Riding A Sport (Street) Bike (Motorcycle)

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I remember my mind thinking about what/which anti-viruses should I test out next, some of the/my thoughts were: “Should I test out AVG AntiVirus Free? | When should I test out Comodo Internet Security again? | Should I keep testing Avast Antivirus Free for now? | When should I test out Microsoft Security Essentials again?”.

Then I had a dream or several dreams but I can not remember much of them, and I just remember being in a classroom that had lockers in the room & there were no windows; and my class was watching a film, and I remember going to my locker looking for some deodorant but I thought that I did not have any.

I asked my former classmate WG for some deodorant and he was going to let me use his un-opened deodorant, but then I found my deodorant in a bag; I found the bag because I suddenly remembered a past dream and/or vacation where I left that bag in a certain place, and I remembered that I still had my vacation stuff/things packed in it.

I thanked WG and I gave him his un-opened deodorant back, and I started changing clothes and/or I started freshening up, while my class was watching the/a film; but that is all that I can remember.

Next, I remember traveling to a fictional version of LC and then back to D, and at some point I was driving a slow sport (street) bike (motorcycle) in D on my way back to the fictional LC; but the road was very muddy in some areas and some parts of the road were horribly messed up, and so the other people driving & I had to be careful on the road.

I remember jumping over mud, going through mud, jumping over large uneven parts of the road that looked like an earthquake had broken up the road & raised some parts of the road higher than the rest, et cetera with my sport/street bike; and some of the other drivers on the road were getting stuck and/or having traffic accidents and/or getting slowed down a lot more than I was.

I remember having fun driving through and around the various challenges in the road, but then I noticed some other bike/motorcycle riders on sport/street bikes that were also getting around the challenges well, and they had helmets on; and then I realized that I did not have a helmet on, which is illegal, and so I decided to turn around to find a store that sold motorcycle helmets.

I saw a former classmate of mine from my former Spanish Class on the side of the road, and so I stopped to ask him where the nearest store that sold motorcycle helmets was located; and he pointed to a store nearby and he told me that they had motorcycle helmets, and so I thanked him, but I woke up as I was riding my sports bike to the store.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