A Rated X Dream With Mind Control + A Threesome + My Brothers TD And KD Get Killed = ?

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*Reader Caution Advised Due To Sexual & Violent Descriptions/Content That Were Recorded Due To The Rareness/Strangeness Of The Dream, To Provide A Record For Future Dream Reference(s).* 😉

*Also, Flynn or anyone else reading this, please feel free to let me know if there is anything that I need to censor/edit/delete; thank you.* 🙂

Lazy Overview:

I can not remember most of my dream last night, I just remember from a part in the dream that took place at night, in a small apartment; and I was not in the dream, but I could see things from the point of view of a camera person.

A married couple was getting into bed, they both had medium-brown color skin and black color hair, and the husband somewhat looked like President Elias Martinez on the TV show The Event; and the he worked for the government and/or an intelligence agency and/or something like that.

The husband had noticed that his mental/emotional health had decreased/got worse recently, he had no idea why, and he had not told anyone about it; not even his wife.

As they lay in bed, the wife was talking to him, but he could not hear her; and his mind went into another state where he could only see and hear something else that was not really there, and this state would randomly happen to him through out each day & it had gotten worse.

I can not remember what he saw and heard in that state, but I remember his mind slowly fading back to its normal state; and then he started to be able to hear his wife’s voice, but he could not understand her words at first, because they were muffled/unclear, until his mind completely returned to its normal state.

His wife noticed that he did not seem to be listening and she questioned him about it, and he came close to telling her the truth, but he went to the bathroom to wash his face and/or think about the situation instead.

Somehow I remember seeing a scene that showed that the government and/or an intelligence agency(ies) and/or some group had done some mind control/mind conditioning/experiments/ or something on the husband, but he did not know that; I think that it was the government and/or an intelligence agency and/or who ever he worked for.

Then suddenly I entered the dream world, and I decided to lay in the bed next to his wife; her back was facing me, and so she thought that I was her husband. *I have no idea why I did this, and that is not like me at all to do something like that.*

Her husband was still in the bathroom room recovering and he was trying to decide if he should tell his wife about his situation; and I started to hold/massage/et cetera his wife there in the bed & I seemed to be taking advantage of the situation since/because his wife thought that I was him/her husband, since she still could not see my face. *Which is strange, and not something that I would really do in real life.*

Then the dream world completely changed without me really noticing the change that much, I was in the same small apartment, but the dream characters & the situation changed; the couple were gone, it was not during the day, and two women came into the apartment.

The two women were roommates and they shared the apartment with several other people, who were not there at this time, and so it was just the three of us; both of the women had whitish colored skin, one of the women had blond colored hair, and I am not sure how the other woman looked exactly.

I remember the woman with blond hair and I being on the bed, with her roommate next to the bed, and the woman with blond hair & I were starting to have sex while the roommate coached/instructed/taught/trained us & she used a vibrator/dildo on the woman with blond hair; it was like the roommate was skilled/experienced in sex like a sex therapist/teacher/or something. *Once again, this is not like me at all, and oddly I was not uncomfortable in the dream; which is strange.*

We were going slow and we stopped to listen sometimes as the roommate gave us instructions/advice on what to do and what not to do, she was mostly trying to help give the woman with blond hair tips/advice (about speed(s), position(s), movement(s), et cetera), but then we heard voices at the door; it was their other roommates coming back to the apartment, and so the roommate told me to take the vibrator/dildo & she told me to run into the bathroom to hide.

I ran into the bathroom wearing only my boxer briefs & carrying the vibrator/dildo, and I locked the bathroom door; and the woman with blond hair put the rest of my clothes under the bed, and then her & the roommate prepared to greet their other roommates as they entered the apartment.

One of their other roommates came into the room yelling angrily about something to the other roommates, she seemed to be a mean upper class-looking woman, and I listened from the bathroom as she complained about something.

The mean roommate stopped her angry rant and she said that she was going to take a shower, and so the roommate tried to distract her from going to the bathroom to prevent her from finding me, but the mean roommate refused to stop; and so I decided to walk out of the bathroom pretending that I just finished taking a shower & I lied to the mean roommate when she asked me what was I doing in their apartment/bathroom. *Which is not like me to lie.*

I think that I hid the vibrator/dildo somewhere in the bathroom before I walked out of the bathroom, and then I grabbed a towel & I put it on instead of walking out of the bathroom only in my boxer briefs; and I hoped that would make my lie seem believable. *Which is once again not like me.*

The mean roommate saw right through my lie and she did not believe me, and so I had to distract her to avoid her going into the bathroom & her finding the vibrator/dildo; and so I told her that I needed to get something out of the bathroom before she went in, and so I closed the door & I hid the vibrator/dildo in a towel & I walked out carrying the hidden dildo/vibrator so that I could give it to the other roommate to hide somewhere else.

