Talking With A State Trooper

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Last night I only remember part of one dream, I remember walking into a place that looked like my grandfather’s living room combined with an unknown place or several unknown places, and I remember that a city police officer and a state trooper pulled out their pistols & they pointed them at me & they started yelling at me.

There were other people in this place sitting down talking and doing several other things that I can not remember exactly, and I must have accidentally done something or had something that caused the city police officer and the state trooper to almost shoot me.

I remember standing in the entrance and I think that I was holding something, but I can not remember exactly, and they both kept yelling at me to do something but I can not remember what they wanted me to do & they were pointing their pistols at me; and for some reason I was not afraid.

I felt that they were over-reacting and/or mistaken, and I was smiling & I might have even laughed a bit, because I thought that the situation was a bit funny; but they were serious, and they were seriously close to shooting me.

I tried to explain something to them but they kept yelling commands at me, but I was not obeying their commands; and eventually they gave me a final warning and they threatened to shoot me if I did not obey their commands.

I came close to just letting them shoot me because I was not afraid at all, but then I decided to obey their commands instead, to avoid any unnecessary violence; but I can not remember what happened exactly, and I just remember that they realized that they had made a mistake and/or they realized that they had over-reacted.

The city police officer left the place angrily or something like that and the state trooper sat down angrily complaining that I was stupid for not following their commands, and that they almost shot me or something like that.

I was still not afraid and I was still in a good mood and so instead of letting the situation stay or end negatively, I decided to sit in a chair next to the state trooper & I began a nice conversation with him, to try to end the negative mood.

He was still angry at first, but I smiled and I asked him a few questions, and then he stopped being angry.

Our conversation went something like this:

“Me: So Mr. State Trooper, how do you get to be a state trooper, do you have to be a police officer for a certain amount of years first or something like that?

Mr. State Trooper: Yes, you must have been on the force for a while first and the best & brightest can train to become a state trooper if they want to one day; I started out as a city police officer and I worked my way up, and I became a state trooper.

Me: So basically state troopers are the élite or special forces of law enforcement/police or something like that right, *Laughs*?

Mr. State Trooper: *Laughs* Yep, basically, we are the special chosen few, the cream of the crop.

Me: The few, the proud, the state troopers, *Laughs*.

Me: So Mr. State Trooper, why are the city police getting new fancy automobiles, while you state troopers still have the old Ford Crown Victoria; shouldn’t y’all get the new automobiles before them, *Laughs*?

Mr. State Trooper: Yeah, good question, we were wondering the same thing too, I have no idea, *Laughs*.

Me: They are not even getting energy-efficient automobiles, I think that the old automobiles were good enough, if they were not going to at least replace them with more energy-efficient automobiles; so that the tax payers & the city could save some money.

Mr. State Trooper: Yeah, but I would rather have more durable & more powerful & faster automobiles instead, I do not care about those new energy-efficient automobiles because they are too slow & weak; give me power & speed & durability over energy efficiency, any day.

Me: *Shakes Head In Disagreement While Smiling*

Me: Well, it was nice talking with you Mr. State Trooper, I will let you get back to whatever you were doing, and good luck with getting some new automobiles, *Laughs*.

Mr. State Trooper: *Laughs* It was nice talking with you too, thank you, and have a good day.

Me: Thank you, you too, bye.”

Then I started to walk away, but I woke up.

Then end,

-John Jr 🙂


A New Dream Phenomenon | A Test & Hidden Knowledge / Information (Waking Reality) & Do Not Share?

Wow! Last night was interesting, my dreams started boring, but ended in an interesting and strange way; and I finally remembered some hidden knowledge/information that was revealed to me by a dream character, but I am not sure if it is safe for me to show what was revealed to me or not.

I no longer remember the hidden knowledge/information that was revealed to me, and I previously was not sure if it was safe to share, mostly out of fear for the possible safety of the dream character who revealed the hidden knowledge/Information; I know that sounds silly, but that is how I felt in the dream & when I woke up, but that feeling is gone now, sometimes feelings from dreams can carry over into the real world for a while until they wear off. 😉


Inside A Spaceship

I did not feel like typing my dreams this morning, probably because I had so many dreams last night that I could barely remember any of them again, but while eating some watermelon & looking at free antivirus reviews, I suddenly felt like typing my dream fragments from last night. 🙂

I had so many dreams last night again and the dreams were so different from each other, that I can not remember most of them, and I can not remember the exact order that some of the dream fragments go in; and so I will type the random dream fragments that I remember.

