7-17-2011 | Dream Fragment | Hunting Fish

Mossberg 590 pump-action riot shotgun, with 20...

I can not remember most of my dream last night, but I remember being near my grandfather’s house & my aunt JE’s house in the day.

I was by a tree and near the tree was a fictional dock & pond/lake, and I remember having a black 20 gauge pump-action shotgun at some point, I think that it was a Mossberg 500; my uncle CE may have given it to me in the dream, because I remember seeing him at some point.

I remember my uncle CE trying to shoot at either a bee or wasp hive and/or an ant mound and/or an insect(s).

At some point I remember being on the dock looking at fish and/or trying to fish and my former classmate JC came, and I think that he tried to hunt fish with the shotgun.

He and/or we were not having much luck fishing and/or hunting fish, and then his fictional girlfriend or wife came; she was a large rough & tough country woman who was use to the outdoors.

She then showed us how to hunt fish with a bow & arrow and/or a kind of spear-like thing with a line connected to it, and she was very good at it/hunting fish; and I think that she may have even gotten into the water to hunt and/or get the fish that she killed.

We watched her hunting fish in amazement and I remember asking her questions, since I was trying to learn her hunting secrets, but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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