Wacky / Goofy / Crazy / Illogical Flying Fun

Lazy Overview:

Last night I only remember a bit of my dreams from last night, I barely remember any of them, but I do know that they were wacky / goofy / crazy / illogical / fun. 😀

Dream 1

I think that the first dream took place in the day near B’s Park in D, and I think that my parent’s were in the dream; I think that we drove through the country roads to another city or something.

I think that I remember stopping at a small gas station in the country, and we probably met some of the stereotypical people with racist beliefs; but I am not sure what happened, maybe we went fishing at some point and/or we went exploring in the woods or something.

That is all that I can remember of that dream at this time.

Dream 2

My next dream took place in the day by the Dollar General in D, and many people & I were flying various flying machines; and we were having an air battle. 😀

It was wacky/goofy/crazy/illogical, but fun. 😀

Some of us had guns on our flying machines and there were various real & fictional flying machines like: planes, helicopters, gliders, helicopter/planes, and more.

It seemed that we were having a competition to see who could rule/control the sky above the parking lot, a type of King Of The Hill game or something, and we were shooting each others flying machines; but no one was getting hurt, fortunately, and our machine would fall out of the sky for a few moments instead.

One woman with a helicopter/plane with a wide wing span and two mini-guns, was defeating everyone, and she was shooting her two mini-guns on full automatic as she hovered in area of the sky that everyone was fighting for; and she was shooting us out of the sky repeatedly.

I am not sure what type of flying machine that I had, but I think that it was a small helicopter/plane with one minigun; and I decided to defeat the woman by using my speed and my dodging skills, and my mini-gun of course. 😀

After a few failed attempts, I finally defeated her, and I took control of the sky for a moment; but then the competition changed to a race.

We had a certain amount of time to race across a field to some indoor/outdoor auditorium-like building, and everyone rushed to reach the building.

It was a crazy/mad dash to reach the building with some people crashing their flying machines, some people’s flying machines stopped working, and some people were probably shooting at each other. 😀

I think that if you did not reach the building in time, that you would lose the entire competition, and that you would not be allowed to enter the building or something; it was like we were in a competition with various parts to it or something.

During the race, my flying machine was not working properly and it stopped on me a few times, and I barely reached the building in time.

When we got to the building, we all sat outside in some stadium/auditorium-like seating, and there was/were a stage(s) in front of us; and I remember a woman talking to us.

I remember there being bowling pins on the stage(s), and I think that the next competition was a bowling match or something silly; and I remember each person bowling one-at-a-time, but I woke up. 😀

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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