Dream 1

One dream involved normal everyday stuff and my dad kept popping his false teeth (dentures) out of his mouth in public, a nasty & annoying bad habit that my dad has in real life & I hate the sound of him popping his false teeth, and at some point my dad even took out his false teeth in public; I was disgusted & annoyed as usual, and I asked him to put his false teeth back into his mouth & I asked him to please stop popping his false teeth out of his mouth! Hahaha 🙂

Dream 2

Another dream involved my brothers, some of their fictional classmates, and I as we ran & hid in & around a fictional building with many floors & stairs, from various people & beings & creatures who were fighting each other; and we where trying to avoid the conflict.

I remember running afraid at one point because I heard a creäture chasing me, but I told myself to not be afraid, and then I jumped very high into an opening in the wall to avoid the creäture & I used my dream powers to prevent it from reaching me; and then the creäture started to chase someone else.

Some of the beings & people fighting had powers, and I sometimes I would hear their various powers blasting in the distance; but they spent most of their time trying to find each other in the large & confusing building that we were in, instead of fighting.

At some point my brothers, some of their fictional classmates, and I all hid in my hiding spot & we watched below as the occasional person or creäture or being would pass the area below looking for someone to fight; and we did not have to worry because they could not reach us.

We spent most of our time talking and we had fun, and we were no longer worried about the conflict really; but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 3

I think that I had another dream that had something to do with music by Pauline Croze, maybe, and/or Ms. Croze was in the dream and/or there was a new Pauline Croze album out or something; and maybe I was at a store, but I can not remember.

Dream 4

I had another dream where I was driving a car on a fictional version of the street that my grandfather lives on, and I noticed a small fire in my parent’s yard by the fence; I stopped the car & I got out of the car near a group of rough-looking people who were hanging out, as the fire trucks & police drove by us toward the fire.

I saw that the firefighters quickly put out the small fire, and then I drove to my parent’s house to check the other side of the yard, to make sure that there was not a fire there too; and to find out how did another fire start in the yard by the fence.

I suspected that someone threw a cigarette or something into the yard, especially as I over-heard some of the rough-looking people talking as they watch the fire being put out too, and I suspected that maybe one of them was possibly involved with the fire; they were hanging out drinking & smoking & just being annoying trying to act rough & tough.

I started to search the outside of my parent’s yard, but I woke up.

Dream 5

I had another dream that took place at a fictional school and I went to several classes, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 6

The last dream that I can remember, there were more dreams but I forgot them, involved me & a woman who I think had whitish colored skin & light brownish and/or orangish colored hair.

The woman had a large strange-looking futuristic rifle-like weapon and I am not sure what weapon that I had or if I had a weapon at all, but I think that we had to fight some people and/or beings (entities or aliens) outside of a spaceship that was on the ground.

We fought our way into the spaceship and we might have had to fight a bit on/in the spaceship, but I can not remember, and something strange happened that I am not sure if this happened in this dream or another dream; but I remember a woman with short blond hair, whitish colored skin, and maybe blue colored eyes and she was playing mind games with us.

I am guessing that she might have been a hologram of the spaceship’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) or something, maybe, but she was playing mind games with/on us & she was leading us around the spaceship as we tried to chase her; but she kept disappearing.

She seemed to be enjoying playing mind games on us and she would laugh & smile at times, as we chased her around the spaceship, but I am not sure why we went to the spaceship or what we were searching for or what we were trying to do; I just know that the fighting and the mind games wore the woman and I out, and at some point we found an apartment-like room on the spaceship.

We were injured from the fighting and from whatever mind games that the woman/AI/alien/being/whatever kept playing on us, but I can not remember what any of the mind games included/involved, but I do know that they tired us out & that they annoyed us.

I guess the woman and I had cleared the outside and the inside of the spaceship from all threats, except the woman/AI/alien/being/whatever, if she was even a threat but she was definitely an annoyance.

In the futuristic apartment-like room there was a strange-looking bed, a strange-looking kitchen, a strange-looking bathroom, a strange-looking living room, et cetera; everything was clean, futuristic, strange, and pretty practical.

We seemed to feel safe in this area and we stopped to take a shower, I think, and then we went to lay on the bed to rest still naked or mostly naked, oddly.

I then noticed that one of the woman’s arm seemed to be missing, I am not sure if she lost it during the fighting and/or mind games or if her arm was already missing or not before then, and then we both lay/laid there in bed resting our sore/tired bodies & minds; and we seemed to be connecting with each other.

