An Elderly (Old) Frank Sinatra?

I just remembered a dream fragment or something from a few weeks ago, and it took place in the day.

I was in a car with an elderly Frank Sinatra and maybe one other person, and I think that we were lost on the side of a road out in the countryside near a building or something like that; and I think that I was driving, and we stopped to ask a security guard or police officer at the building for directions.

The security guard or police officer recognized Mr. Sinatra (I am not sure if I had known that he was Frank Sinatra or not until this point in the dream) and he asked him for an autograph, and he told Mr. Sinatra that he had an old piece of memorabilia that his father used to own; and he showed the object to Mr. Sinatra, and then Mr. Sinatra started to tell us the story about the object and he shared some old memories with us. (I think that the object was an old framed photograph of Mr. Sinatra, but I could be wrong)

After the story, the security guard or police officer gave the item to Mr. Sinatra as a gift, and he thanked Mr. Sinatra for the autograph & he thanked him for taking the time to talk with him; and he gave us directions for where ever we were going.

Mr. Sinatra thanked the man and he said good-bye, and then Mr. Sinatra appeared to be in a daydream or thinking of a memory from his past, as we drove off; but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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