Kakashi (Hatake) Sensei’s Dream World Jutsu?

Last night I had several dreams that seemed to be connected, but I can not remember some parts of the dreams, and so they do not make much sense without those missing parts.

In all the dreams that I remember, I spent most of my time outside and in semi-outdoor buildings/places/areas that had roofs but they did not have walls on some sides, for some strange reason.

The first dream that I remember took place in the day and I think that I was with a school group that was on a field trip or something, and I think that we had visited a semi-outdoor building or something.

At some point we got back on our bus and we were waiting for the bus driver & teacher to come, when a small group of students with mild learning disabilities (I have no idea how I knew this), got into a car next to our bus, and they had a woman with them that was their teacher I guess.

One of the students with a mild learning disability, a young man, started to taunt and annoy us verbally/through body language/facial expressions/etc.

He kept opening the car door, so that his teacher could not drive, and he started to hit on our bus while taunting us and saying annoying things.

We kept telling him to stop and so did his teacher, but he would not listen, and so at some point I got tired of him annoying & threatening us & I got very angry.

I think that the young man started trying to get on our bus to attack/fight someone, so I got off the bus and I tried to stop the young man & get him back into his car without violence.

That failed and the young man attacked me, so I blocked his attacks, I punched him with a jab & then a straight, and then I put him in a lock-hold/submission-hold of some kind to stop him from attacking me.

I was very angry at this point, I dragged him to his car, I put him into the car, I said something to him & his teacher, and I told them to please leave or something like that.

I then got back on the bus and some of the students seemed to be shocked by my actions and they were angry at me, and others congratulated me.

At some point our teacher came and she said that we were going to have lunch or something, and so we got off the bus & we went to have lunch at a covered cafeteria area outside; I remember one of my classmates named KM, giving me angry looks, and she said something negative to me about what had happened with/to the young man earlier.

I was getting tired of some of the students being angry at me for defending myself and them, and I did not like the fact that I had to use violence against the young man, but I felt that I had made the right decision at the time; and so I was getting angry at how some of the students were treating me, and I said something to KM about the situation but she still did not agree with me & she walked off in anger.

At some point our teacher asked to talk with me alone and she was being very mean to me, and she made the situation with the young man sound like it was completely my fault or something; and the teacher did not listen to my side of the story, and she was telling me about what my punishment would be or something like that.

I got angry and annoyed that the teacher had the situation all wrong and that she would not listen to me, but I can not remember what happened exactly; I just remember arriving at my parent’s house in the day, and I was in their yard.

A strange helicopter-like vehicle was flying around over our street by a tall tree, it looked like a strange new military prototype or something with a man in a military-like uniform flying it I think, and we were wondering what was going on; it was like he was watching us or looking for something/someone or doing a test flight or something big was about to happen or something big was happening.

I remember having the strange feeling that something big was happening and/or there were signs that something big was happening, but my memory is very unclear; but I do remember that something weird happened.

I can not remember how the dream got to this point, but I remember Kakashi (Hatake) Sensei from Naruto and a few other ninjas being in my parent’s yard, and I think that they were telling us about a/some attack(s) against them/their people and/or the city and/or something.

The dream is very unclear at this point and before this point but I think that Kakashi Sensei, the other ninjas, and I went into my parent’s house or something; but the inside did not look like my parent’s house and it was dark.

I think that we were going to talk with some members of the group that was/had attacked Kakashi Sensei & his people and/or the city, and Kakashi Sensei & the other ninjas with him started to bow, and they moved slowly to show respect to the members of the group or something and so I did the same I think.

A few members of this group were sitting on the floor on their knees in a Japanese-like way/style, they were wearing some strange ninja-like outfits, they had their heads & faces covered, they seemed to be pretty tough & ruthless, they were sitting in a triangular formation with some candles or a light source of some kind & maybe some sort of decoration or metal thing of some kind near them or in the middle of their formation, and they seemed to be over-confident.

Kakashi Sensei and the other ninjas bowed & were on their knees, Kakashi Sensei bowed as he talked with the members of the group, and I think that he asked for the group to stop attacking his people and/or the city; but the members of the group refused, and they were saying something that I can not remember.