We just lay there looking at each other communicating without talking (telepathy?) mostly, we had survived so far by working together as a team, but I can not remember all that we communicated with each other; we just enjoyed the moment, but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


August 27, 2011 | Dream Fragments | We Need To Feed

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Last night I had a lot of dreams, but I can only barely remember a few parts of a few dreams, because having so many dreams can make dream recall a lot harder in my opinion.

One dream involved my family and I driving into the countryside to a fictional unknown house that was either a bed & breakfast and/or a house apartment; it was just an old house out in the middle of the woods, and several people shared the house & each person had their own room.

The owners of the house were two women with whitish colored skin and blond colored hair, and they both were very nice, and everyone who lived at the house seemed to be nice as well.

They had a few extra rooms that we could move into and I was given the key to my room, and they told me that all I had to do was clean out the room, and it would be ready for me to move into.

The house was old and the door to the room was old with an uneven keyhole that was at an almost forty-five degree angle instead of being straight, and inside the room there was a lot of old stuff that once belonged to the person who used to live in that room & the room & stuff was/were dusty.

The room had at least two bedrooms, a living room, and probably more; and so it was like its own apartment that could hold at least two to four people; I remember looking around at some of the old stuff in the room, and some of it reminded me of things from my childhood.

Sometimes in dreams, I will find items from my childhood that are in storage in a dream world, and this might have been one of those times or at least it reminded me of one of those times.

Each bedroom had an outdoor entrance/exit door on the outside of the house (like a motel) and one in the inside of the house (like a hotel), and my family were moving their automobile outside of my door and/or their doors; so that we could start unpacking our stuff once we cleaned out my and/or our rooms, but that is all that I can remember.

The only other dream or dreams that I can remember took place in my parent‘s yard & my grandfather’s yard & my parent’s house & my grandfather’s house in the day and during the night, but I can not remember what happened in most of those dreams.

I just remember being outside in my parent’s yard several times during the day & several times during the night, almost like I was camping outside or something maybe, and so I did several things outside & I remember something happening outside during the night.

During one night two young people/vampires/beings came out of my parent’s house telling me that they needed to feed and that they were tired of Human food & that Human food was not enough or something like that, and they specifically said that Human food like chicken nuggets/et cetera were so nasty to them that they would probably vomit if they had to eat another chicken nugget or any Human food.

They seemed a bit weak & hungry & sad & tired & I somehow knew them, and I treated them like they were my little siblings or kids or something, but I do not think that they were; and I knew that they were not Human.

I held them in both arms like I used to hold my brothers D&D when they were kids and I actually felt the emotions of caring about the well-being of the two young people/vampires/beings, I was acting like their older brother and/or parent or something, and I felt responsible for their safety & well-being.

One of the young people/vampires/beings looked like a younger version of Jessica Hamby from the TV show True Blood and I think that the other was a boy at first but then later it was a girl.

I held them both as I sat on the steps of my parent’s house and I tried to comfort them, and I told them that I would try to find them something that they could use to feed/energize/sustain themselves with; and I started trying to think of what they could feed on/be feed without harming/killing anything and/or with the permission of whoever/whatever would give the food/energy/sustenance, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


My Brothers Are Missing And Waking Up Afraid Again | John F. Kennedy Related

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Last night I remember part of two dreams and what happened when I woke up from my first dream.

Dream 1

My first dream is unclear in the beginning, but I think that my family lived in a new location in D in TLs, even though our old house was still probably ours too; but I am not sure.

It was earlier in the morning and my brothers were little kids again, and they were getting ready for school; but something confusing happened, but I can not remember the details.

Somehow maybe my brothers D&D had to drive one of my parent’s automobiles to school, even though they were too young to drive or to know how to drive, because maybe my parent’s and I were busy taking someone somewhere or helping someone or something; but I can not remember.

I just know that my brothers D&D and maybe GC & CC were missing, and they did not arrive to/at school; and our fictional neighbor’s son was missing too, and so we all were searching around the city trying to find my brothers and our neighbor’s son.

My automobile was gone, maybe one of my brothers had tried to use it to get to school or something but I am not sure, and my aunt JE told us that someone stole a bicycle or something I think; but I could be wrong.

We went to search around McDonald’s for my brothers and we did not find them there either, and so we decided to split up & search around the city; and I was going to have use a bicycle since my automobile was gone.

