A Lucid Dream At A School

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I only remember some of the end of my last dream, which took place inside of a school that has been in a few of my past dreams, and it was during the day.

I was inside an office building at the school and I was walking through the hall as a few teachers & secretaries were leaving the building for lunch, and I saw my former English teacher Mr. G walk into an office room; and on the outside of the office room, I saw a sign with his name on it.

I wondered if Mr. G had retired from teaching and I wondered what he was doing at this school, I found that to be strange, and then I realized that I had been to this school before in a past dream.

I then realized that I was dreaming and I said to myself that this was a dream, and then I started to feel my body & I could sense things in the dream world; I walked slowly to avoid panicking & I avoided trying to control the dream too soon/early, to avoid waking up.

Then I decided to try to fly in the hall and so I ran & I jumped into the air, and I had a hard time trying to fly, but I managed to float to the top of the ceiling; but I had a hard time trying to float back down, and then I went outside to fly.

I started being able to control my flying better the more I tried, and I flew over the parking lot & I flew to a field outside, and there were students walking around.

A fight started in the field between some students, and so I flew down to the ground to see what was going on; but a huge panic started and people started running around screaming.

The fight was still going on, some people were running, some people were falling, some people were screaming, and it was chaos; and I could not tell what was all going on exactly, and so I started to fly around so that I could see what was happening & so that I could avoid the threat(s).

I was not worried about my safety that much, since I knew that I was dreaming, but I felt like flying & I felt safer in the air/sky; I flew around searching for the threat(s) and I thought about what the threat(s) might/could be.

One of my guesses was snakes or something that had come from underground, another guess was someone with a weapon, and another guess was one of the Interrupted Dream Characters that sometimes (rarely) suddenly attack my dream characters and/or I/Me; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


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