An Underground Temple + Reptilian-Like Creatures + Priestesses / Witches + John Dying + Spirit(s) + John Being Resurrected + Union + Baby = ?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I remember parts of my last dream which took place somewhere in the day in the wilderness, I think, and I was with a group of people; and the dream seemed a bit like a video game but it looked like real life.

Our mission seemed to be that we were supposed to find an underground temple-like place, and we were supposed to try to enter the temple; but it was guarded and there were traps & motion sensing land mines & alarms.

We entered the underground cave-like area and we saw the temple down below, there was a mountain-like area that we had to climb & walk down to reach it, but we had to sneak to avoid these strange reptilian-like creatures from seeing us.

Some of the strange reptilian-like creatures were patrolling the steps of the temple and they were a greenish color, they had somewhat big heads, and they were probably the size of a small-medium sized dog I think; but I can not remember how they look exactly and/or how many types of reptilian-like creatures there were, but I do know that we did not see many reptilian-like creatures patrolling the steps of the temple.

We saw a few motion sensing land mines near the temple steps, a few traps, a few motion sensing lights (I think), and maybe a few other things; and the temple looked like an ancient temple, but it was in great condition, like it was still new.

Our goal to win the game or whatever, was to enter the temple, and we managed to sneak to the temple steps & passed most of the defenses; but as we approached the temple steps, a motion sensing alarm went off, and a lot of reptilian-like creatures started to come from somewhere near the temple.

We panicked and we all started to run & climb for our lives, back up the mountain area to exit the underground temple area, but getting back up the mountain-like area was not easy; and most of my team was getting killed by the many reptilian-like creatures that were chasing us.

I was so afraid that I did not stop to help anyone, I just kept looking back every so often, and I ran & I climbed in a zig-zag pattern to confuse & slow down the reptilian-like creatures that were attacking us; and then a group of women who looked like priestesses and/or witches, came out of the temple, led by a woman.

I think that they all had whitish colored skin, long hair, whitish colored dress-like and/or robe-like clothing, they probably looked beautiful, and one woman seemed to be the head priestess/witch.

And the head priestess/witch pointed at us and she yelled for the other priestesses/witches and reptilian-like creatures to get/capture/kill us; and then the head priestesses/witch shapeshifted.

I think that the head priestess/witch shape-shifted into a large scary looking female head with a dragon-like/ghost-like/mist-like body, and she flew in the air after us; and I think that she reminded me of the witch on the animated film Spirited Away at this point, but scarier.

She was making a scary sound & facial expression as she flew at us, and I this point I think that I was the only person left alive & I was very afraid; I now had a lot of reptilian-like creatures chasing me, and the head priestess/witch chasing me.

I reached the entrance/exit of the underground temple area, the reptilian-like creatures were very close to me at this point, but the entrance/exit was now solid stone; it was like the head priestess/witch had used magic on it or the security system had closed it.

I knew that the game or whatever was now lost & all of my team was now dead & that I would die too, and so I did not bother to even fight back to defend myself; and I leaned against the entrance/exit with my back to the reptilian-like creatures, waiting for them to kill me, but they stopped & they let the head priestess/witch fight me alone.

The head priestess/witch shape-shifted back into her human form and she laughed & she smiled & she probably taunted me right before she killed me, I kept my back facing her waiting for her to kill me, and she either touched me and/or shot me with some magic/a spell & I died instantly.

My body fell to its knees but it did not fall flat on the ground, so my body was in an odd position that did not fall completely over, and then my spirit/soul/self/energy/I/whatever word you want to use started to float out of my body; and my spirit was floating up in the air without a body and no one could see me, not even me, but I could see them & my dead body.

The head priestess/witch was still laughing, smiling, and taunting my dead body; and she was enjoying her victory.

I was disappointed that we had gotten so close to the temple, but we had lost, but then something happened that I can not remember clearly.

I remember that my spirit stopped floating in the air toward the ceiling of the underground temple area, and somehow the head priestess/witch sensed that/it & something/someone else, even though she could not see my spirit or the something/someone else; and the head priestess/witch yelled: “She is coming back!” (which I thought was odd, because I am male, and so I think she was talking about something/someone else), and she looked shocked/surprised/a bit afraid/angry & so the other priestesses/witches started looking around but none of them could see my spirit or the something/someone else.

