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Lazy Overview:

I only remember part of two dream fragments.

Dream 1

I think that the first dream started in the day at an apartment/shopping center/private school.

I can not remember the beginning but I do remember walking & talking with DH, SS, and some of their friends; and we walked from the shopping center to someone’s apartment to watch an old Bruce Lee film.

The living room was big for an apartment and there was a window on the left side of the living room, which lit up the room somewhat, and I remember enjoying some old memories of watching old Bruce Lee films & how they inspired us to learn a bit about various Martial Arts.

I was trying to remember the name of the Bruce Lee film that we were watching, I called it Lotus-Something and DH called in Something-Of The Lotus Flower, but the real film name was: 精武門 | Fists Of Fury | The Big Boss.

At some point I walked outside of the apartment, which led to the parking lot for the building, and it looked just like shopping center parking lot that is across the street from the Walmart in D.

It was during the day and I stopped to talk to a few people, and at some point I saw a group of men walking across the street acting suspicious; and one of the men pulled out a pistol and he started shooting in our direction, and I thought that it was a fake pistol at first, because I did not hear any bullets flying in our directions at first & the man looked like a former classmate of a few of my cousins.

But then I heard a bullet hit the building near us, and everyone started to run & some people started to scream, as the man continued shooting at us; and at least one person got shot.

I remember running into the private school part of the building with many of the other people, the dream becomes very unclear at this point, and I think that I became a different person in the dream; and I became a man who was a student at the private school.

I remember people hiding in classrooms, the school was in lock-down mode, and everyone was waiting on the police to deal with the situation; and I remember walking around some of the semi-abandoned parts of the building alone, to explore the building, and to see what was going on.

I went to a bathroom and I saw myself in the mirror: I had whitish colored skin, short brown hair, a school uniform-like outfit, and I looked a bit like the older brother on the TV show Malcolm In The Middle mixed with Peter from The Chronicle Of Narnia films.

At some point the school was no longer in lock-down mode, and students were going to a meeting; it seemed that the military was going to be testing all the students, and that some of us were going to be drafted to fight in a war that was somehow connected to the shooting.

I went outside to think in a small playground near the woods, and I felt that everyone else seemed to be blindly doing what they were told; and I saw no reason for a war, and I did not feel like acting like a mindless robot, like many of the other students.

A man jumped/flew/glided from the woods and over the tall gate into the playground near me, and he had long brown hair & whitish colored skin & he looked like he had lived in the woods.

I think that he told me about how he did not like the direction that many people in the World were going in, and how many people seemed to lack much individuality or something like that; and I told him about my situation as well, and we talked about various things.

He said that he had decided to live on his own and to live his own life, instead of following whatever the mainstream culture is/was doing, like a robot or clone; and that allowed him more control to follow his own beliefs/morality/etc.

He started to jump/fly/glide around as he talked and I tried to do the same, but I had a hard time trying to get my dream powers to work; and I could not jump very high, and my flying/gliding was not working properly.

I did managed to jump over the fence once, barely, I had to use the top of the fence to get over it. 😀

At some point my little brother, who was the brother of the dream character who I now was, came to get me; and he said that we had to go get tested by the military now.

I told the man good-bye & good luck, and he jumped/flew/glided back into the woods; and my little brother and I went to the gym to get tested by the military.

My little brother looked like Dewey from the TV show Malcolm In The Middle, and he did not want to be drafted to fight in an unnecessary war either; and so we decided to try to fail the military testing. 😀

In the gym there were many students, parents, teachers, and soldiers; and they had medical equipment to run tests on all of us students one-at-a-time, well, two-at-a-time in our case.

My little brother and I were laying on two x-ray-like tables, that looked like large scanners, and we had medical equipment connected to us that showed our pulse, blood pressure, temperature, etc.

And two male soldiers were asking us questions, writing down information, and they were running tests on us.

My little brother and I were breathing very hard, pretending to be sick or something, and so our medical readings were very high & the soldiers were worried that something was wrong with us. 😀

Our plan was working until our mother came, who looked like the mother on the TV show Malcolm In The Middle, and our mother & a female nurse used a pressure point technique & relaxing words to calm/relax us; and so our medical readings were normal again.

The soldiers then had us take off our clothes and we laid on the tables as the tables x-rayed our entire bodies, and we had to lay on our backs and then we had to lay on our stomachs; these were being done in a crowded gym with many other people, so it was a bit uncomfortable. 😀

I could feel the heat of the x-ray and I could feel it x-raying my body, which felt odd/strange, and the soldiers probably took some blood, saliva, hair, urine, etc. samples.

My little brother and I were now afraid that we would get drafted to fight in the war, and we wondered what should we do if that did happened; the soldiers were going to look at everyone’s tests, and they would let us know who was going to be drafted in a few days or so.

My little brother, our mother, and I walked out of the gym talking about the situation; and our mother did not support the war either and she did not want us to be drafted, but we had to be tested or the military would have arrested us, so that is why were went to be tested.

But I woke up as we talked about various ways that we could deal with the situation.

Dream 2

The second dream fragment was very short and it took place in the day in the parking lot of B Wok, and I was with my dad & a few of my brothers.

We were leaving the drive-through when a truck pulled up behind us, and it was ST, and he wanted to talk with our dad.

He had his lawyer with him, his lawyer wore a suit, and he wanted to ask our dad a few questions about a dispute over an automobile that was sold.

The lawyer asked our dad several questions and then the lawyer smiled, and he congratulated our dad; to ST’s shock and surprise.

ST’s lawyer said that he had no case against our dad, and ST got angry; and so my brother CC and I were about to go make sure that ST did not try to attack our dad, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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