An Elderly Bicycle Rider

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I barely remember one of my dreams, which took place in the day on the outskirts of a fictional version of D I think; and I do not think that I was in the dream, but I could be wrong, either way I was not the main character of the dream.

There was an elderly man who would ride his bicycle almost everywhere, and he was riding his bike down the highway that was out in the countryside (country).

He went to a building out in the country somewhere, it was a place that his dad used to take him to as a kid, and he would still visit the/this building/place several times a year; even now as an old man.

The building/place seemed to be a small tourist-like educational attraction that talked about crystals (it seemed, but I could be wrong) with a person/guide who would talk & show people around the building, there were real crystals for people to see & take/buy(?), there were videos that people could watch, there were exhibits, et cetera.

The elderly man stopped outside of the building and he looked at the ground where several clear crystals were in/on the ground, some with various natural shapes & some that appeared to be artificially cut, and he picked up a crystal that he remembered from his childhood; and he then had a flashback of some of his memories when his dad used to take him to this building/place, as a kid.

Other people were arriving to tour the building/place, the elderly man then put the crystal back on the ground & he started to walk closer to the building, and a worker came out of the building & he picked up the crystal that the elderly man had looked at; the crystal was autographed by someone, and then the worker called to the elderly man & he told him that he could keep the crystal.

The worker knew the man, after seeing him visit the building/place for many years, and he stopped to talk with the elderly man about some of his memories from the past; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