John Jr In Italy?

Last night I barely remember part of two dreams, with the first dream taking place in what I am guessing was the country of Italy, and I had arrived at a center where tourists would be questioned & they would have to show their identification before being let into the country.

I recognized this center from before, so I guess I have dreamed of this place at least once before, and I even knew my way around the center; which had at least three floors, and the second floor was a restricted government area for politicians and people like that but there was no security preventing people from sneaking on the second floor.

I remember exploring parts of the building, as I recognized various areas from before, and I even sneaked on the second floor to explore for a while without getting caught; and at some point I went to the first floor.

I saw tourists in line who had just arrived to the country and they were waiting for security to clear them into the country, and I stopped to ask a security guard if I was free to walk outside to explore the country; and the security guard said that I had already been cleared, and so I was free to explore the country, and so I went outside.

The area outside of the center had a concrete covered cat-walk complex with beautiful plants & decorations & there were various areas to shop, eat, drink, explore, et cetera; and I recognized this area from before as well, and then I went to explore water park-like area, that I have been to in another dream or dreams before in the past.

Most of the complex seemed to look somewhat like the D Junior High School mixed with various other areas, and there even was a cafeteria, and I ate & drank at the cafeteria & talked with several other people who I think that I recognized from the last dream I had of this place; but that is all that I can remember of this dream unfortunately, besides various scenes of me seeing & meeting people from various countries who spoke various languages.

My second dream is the most unclear and all that I remember is that a creature or creatures was/were attacking a small city or something like that, and the Mayor & Chief Of Police & Various Other People In High Places were hiding on/in the outskirts of the city outside on a mountain-like place; and they had ordered all the cities security & emergency workers to go into the city to deal with the creäture or creatures.

Most of the security & emergency workers were being killed in the city, and I kept telling the leaders of the city to go help themselves, instead of sending others to die for them, but they would not listen to me; I felt that the leaders of the city were using a failed strategy and I felt that they were being cowards, and I went into the city several time to help & I would go back to report the situation to the leaders of the city.

At some point a creäture or the creäture attacked the leaders of the city, since they were outside, and there was no security there to help them, because they had sent them all into the city; and so only The Chief Of Police had a gun, but I think that the creäture could fly and his gun was probably not going to be able to kill the creäture.

But I woke up as the leaders of the city were running & screaming in panic as the creäture attacked them.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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