My First Known Sleep Paralysis Experience: Metatron (Mattatron)

I am not sure if I have typed this before or not, thanks to Flynn *Thank you, Flynn 🙂 *, I remembered an old memory of my first known / recorded sleep paralysis.

Back then, I did not know what sleep paralysis was, and so this experience was very scary.

It was late at night in 1999 or 2000 I think, and I was watching the VH1 music channel, and they were interviewing Carlos Santana.

He had come out with his album called Supernatural, and he was being interviewed about that album and various other things.

I think that I remember him talking about how he sometimes prays to angels and / or sometimes communicates with an angel(s).

I think Metatron (Mattatron) was the name of the angel (archangel) and/or one of them, and I went to sleep after watching some of the interview.

At some point during the night, I woke up paralyzed, so I could not move.

I was feeling an intense variety of feelings / emotions that were so strong that I cannot even properly describe how it felt.

It was like all my senses & feelings / emotions were magnified more than normal.

I was really awake, and so this was not a dream.

I felt some of the most intense feelings of fear & panic that I have ever felt in my life.

Not only that, but I could not move anything except for my eyes & probably / maybe my mouth, I could not talk, and I strongly felt / sensed a presence / that something / someone was in the room.

I could not see it / anyone, this feeling was very strong, that scared me even more because I could not see it / anyone, but I could sense them.

The room was dark, and I started to hear an unknown male voice that was not my voice, and it was not the voice of anyone that I know.

The unknown male voice was somewhat quietly saying “Metatron” over and over, and I think that the voice sounded like it was close to me and / or around me, but I am not sure.

I am not sure if the voice was external and / or internal.

I just remember being terrified, the voice itself was not scary, but it was just that I had awakened with the intense feelings of fear / increased senses.

Furthermore, I felt/sensed that something / someone was in the room & I was afraid because I could not move or talk, but I could sense something / someone & I could hear them saying Metatron.

All of my feelings & emotions & senses were magnified more than normal, which made everything even more intense / scary.

I remember panicking in a super flight-or-fight response for my life.

My heart started to beat very fast, my blood pressure went up, and I probably started to breathe heavily.

I probably started to sweat heavily, I kept trying to move & scream for help, but I could not, et cetera.

I think that I started to pray to the Christian God in my mind during some of this for protection against whatever was going on & whoever/whatever I sensed in the room, who was saying Metatron.

Then after a while I decided to just close my eyes, I tried to relax, I tried to ignore everything, and I pretended / hoped that I was dreaming.

I took slow deep breaths and I started to relax, and then the unknown male voice stopped saying Metatron.

I started to be able to move finally, and I jumped / got out of bed freaked out / scared.

Not only that, but I also was a bit angry & in fight mode, and I searched around the house in fight mode to make sure that nothing / no one was in the house.

I did not see or hear or sense anything or anyone in the house anymore.

I then went to the bathroom to wash my face, and I was freaked out / scared by this experience.

So, I did some quick research on the internet, and that is when I first read a bit about sleep paralysis & that was my first-time hearing / learning about it.

Since then, I have had sleep paralysis about five times or more so far, but when it happens it usually is not as intense now because I have learned how to better deal with it & recognize it when it happens.

It is still somewhat intense when it happens.

The end,

  • John Jr

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