A Nasty Bathroom Experience

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Lazy Overview (Warning, do not read this dream while and/or before eating, and reader/viewer discretion/caution is advised/recommended due to nasty content!) 😀 :

I can not remember most of the dream, but I remember being with a group of people and we were running from something and/or looking for something, in a strange large house/building.

I remember feeling like we did not have much time and we reached a very large room that had underground storage areas/closets, and in them were some real & fictional toys from my childhood, and I remember feeling like those storage areas were objects & memories from my childhood.

Some of the objects were probably fictional toys from some of my old childhood dreams and some were probably toys from my real childhood, and there were other objects that each had special/unique feelings/emotions/memories/etc. to them; and I remember trying to look for something and I remember us trying to decide where should we hide if time ran out, I think.

I think that we had a time limit before something was going to come attack us or something, if we did not find a certain object or it would attack us regardless, but I am not sure.

The house/building was large, like it was made for a giant or something, and I can not recall/remember ever dreaming of this place before, but I could be wrong.

I remember telling the others that we could hide in the underground storage areas under my old childhood objects/memories/emotions, not only because they were good hiding spots, but I wanted more time to explore these objects/memories/emotions from my childhood.

It was like these underground storage areas were literal objects/memories/emotions that were hidden deep in my brain or something, and I could feel & remember emotions & memories just by touching & looking at some of the objects; it was pretty amazing, I was even able to remember parts of old dreams that I can not remember now that I am awake, dreams that I have never recorded or consciously remembered before.

When time ran out, I remember us hiding, but I can not remember what happened exactly; and I just remember being in this same house/building, except/but my Aunt DE & her family owned the house/building, and the room looked a bit different.

I think my mom’s side of the family was having a family gathering and everyone was going to stay at the house/building for a few days, and I remember walking around exploring the giant room, there were other rooms, but I only explored the giant room.

The giant room had a public bathroom for women, I think, but some other family members & I were going to sleep in this giant room & so anyone was going to be allowed to use the/that bathroom.

The giant room also had a living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc.; it basically was its own house, but it was only one room really.

I remember my aunt DE showing some family members and I around the giant room, and I remember seeing a giant TV; but I can not remember the rest exactly, and I just remember going to the bathroom.

The bathroom was very odd and it had a lot of toilets (at least 10) with no dividers or stalls in the middle of the room & the toilets were up higher than everything else in the room & the toilets had no backs to them, it had several sinks, it had several mirrors, and it had several open showers.

I remember sitting on the toilet using the bathroom and another family member came in to use the bathroom as well, so we both were sitting a bit high on open toilets, and so it was a bit uncomfortable; and so we talked to make the situation less uncomfortable, and one of us started playing music from a music player that was in the room.

So we sat there in the large bathroom sitting on small toilets using the bathroom in the open while talking & listening to music, and then something even more strange happened but I can not remember what happened exactly; I just remember the bathroom being full of water like a swimming pool, and only the toilets were above the water, since they were up high in the middle of the room.

We were in the water and some how some of my feces/excrement/body waste was in the water, and so I had to grab it with my hand & I started trying to put it back in the toilet; so there we were in the water with our pants down, we were trying to put our own body waste back into the toilets, and I think we were trying to find the drain to remove all the water from the room.

I remember looking for the drain underwater and I accidentally knocked some deodorizers from under the drain-like area, and I accidentally pulled some old human body waste back up from the drain & into the water that I was swimming in. 😦

My aunt DE came near the bathroom and we told her about the situation, but she was not angry to my surprise, and I think she told us how to drain the bathroom; and we tried her advice & it started to drain the water from the room, and so we sat back on the small toilets wet/with our pants down/ and we continued trying to finish using the bathroom in the open as my aunt DE stood there talking to us for a moment; so it was very uncomfortable and strange at that point, but my aunt DE walked off after a minute or so of talking.

I felt uncomfortable, nasty, wet, and I had the feeling that I had not completely emptied my bowels yet, to make the situation worse. 😀

At some point I left the bathroom, even though I was not finished, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