Marilyn Manson And The Movie | Finally Going To Class

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I am not sure when I had this dream fragment or if I already typed it or not, but I know that I had this dream fragment several months ago; but I can not remember most of it.

Dream 1

I remember being in an apartment/dorm building and I think that I was trying to find a place to stay there so that I could go back to college, and so I went to visit my friend DH; but he was not at his room, but his roommate was there and he invited me in.

His roommate was Marilyn Manson to my surprise, and I remember the room being pretty dark; and I remember that they had an extra/spare room & bed that no one was using in their apartment/dorm room.

I remember Mr. Manson and I talking about various intellectual topics, and I was surprised by how much Mr. Manson knew and I was surprised by his good personality; and we seemed to have similar beliefs on several topics.

At some point I remember Mr. Manson telling me about a documentary-like film made by a Chinese American film maker, and he wanted to show me the film; I remember the film starting with a scene showing a woman, but I can not remember anything else unfortunately.

I remember Mr. Manson telling me about what the film maker was trying to show with his film, and he was explaining his thoughts on the film; he talked about some pretty deep themes, and the film maker had an interesting filming style that he used to try to reach the audience.

I remember that it was getting late and so we decided to stop the film, and that we would finish it the next day; and I remember Mr. Manson saying that I could stay at their apartment, since they needed another roommate.

I also remember him joking about adopting me as his brother or something silly like that, and I remember joking about how other people like the paparazzi would react to that. 😀

Mr. Manson told me that I could sleep in the spare bedroom, and then he left to go to sleep; and then I woke up.

Dream 2

Last night I can not remember most of my dream either, I just remember waking up in the dream at my parent’s house, and I somehow knew that I had a college class that was about to start.

I somehow knew that I had missed many days of the class already, I have had several dreams somewhat like this before & I probably had a few dreams about this same class before, and I tried to get myself to get out of bed so that I could finally go to class; and in the dream I seemed depressed, tired, uninspired, etc.

I managed to get out of bed and I remember arriving outside of the classroom, and a former classmate of mine named BF stopped to talk to me; and he told me that he was surprised that I had finally come to class, and he said that he thought that I was just going to fail the class or that I had dropped the class already.

He had remembered the other times that I had missed the class in other past dreams, it seemed, and I remember us walking into the classroom to talk & wait for the teacher to arrive; but I can not remember what happened exactly, except I remember being back in the hallway.

I had to use the bathroom very badly but I needed to get to my next class or back to class, and so I tried to quickly find a bathroom; but I saw two long lines down the hall full of people waiting to use the two bathrooms on that hall.

I decided to move to the front of the line on the left side, that line only had women in it, and one of the women told me that their line was for the women’s bathroom; and so I went to the line for the men’s bathroom, but that line went all the way to the next hall. (This bathroom theme is a common dream theme of mine for some odd reason, I still do not know what they mean) 😀

I decided to walk around the building looking for another bathroom, and I asked someone where another bathroom was & they showed me.

The bathroom had three different doors on three of the four sides of the bathroom, and it was an uni-sex (or whatever the word is, a bathroom for men and/or women) bathroom.

The person that showed me where the bathroom was, also had to use the bathroom, and so we both went inside; and the bathroom had a small waiting area and a woman was in the bathroom area finishing up.

The bathroom did not have much privacy: the toilet was next to an urinal with no dividers, next to that was a small open shower, and near the small waiting area was the sink; and so we were about to leave to give the woman some privacy, but she told us that one of us could use the urinal.

I did not feel comfortable with that but I thanked her, and I told the person that had showed me where the bathroom was, that he could use the urinal; and I would use the bathroom when they both finished, and I turned my back to give them some privacy.

They both finished and they left through separate doors, but they left two of the three doors open, as I was trying to urinate; and then my former classmate SB came into the bathroom from the third door, and now all three doors were open.

I asked SB to please close the doors, but he did not, and so people were walking through the hallways & they could see me peeing; which was a bit uncomfortable, and after I finished & I washed my hands, I yelled a few angry words at SB & I walked off.

Then I woke up,

-John Jr 🙂


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