The mean roommate started to yell something at me as she went into the bathroom, I gave the hidden vibrator/dildo to the other roommate, and I started to get dressed as I listened to the mean roommate yelling from in the bathroom about her suspicions about me & some other things/stuff that she was angry about.

I tried to get dressed quickly and the woman with the blond hair and the roommate told me that I should leave for now, but that we could meet up later, as the other roommates watched/talked/listened to the mean roommate yelling/ranting from in the bathroom; and then I walked out of the apartment.

I was once again no longer in the dream and then the dream world changed again, and I saw a new room inside the apartment building; and the room looked like some dimly lit basement/storage-like room that a serial killer/rapist/torturer would live in.

A naked woman was chained/tied up in the room with her hands chained/tied from the ceiling and her feet were chained/tied from the floor, and she was hanging in the air still alive; but it appeared that she had been raped & tortured (she looked a bit dirty, beaten, & bloody) , and like she would probably soon be killed.

There were torture-like weapons/tools near her on a metal medical-like storage thing, and I think that the man and/or men and/or people who had raped & tortured her had went to take a break and/or they went to find and/or sharpen some new weapons/tools; and the woman was hanging in the air with her head down and I could not see her face.

I wanted to go into the dream to help/save her, but I could not enter the dream, I could only see things like a camera person; but I continued to try to somehow help the woman, even though I was not in the dream.

The woman had whitish colored skin, long reddish & brownish colored hair, and she was slightly taller than your average woman.

I then heard a male voice telling someone to go give it a try, which meant for them to take their turn torturing and/or raping the woman, and so I continued to try to enter the dream to help/save the woman; and then something happened that I think somehow allowed me to be able to help the woman indirectly, but I can not remember what happened or if that happened exactly.

To my shock/surprise/horror, the male voice had talked to my brothers D&D, and they came into the room alone & they walked toward the woman & the metal medical-like storage thing with weapons/tools; and I tried to yell for them to stop & for them to leave the woman alone, but they could not hear or see me, since I was not in the dream.

Here is what I think happened before they walked in:

“I think that I was able to indirectly loosen the woman’s chains/ropes and/or I gave her some of my energy so that she could fight to escape and/or something like that, but I still could not enter the dream world to directly help/save her.”

My brother KD walked closer to the woman and my brother TD was behind him, the woman still had her head down so that you could not see her face, and I saw that she had hidden a small knife/scalpel in the palm of her hand & her hands & feet were loose enough so that she could escape her chains/ropes.

My brothers D&D stood there looking and my brother KD looked like he was trying to decide what to do to the woman first, and then something unclear happened; I think that I was able to see & feel some things from the woman’s point-of-view (but I could not control her) but I was still myself and I was able to see things from my point-of-view as well but I was still not in the dream.

Since my brother’s D&D were now the only two people in the room & since my brother KD was now close enough to the woman, the woman decided to attack and she decided to try to escape, as my brother KD moved forward toward her; and I could only watch & feel things partly from the woman’s point-of-view and from my point-of-view, and I and/or the woman did not feel sorry for my brother’s D&D.

The woman lifted her head as her hands fell free from the chains/ropes on the ceiling & from/on the floor, she moved the knife/scalpel into attacking position, and she fell toward my brother KD to kill him with a look of a pure wild Human in Kill Mode (I could feel & see the energy/wildness/power/strength/blood thirst/survival mode/anger/hate/et cetera in her eyes & facial expressions & body); and she quickly & brutally stabbed my brother KD in the eye, in his neck, and in his head.

My brother KD fell dead & bloody to the ground as my brother TD watched in shock & terror, and the woman prepared to kill him too (she walked toward my brother TD with pure confidence & power, even I felt a bit afraid); but I woke up as the woman killed or was killing my brother TD.

I woke up with a slight sore throat, I tend to have stranger dreams when my body is fighting a sickness, either way, that was a Disturbing dream. 😦

The end,

-John Jr 🙂