some of the stereotypical types, some looked somewhat like land mines on the Fallout video games, and one type that stood out the most was a round spaceship that looked like a No-Ship from the Dune books by Frank Herbert.

I remember seeing one of the No-Ship types that looked like the one on the cover of the Chapterhouse: Dune book, and looking at that ship gave me that/the strange feeling that I can not describe; which was the same feeling that I already had after the spaceships started to appear, except stronger.

I wish that I could describe the/that feeling but I can not, the feeling was stronger when I looked at that spaceship, and my eyes seemed to focus on that spaceship, out of all the spaceships in the sky; I just remember staring at it for a moment with that intense strange feeling, if only you could see that spaceship & feel what I felt, there was just something about that spaceship, the feeling that I felt!

I then went back inside my grandfather’s house and I started trying to decide what should we do, but I woke up.

There was/is something about that/the feeling and that spaceship, I can almost even feel it now, just thinking about it!

The/That feeling is so hard to describe, that I am not even sure if it is/was positive or negative or neutral, it is that hard to describe!

I wonder what that dream is/was all about, what does it mean, what was that feeling, etc.?

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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