Kakashi Sensei began quietly charging up a special attack of some kind, as he bowed since the members of the group would not stop their attack(s), and one of the members of the group noticed it/him charging up his attack; and so Kakashi Sensei had to use his attack on them, which sent the few members of the group into another dream world or something, and I was with them but Kakashi Sensei & the other ninjas stayed behind in the other dream world.

This new dream world was a nice place near a mountain-like area with grass, it was during the day, and the few structures in the city had no walls on some sides.

Something flew the members of the group and I down to the small city, which was like a very small village, and I remembered this dream world from another dream; oddly I can not remember ever having a dream of this place before, now that I am awake, so I guess that this was another example of how I sometimes will remember a dream in a dream, that I do not remember consciously when awake but I can remember during dreams, which I think is interesting.

Kakashi Sensei seemed to have sent the members of this group to this dream world or whatever to trap them until they learned something and/or until they changed their negative ways and/or until they defeated/passed the challenges of this dream world and/or something like that (and I guess that I went too because I was curious or something); in the dream I remembered what some of the challenges were, and I remembered passing some of them, so it was clear that I had been to this dream world before in the past.

The few members of the group also thought that this dream world or whatever looked nice, but then their first challenge arrived; which was some big animal that charged at them like a bull or something, and they ran around in fear trying to avoid it (the members of the group were acting afraid and weak now).

I remembered how to get passed it from my last dream and so I used that technique to get past the animal, and I once again past that challenge; the members of the group saw how I got past the animal, and then they used the same technique & they got passed it too.

I forgot what the next one or two challenges were, but I remember walking to a field that had most of the living areas for the village; and I think that a film was playing on a big screen outside in the center of the field (but I am not sure what film was playing), and many of the people in the village were watching it.

I had to pass one or two more challenges to reach this point and the members of the group were still trying to pass them, and so I started to jump & climb over some of the living areas to talk to a woman from the last time that I had a dream of this dream world; like I said before, I can not remember ever dreaming of this place now that I am awake, but in the dream, I remembered this dream world very well.

I knew where most of the challenges were, I remembered where some of the people in the village lived, and I knew other details of the dream world somehow.

The living areas of the village were these structures probably built into the side of the mountain-like area, and none of them had walls on the sides; and so every one could watch the film on the big screen from their apartments or whatever.

You had to climb & jump on platforms to reach many of the living areas, and their were two challenges to pass to reach the living areas; I forgot what the first one was, but the second one was a creäture that was shaped like a Valentine’s Day Heart or something silly like that. 😀

The creäture lived on one of the platforms and I knew that the creäture would go to sleep at certain times/every few minutes, and so I waited for it to go to sleep; and then I went right past it, to reach the apartment of the woman who I wanted to talk to again, who was there from the last time I had a dream of this place. 😀

Next to her apartment lived one of my former classmates named MM, and he stopped to talk with me for a moment; and he remembered me from the last time that I had dreamed of this place, and so we continued a conversation that we had not finished from the last dream.

I noticed that most of the living areas were pretty dark, I guess most of the people were trying to watch the film playing on the big screen in the field, and so that is probably why.

At some point I said goodbye to MM, and I went to talk with the woman, who was laying on a bed watching the film.

The woman looked just like Sandra Bullock, and I think that it was supposed to be her too; and she remembered me from the last dream as well.

She seemed to be a bit depressed and she was glad that I had come to visit her again, and I laid on the bed next to her as we talked; and I held a pillow to help prevent other people from seeing her as we talked, because some other people near by were staring, probably because she was a celebrity.

She said that she did not like being stared at, that she did not like how some people would follow her & gossip about her, and I think she said that I was one of the few people that she felt that she could trust and/or relax/be herself around.

For some reason a few people walked into her apartment, they stopped, they stared, they did a bit of gossiping, and then they walked off; it was Jack McFarland from Will & Grace and a woman, and I used the pillow to help prevent them from seeing Ms. Bullock.

The living areas had no walls on the side of the buildings, there was a walk-way through many of the apartments, and so people could walk and/or climb and/or jump into/through other people’s apartments.

After they left, Ms. Bullock and I continued talking, and she laid/leaned her head against me as we talked; and we just lay there talking, glancing at the film, and trying to avoid being stared at.

The members of the unknown group from earlier, were still busy trying to pass some of the challenges, and I was just relaxing & enjoying the moment; then I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr 🙂

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