We were starting to panic a bit and I was worried for my brothers, and as the oldest brother, I felt responsible for their safety; but then I woke up suddenly in the real world at 4:Thirty-Something AM (I am not if it was a double-digit number or not Flynn 😉 )  & I jumped up in bed, like I was snapped back into the real world or something & I felt afraid even though I realized that I had just been dreaming.

I got out of bed even though I felt afraid and I started to check inside the house & outside of the windows to make sure that everything was okay, just in case another fire had started again (earlier this year I woke up suddenly from a dream & I smelled smoke & I saw an orange glow on the curtains & I looked outside the window & I saw a fire in my parent’s yard behind their automobiles & I woke everyone up & I ran outside to put out the fire with the water hose but it was a chemical fire and so the water did not help much & the fire department had to put out the fire but we managed to drive the automobiles away from the fire before they got damaged too badly) or if there was another danger in the house or outside of the house; and during my search I started to feel like I was going to have a panic attack, but I used my techniques that I learned to stop it, but the fear remained.

I tried several techniques to deal with the fear but they only helped a bit, but I did not let that stop me from making sure that the house and yard were secure, and I even went outside to check the yard; everything was clear, but I felt the most afraid in the room that I had slept in for some reason, maybe because it was the darkest room or something.

I took a moment to try to calm down and then I got back in bed still afraid but I resisted the fear, though it still remained, and I had a hard time going back to sleep; once when I closed my eyes, I thought that I saw an orange glow, and so I got up to make sure that a fire had not started outside, and I saw nothing & so it must have just been my imagination or something.

It took me awhile to go back to sleep but I did a better job dealing with the feelings of fear than I did the last time this happened & the feelings of fear were not as strong this time as they were the last time this happened, and so that is a good thing; and as I tried to go back to sleep, several things happened that I can not remember.

Dream 2

30 minutes – 1 hour or more later, I finally went back to sleep, and like the last time this happened, I had some dreams involving John F. Kennedy & secrets that have been hidden from the public but I can not remember the secrets or most of the dreams except part of one dream.

I can not remember most of the dream, but I remember a man standing behind what looked like a pulpit in a small church-like building, and he was talking to a small group of people sitting down on church-like pews; like the last time, I was not in most of these dreams and/or I was not myself.

In the small crowd of people there was a woman who was taller than the average Human & she had whitish colored skin with orangish & reddish colored hair, and at some point she handed the man who was talking behind the pulpit, what seemed to be a business-like card & then she sat back down.

The man behind the pulpit stopped talking and then he looked at the business-like card, I think, and then he started to have flashbacks of various secrets that had been hidden from the public; and I was able to see the flashbacks too, even though I was not in the dream.

The only partial secret that I can somewhat remember clearly enough was about John F. Kennedy, and I think that he was riding in the Presidential Motorcade that looked like the one that he was assassinated in; but I can not remember what secrets were revealed in the flashback about John F. Kennedy, unfortunately.

Once the man and I finished seeing all of these quick flashbacks of various secrets that have been hidden from the public, the man seemed to have regained many of his memories of some of these secrets (like he had once been involved in the cover-ups and/or he had been one of the few people who knew some of the secrets and/or something), and now he wanted to show some of those secrets to the public finally; and he was about to start telling some of the secrets to the people in the room.

But something very strange happened to the man before he could speak, it was like some pre-programmed brainwashing or whatever had been activated in his mind, it was like someone had once programmed his mind to prevent him from revealing the secrets if one day he decided to finally show some of the secrets; the man suddenly stopped and he started to look zombie/robot-like as his mind began to follow the program that had been set in his mind long ago if he ever decided to try to show some of the secrets.

The man who now acted zombie/robot-like & talked zombie/robot-like, asked the woman who had given him the business-like card that had helped restore his memories of the secrets, to do stupid things.

First, he asked the woman to stand up, and so she stood up.

Second, he asked the woman to swing her arms in the air or something stupid like that, and so she did.

Third, he asked the woman to jump up and down, and so she did.

He might have asked the woman to do a few other stupid things as the woman looked confused but she followed his orders, and the other people watched in shock/surprise by the man’s strange behavior.

Finally the man asked the woman to punch him in the face and the woman & the crowd were shocked & the woman wanted to refuse but the man told her that it was okay, and so the woman punched the man in the face like he had asked.

I think he smiled and/or laughed, and it was clear that the pre-programming/brainwashing that had done to him in the past, had worked to prevent him from telling the secrets; I can not remember what else happened, I only can remember waking up again.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