I can not remember what happened exactly at this point, but this is my guess:

“I think that I felt that a female spirit had somehow connected to my spirit (though I do not remember seeing or hearing the female spirit) and she had stopped my spirit from floating up in the air, and then our now connected spirit(s) started floating back to my body; but the female spirit was controlling/moving our spirit(s) back to my body (I was just there but I was not controlling any of this), and so it was like I was me but not me or that I was her or not her or that we were one or we were two but one or something too hard for me to describe or understand & I can not remember exactly.”

The female spirit/I were now back in my dead body (I think), which was still on the ground, and we/I pretended to still be dead because the head priestess/witch was looking at my dead body waiting for it to come back to life so that she could kill me again; and she was very focused like she was afraid that I would come back to life & that I would reach the temple, but since my body did not move for a while (since we/I was pretending to still be dead) she looked away from my body for a moment.

Then my body flew into the air toward the temple, the female spirit was controlling my body, but I was still in there too. 🙂

The head priestess/witch was shocked and she knew that she could not catch my body in time before it reached the temple, and so she knew that she had lost & that there was nothing that she could do to stop us/me now.

My body flew into the temple and we/I was in this mostly empty room inside the temple that I think looked like a modern church reception (if that is the correct word) room/area/room for wedding parties, eating, drinking, et cetera.

My memory is unclear, but I remember our spirit(s) & my body splitting into two separate beings/bodies with the female spirit now inside the body of a woman who looked somewhat like a more attractive version of the actress Anne Hathaway (I am not saying that Anne Hathaway is not attractive, I am just saying that the woman looked somewhat like a more attractive version of her 😉 ), and my spirit was now in the body of a man who looked somewhat like the actor Ben Affleck.

Now that we were in the temple, it seemed that the reptilian-like creatures and priestesses/witches could not enter the temple or harm us for some reason(s), and I felt safe.

Now that we were in the temple it was like the female spirit’s and/or my wish(es)/reward(s) were coming true or something, like it was our reward for winning the game or whatever.

My memory is unclear but I think that the female spirit and I were about to have/start/make a union (if that is the correct word), and that union would be started/symbolized/signed/made/whatever through sex/intercourse or the start of sex/intercourse; and we started the union/sex/intercourse but a baby appeared next to us, and so we stopped.

We both then took turns holding the baby, it was like that was one of her and/or my wish(es)/reward(s) or something (but that is just a wild guess), and we both enjoyed a short moment of playing with the baby; and it was a nice and peaceful moment, with no worries or fears.

It was like our union was/was going to be like a marriage/a commitment/a contract/a bond/a special relationship/or something like that, in a sense/way maybe, and maybe the baby was one of our or both of our wish(es)/reward(s) for the future and/or now (but that is just a wild guess).

This is a wild guess, but I think that my dead teammates (who had their bodies back again like they had been resurrected) started to walk into the temple room to celebrate our victory, it was like our victory had allowed them to be resurrected & so I guess that was one of our wish(es)/reward(s) as well; but I am not sure if that happened or not, I just remember waking up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


4 thoughts on “An Underground Temple + Reptilian-Like Creatures + Priestesses / Witches + John Dying + Spirit(s) + John Being Resurrected + Union + Baby = ?

  1. That is quite a wild dream. I wonder what it felt like to float above your body, to be pulled by another spirit, and then share your body with another spirit, and of the opposite gender. Do you ever try to make sense of your dreams? I know you said you don’t know much about dream interpretation, but do they ever seem to have certain messages, meanings, insights?

    Thanks for sharing this dream

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    1. Hello Lost Truth,

      Yes it was. 😀

      The pulling and floating up probably felt like a slower version of what happened to me in this past experience and / or dream:

      My memory is too unclear but I think that the sharing part was like a feeling of a fusion / union while still being yourself, and I do not think that the different gender of the other spirit made any difference that I could feel but I could be wrong.

      Sometimes I do, and sometimes they do seem to have certain messages (sometimes a direct message, like one dream where a dream character of my dead grandmother CE gave me a message, et cetera) and meanings and insights and purposes (like dealing with something that is bothering me in the real world or that I am lacking in the real world, training / experimenting / testing, et cetera) et cetera.

      You are welcome and thank you for commenting,
      -John Jr

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