An Elderly (Old) Frank Sinatra?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I just remembered a dream fragment or something from a few weeks ago, and it took place in the day.

I was in a car with an elderly Frank Sinatra and maybe one other person, and I think that we were lost on the side of a road out in the countryside near a building or something like that; and I think that I was driving, and we stopped to ask a security guard or police officer at the building for directions.

The security guard or police officer recognized Mr. Sinatra (I am not sure if I had known that he was Frank Sinatra or not until this point in the dream) and he asked him for an autograph, and he told Mr. Sinatra that he had an old piece of memorabilia that his father used to own; and he showed the object to Mr. Sinatra, and then Mr. Sinatra started to tell us the story about the object and he shared some old memories with us. (I think that the object was an old framed photograph of Mr. Sinatra, but I could be wrong)

After the story, the security guard or police officer gave the item to Mr. Sinatra as a gift, and he thanked Mr. Sinatra for the autograph & he thanked him for taking the time to talk with him; and he gave us directions for where ever we were going.

Mr. Sinatra thanked the man and he said good-bye, and then Mr. Sinatra appeared to be in a daydream or thinking of a memory from his past, as we drove off; but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


Destroy The Evidence And Run

Lazy Overview:

I wish that I could remember more of last nights dream because some of the important parts of the dream are missing, and I can not remember most of it.

The dream started in the day, I think, and I remember being in a hospital-like building that was probably a government/intelligence/military/hospital/bank building; and this building has been in several of my dreams in the past.

I remember walking around various parts of the building, and I remember something about a plan that some people had that involved getting into some restricted areas of the building for some reason or something like that; but I can not remember who the people were and if I was with them or not, and I can not remember the plan.

I just remember something happening and I went to my parent’s house, but I saw a government and/or military and/or intelligence automobile drive up, and so I hid under the house; and I could see that someone was connecting something to the side of my parent’s house.

After awhile I realized that they were not after me, I am not sure what I was being cautious about, and so I went to see what the person was doing.

The person was a woman who I think worked with the military and/or government, and she was installing a medium-sized satellite on the side of my parent’s house; I think it was a free satellite and that it was part of a government program or something for lower-income families.

I stopped to help her finish installing the satellite, but I can not remember what happened after that exactly, and I just remember being at a fictional version of my grandfather’s house during the night with a group of people.

I think that two of the people were the characters John Mitchell and Nina Pickering from the BBC TV show Being Human, and this part of the dream is the most unclear.

I remember a scene that followed some non-human animals: a few were wasps I think and I think that the others were a few small mammals, and this scene was like a movie or something.

There was a female animal with a baby and one of the animals was her husband I think, and they somehow got separated; and I think that some of the mammals were a threat to them, and at some point the others & I tried to help.

Something went wrong and I remember a serious fight taking place, maybe after something or someone was killed, but I am not sure what happened or who were we fighting.

I think that Mitchell went into a killing frenzy trying to protect us and I had to calm him down, and then I think that I ended up going into a killing frenzy trying to protect us; and so the others had to calm me down as I was constantly attacking the threats to make sure that they were dead, and I had finished killing the rest of the threats.

There was some shooting during the fight, so some of the people and/or things that we fought must have had guns and/or a few of us had guns, and so the noise had alerted the police.

There was something going on involving something that had happened earlier in the dream and I think that this house had some illegal and/or stolen and/or private government/military/intelligence/personal weapons, armor, technology, secret room(s), personal documents, and various other things that we wanted to keep secret; but I can not remember anything really so I am not sure, I just know that we felt that we had to destroy the house and all the evidence and that we had to run for some reason.

It must have been pretty serious because we already had explosives and things set to help destroy everything, and we had several escape plans already made; and so we ran outside to a small S.U.V and we had some supplies with us, and we had some documents needed to escape the country.

We started the fire and explosives and I drove us away, but the roads around the neighborhood were already being blocked off by the police and FBI, and so we stopped the S.U.V in someone’s yard to pretend that we lived there; and we started to think up another plan.

For some reason I do not feel like sharing what our plans were (I feel like keeping them a mystery for some reason), but we did make several plans, and we started to follow those plans; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