A Younger Loona Luxx

Lazy Overview:

Last night I remember several parts of my last dream, which I think started in the day at a fictional college dorm that is in my dreams sometimes, and I lived there & I was probably going to college again.

Several parts of this dream are unclear, but I think that I started a conversation with a woman who looked like a slightly younger version of Loona Luxx and her friend (who looked like TC’s wife).

We had a good conversation and I was interested in spending some more time with Loona Luxx, and so I invited her to go play tennis with me at the park; but I am not sure if TC’s wife came or not.

I just remember driving to the post office in D, for some reason, and we got out of my automobile; but it started to rain, and so we had to run back to the automobile & we had to cancel our trip to go play tennis at the park.

I remember driving and at some point I was trying to chat on my laptop with F (Flynn) from, but she was not responding, and on the screen it said: “This user is cautious, and may not respond to instant messages.”. 😀

At some point we drove back to the college and we went to eat at the cafeteria, which was outside for some strange reason, and it was breakfast time, but breakfast was almost over & almost no food was left; but Loona Luxx & TC’s wife decided to eat anyway(s), and so did I.

For some reason all the workers for the checkout-lines/cash registers, were old/elderly retired soldiers, and only soldiers/former soldiers with a security clearance could work in those positions/jobs for some strange reason.

I talked with one of the workers, who was an old/elderly retired soldier with a security clearance who was working at the checkout-line/cash register for the line that I was in, and he seemed nice; and he told me that he was not allowed to leave the checkout-line/cash register unattended, and he told me that only former soldiers with a security clearance could work in his position and/or watch the checkout-line/cash register when he needed to use the bathroom or something like that.

I thought that/it was odd/strange that you had to have military experience, and a security clearance just to work in those positions at an outdoor college cafeteria; and I was curious about why was that necessary, but I did not ask the man about that or maybe I did but I can not remember.

I just remember enjoying a nice quick meal and conversation with Loona Luxx and TC’s wife, and then we all said good-bye & we went our separate ways.

I drove to my parent’s house and then I walked to my grandfather’s house, but he was not there; and so I sat outside his house while I used my laptop.

I noticed someone at my aunt JE’s house, but I could not see who it was at first; and at some point I saw that the person was TC’s wife, and then she drove off in a small car.

I thought/found that to be odd/strange that she was at my aunt JE’s house, but then I heard someone talking inside of my grandfather’s house; and it was my aunt SE.

My grandfather was not home yet but my aunt JE was inside of his house, and she did not know that I was outside of the house; and she was talking on the telephone.

I decided to walk back to my parent’s house, and then the dream jumped to me being on vacation with my family I think; and we were in LC during the day.

We were driving and we noticed that The GW Computer Store was open again, and so we stopped to look inside; and Mr. S was there and he told us that Ms. MG was the manager again.

He said that they had just opened again, and we could see that the place was not organized yet & there was hardly/barely any room/space to move around.

I glanced around at some computer parts while talking with Mr. S and while waiting for Ms. MG to come, so that I could tell her hello; and I also noticed that there was a new female employee that was sitting on the floor talking on the phone, and she was in a bad mood.

She looked like a former classmate of mine and she had whitish colored skin with blond hair pulled back in a ponytail/pigtail, but I can not remember her name.

Ms. MG came into the room and I said hello, and she looked surprised to see me; but instead of talking, she walked out of the room like she was very surprised to see me & like she wanted to avoid me or something maybe.

As I waited for her to come back into the room, I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr 🙂

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