Law & Order: Special Victims Unit The Snake Poison / Venom Conspiracy

Lazy Overview:

I had this dream about a month ago, but my memory of the dream is somewhat good.

It took place in the day and I was with my family on vacation, and we were just arriving at a hotel.

The hotel looked nice and there was a big lobby with workers, residents at the hotel, and a woman who looked like a scientist or someone with an almost religious cult-like group of young men & women with her.

They were all just talking in the lobby area, but the woman and the group of young men & women stood out the most.

For some reason the woman and the young men & women had that religious cult-like vibe/feeling/look about them, not that they were a religious group or a cult, but they definitely were a group; and the woman was the leader, and for some reason she seemed like a scientist or someone who was educated or someone who was upper class or something.

I think she was somewhat tall, thin, had whitish colored skin, had blond hair, probably had blue or green colored eyes, and she looked somewhat like a former model or someone.

Anyway, we went to our hotel room on the second floor to move in our luggage, and at some point in the dream my mom came into the hotel room and she said that she had been bitten by a snake outside.

My mom said that she was outside picking blackberries, and a snake had bitten her; and so I asked her if she felt okay and I asked her if she wanted us to take her to the hospital.

She said that she felt fine and that she did not think that she needed to go to the hospital, and I asked her if she was sure & I recommended that she go to the hospital, but she said that it was not necessary.

I was mad that a snake had bitten my mom and so I went outside to find the snake, and I wanted to catch it so that I can show it to someone to see if it was poisonous or not.

This part of the dream is unclear, but I think that I went outside and I found a stick, and I think a green poisonous looking snake attacked me from the bushes.

I think it bit me but I am not sure, and then I beat the snake to death with the stick and I cut/broke/beat the snake’s head off to make sure that it was dead; and then I went to show the dead snake to my family, and my mom said that was the snake that had attacked her too.

We did not know what kind of snake it was, and so I went to the lobby to show the woman with the cult-like group of young men & women; since she seemed like a scientist or someone who might know what kind of snake that it was.

This part of the dream is also unclear but I think that the woman agreed to check the snake for me, but she wanted to take it to her lab to test it; and she was acting suspicious, and the cult-like group of young men & women with her were acting a bit zombie-like (somewhat like mindless followers or something).

The dream then jumped several days or weeks later, and the dream was now like an episode of Law And Order: Special Victims Unit; and I was with the detectives from the show, and we were investigating the snake situation.

Apparently, several people had been killed in the city, and it seemed that something suspicious was going on that was related to the dead snake; it seemed that we suspected that someone or some group had done some illegal scientific research on some snakes and that something went wrong with that research, and so the snakes were attacking people & they had a strange poisonous venom or something that gave a delayed effect/affect or something.

I think a person that was bitten would have no symptoms at first, then they would get a few symptoms later, and then they would abruptly/suddenly die.

I think that we suspected that the woman with the cult-like group of young men & women was involved, and our guess was that she had tried to make a snake with a special venom that could be used for medical purposes, but something went wrong; and the snakes were out of control, and they escaped from her lab.

The woman had not contacted me about the snake since I had given it to her so that she could check it at her lab, and so that was even more suspicious; and so detective Elliot Stabler, detective Olivia Benson, and I drove to find the woman at her small business.

It was a nice sunny day outside, and we drove to a small shopping area; and the woman had a small shop / café / recreation room business that she owned.

There was a small parking lot and there were not many other people around, and inside her business were/was the cult-like group of young men & women; and they were mindlessly playing pool, watching TV, playing board games, playing video games, eating, and drinking some strange drink.

They were still acting a bit zombie-like and like mindless followers or something, and they acted a bit like they were on a drug(s) or something; and we suspected that it was the strange drink that they were all drinking, and the woman was making them.

I think that the strange drink looked like a thick homemade natural drink made from a plant(s)/fruit(s)/vegetable(s), and I think it was a clearish & greenish color with plant clumps/pulp like Aloe Vera juice or something.

There was a man walking around/patrolling the room that looked like he had just gotten out of prison or something, and he seemed to be a security guard; and he kept looking at us with mean stares/facial expressions.

I asked Stabler & Olivia about the security guard, and Stabler said that the security guard was a former criminal that just had gotten out of jail; and he said that there was a company that helped former criminals get jobs, and that they often got low paying security guard jobs since rich people liked to have security guards that were rough & tough & that had experienced a lot of things, especially attractive rich people like the woman.

Detective Stabler did not like the idea of hiring former criminals for security guard jobs, he did not trust them, and he said that they would probably steal stuff.

We stopped to look at some stuff that was for sell on a shelf, and detective Stabler & detective Olivia were explaining some information about the woman with me.

On the shelf we saw some music CDs or something with pictures of the woman’s dead children on them, according Stabler & Olivia, and we thought that was strange.

Stabler & Olivia told me that the woman’s children had died under suspicious circumstances and maybe even her husband, who was rich, but there was not enough evidence to convict the woman.

They said that the woman then seemed to have changed after their deaths, like she had religious experience or something, and that she started doing some kind of scientific research, she started a strange cult-like group of young men & women, she sold books/CDs/and other stuff about her dead family, she opened up her own business, and more.

Stabler thought that was strange and he did not like the woman, Olivia thought that was strange too but she felt a bit sorry for the woman, and I thought that it was strange as well but I had no opinion yet about the woman.

We then went to talk to the woman, who was behind a counter making that strange drink, and she offered some of it to us; but we told her no thank you.

We asked her had she found out any information about the dead snake that I gave her and we asked why had she not contacted me yet, and she said that she had not checked the snake yet because she had/has been busy.

Stabler was angry and he said something to her, and then the woman got emotional and she said that she was pregnant; and she said that her family was more important at this time, and then her security guard came over and interrupted her.

He made some offensive comments about the woman’s dead family and about the fact that she was pregnant, and he kept saying offensive things as the woman cried; Stabler, Olivia, and I told him to stop saying offensive things like that but he would not listen/stop.

Suddenly Olivia got very angry and she yelled at the security guard to stop but he just laughed, and then Olivia shocked us all by pulling out her revolver and she pointed it at the security guard’s face.

Olivia was saying something to the security guard while pointing her revolver in/at his face, and she seemed to be about to kill him; and so a shocked Stabler, tried to calm her down, and the woman was still crying & she was in shock.

Stabler managed to calm Olivia down and Olivia realized that she had lost control of herself, and she was shocked; and so Stabler took her revolver from her, as we all stood there shocked.

The security guard was complaining and he walked off, and suddenly the woman said that she did not feel good; and then she collapsed to the floor, and she died.

Olivia was still in shock and so Stabler called for backup and for an ambulance, and then they came to help.

The other detectives came to the scene and Stabler & Olivia were afraid that the security guard would tell the others about what Olivia had done, but to our surprise, he did not tell them about it.

The other detectives Munch and Fin, were talking and arguing about their guesses about what was going on, and Munch wanted to test the strange drinks that the woman had made & he wanted to test the dead snake.

Fin wanted a DNA test on the un-born child and he wanted the body of the woman tested, and they both wanted to question the cult-like group of young men & women; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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