The School Bombs | The Female Captain

Last night I remember part of two dreams, with the first dream taking place at a school in D, and it was during the day.

I remember being in a classroom with some of my former classmates, and I remember LB reminding me how I used to like the TV show Boy Meets World many years ago; and at some point we started to leave the school & we were outside, but a bomb was dropped or thrown or found and it exploded.

We then saw another bomb that looked like a nuclear-like bomb, and so we all started to run across a fictional field to get as far away from the school as possible, to avoid any shock-wave(s) or fallout.

I remember some of us running through fictional neighborhoods that are sometimes in my dreams, and these fictional neighborhoods are so familiar, that I knew where to go & where certain places were located.

I am not sure if the second bomb exploded or not, since we were now so far away, and I just remember stopping at a small fictional neighborhood shop/store to talk to my former classmate TC (I think that she worked at the shop/store); but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

My second dream started with my cousin DE and I suddenly appeared in a game-like dream world that reminded me of an old Call Of Duty game, but it was like real life, and we seemed to be in a fictional small World War II battle.

We were on top of a building near a partly destroyed Nazi Germany airplane (I think) that was on the ground, and the propeller blades were still spinning on the airplane; and we could hear the sounds of a battle (gun shots, explosions, machines of war, etc.) in the distance.

The dream world was a darker-looking dream world that I think had a reddish smoky dark sky, and the dream world felt like a war-torn dream world where nothing but war dominated the dream world & there was not much left in the dream world.

It was a bit scary and we had no weapons or armor, and so I told my cousin DE that we should sneak around to find weapons/armor/and shelter.

I felt that this was probably a battle between the Allies/Allied Nations versus Nazi Germany/And Their Allies, and so the situation was probably even more dangerous/bad.

My cousin DE and I sneaked around debris & into a building that had stairs inside of it, and I found an old WWII-era bolt-action rifle with bayonet that a dead soldier had, and it appeared to be the UK’s (United Kingdom Of Great Britain’s) Lee-Enfield rifle.

Suddenly we heard voices and foot steps running down the stairs, and so we tried to hide, and five soldiers came running down the stairs; one of them saw us, and he went to raise his rifle but I shot him with the rifle that I found & he fell to the ground dead.

The soldiers were led by a woman who the other soldiers called Captain, and then they prepared to attack us, and I tried to pulled back the bolt on my rifle to eject the last bullet but I was having problems working the rifle as one of the soldiers (a sniper) prepared to shoot at me; but I managed to eject the round, reload the next round, and I shot the sniper before he could get a clear shot on me since I was moving.

I then decided to kill the rest of the soldiers (three were left alive) with my bayonet on the rifle since my bolt-action rifle was too slow to shoot, and then I charged to attack them with my bayonet attached to my rifle.

My cousin DE stood back hiding and I ran at the three soldiers like a wild Human; and I stabbed the first soldier in the neck, I stabbed the second solider in the stomach, and I stabbed the Captain in her chest.

The first soldier fell to the ground and the second soldier fell to the ground, but the Captain only stumbled/staggered backward, and then she tried to stab me with her bayonet; but I stabbed her in the shoulder, and she dropped her bayonet but she still did not fall to the ground & she only stumbled/staggered backward again.

The second soldier got up and charged screaming “Captain!” at me to save the Captain, but I stabbed him in the chest/neck/stomach/head, and he died.

The first soldier was still on the ground and he was trying to get up to attack me and so I was about to kill him, but the Captain tried to attack me from behind, and so I stabbed her in the leg pretty deep & she finally fell to the ground; and then I killed the first soldier before he could get up.

The Captain was trying to get up and she was saying something to and about her now dead soldiers (she was thanking them for all they had done for her, she was saying her last good-byes, etc.) and she stood up so that she could die on her feet; and she then faced me and she started to talk to me, and then I realized that I/we had made a terrible mistake.

I noticed that the soldiers appeared to be wearing old WWII UK (United Kingdom) military uniforms, they spoke English, and the Captain was not trying to attack me now; the Captain and I started to talk about the situation, and then I decided to help her with her wounds.

The dream jumped into the future and the Captain and I were now on a small team together, and she was in charge of the small team since she had military experience and since she was already a military officer and I felt bad for killing he former team; and our new team was the Captain, me, an infantryman, a sniper, an explosives expert/medic, a part-time machine gunner (who was not on our team, but he helped us sometimes), and my cousin DE who stayed at whatever hideout we were using at the time to protect it.

Our team was still in the same dream world but we had to worry not only about rival military teams but also zombies, and various other threats; and we were fighting our way through an alley against zombies, then a rival military team, and then another threat.

At some point we found a friendly military team that had a strange Human-sized turtle-like creäture guarding their hideout, and we stopped to talk with the friendly military team & we looked at the strange turtle-like creäture that was guarding the alley; the turtle-like creäture was friendly but tough looking, and at some point we left to go back to our current hideout (we had several around the dream world).

Our current hideout was a small abandoned apartment on the side of a road near some abandoned office buildings, and I saw that we had spray painting symbols on the road to let other people know that was our safe house and where to park their automobiles; for some reason our spray painted symbols reminded me of the game Left For Dead 2.

The part-time machine gunner that was not part of our team but helped us sometimes was a big strong man with a funny looking mustache and he gave us some old military clothes that he did not want anymore, and we noticed that his clothes looked strange like some old WWII French military uniforms & so we asked him about that; and to our surprise, he told us that he was from France, which we did not know since he did not have any accent & he had worn UK-style military uniforms before.

The machine gunner then left to return to his team, the rest of our team started to clear the area & our safe house, and my cousin DE came out with the Captain’s baby; and the Captain and I played with the baby & we talked while the others made sure that the area was clear/safe.

My cousin DE’s job was to stay at the safe house and take care of the Captains baby and secure the safe house, he was not the fighting type & so that was a good job for him, but I asked the Captain if she thought that it would be safer to bring her baby on missions than leave the baby protected only by one person; and she said that she felt that it was safer for her baby to stay at the safe house with one guard, even though that could be risky/dangerous, it was still less risky/dangerous than bringing the baby on missions & I agreed.

I then made a joke about her and/or I carrying the baby tied to either our back(s) or chest(s) by a baby carrier/holder, during missions. 🙂

The Captain then told me about how she missed her dead husband & father of her baby who had died in the conflict, I think he might have been one of the soldiers in her team that I killed earlier in the dream, probably the second soldier; she described the emptiness, pain, the longing for hearing his voice/seeing him/feeling his touch/smelling him/etc., she said that he had been a good man/father, etc. 😦

She told me that I actually reminded her of her dead husband a bit, which made me feel even worse since I probably was the one that killed him, and she described the ways that I was similar to her dead husband. 😦

Fortunately she found those similarities to be a good thing and she said that being around me made her feel a bit better, since I reminder her of her dead husband, and then she seemed to imply that she was slowly considering trying to start a romantic relationship with me.

She that her baby also helped give her hope and that coming back from missions & spending time with her baby was like a/good medicine, that helped her feel better and that gave her a reason to keep living & fighting for a better future for her baby & for everyone. 🙂

I also enjoyed spending time with her baby & her/The Captain, and so we continued to enjoy our talk as we played with the baby waiting for the rest of our team to say that the safe house was clear/safe, so that we could go inside before it got darker outside; but then I woke up.

Then end,

-John Jr 🙂

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