8-21-2011 | Dream Fragments | Semi-Lucid Dream Fragments

The Cheshire Cat vanishes in Wonderland.

I remember a bit of three dream fragments from last night, with the first dream taking place inside a school that was mixed with a house, and the parent’s of my former classmate AH, Mr. H & Ms. H, were teachers of one of the classes that I was in & my brother CC was in that class too.

My brother CC had went to use the bathroom near the end of the class and I asked to go to the bathroom as well, and near the bathroom was an open door that led outside into a small area of the yard, and I saw a fox chasing a rabbit or something like that; and I went to distract the fox from killing the rabbit or whatever he was chasing, and the fox stopped & it got scared & it ran.

I then used the bathroom and Mr. H came to see what was taking me so long, and he thought that I was just wasting time instead of using the bathroom and so I told him about the situation with the fox, but he thought that I was lying & he started to laugh; Ms. H came to see what was going on too and then the bell rang for the class to be over, and I briefly talked with Mr. H & Ms. H and then I left, but I woke up.

The second dream that I remember took place on a fictional highway surrounded by woods and my mom, brothers, maybe my dad(?), and I stopped our automobile on side of the highway to walk over & look at a amusement park-like area that had some playground equipment with apes playing on them & some kids & the owner were watching.

The owner was using the apes to attract people to come & pay to play on the playground equipment as well, and the apes were moving quickly through the playground equipment like acrobats, it was quite impressive; the playground equipment was mostly rings & cables that you had to cross that were suspended about the ground, and there were supposed to be some safety features to help prevent people from falling and/or from getting injured when they fell.

After watching the apes & kids playing on the playground equipment for a while, we decided to leave, but we could not find our automobile oddly; and I think that my dad walked up the right side of the highway to try to find it, and the rest of us walked toward the left side of the highway.

But I noticed some alligators hiding on various areas on side of the highway and up the left side of the highway I saw a large gorilla slowly walking toward our direction on the side of the road, and so I started to get a bit afraid/cautious & I warned my mom & brothers about the situation.

I felt a bit threatened by the various alligators & we tried to avoid them, and I wondered would the gorilla harm us, once it reached us, and I wondered how did our automobile magically disappear & I do not remember seeing my dad again at this point in the dream; it felt somewhat like we had fallen into a trap or something when I think about it, with the amusement park-like area just being a distractions/diversion to get us away from our automobile.

The weather was a bit dark like it was about to rain, it was like the weather was getting worse at this point, and we started to panic a bit; then a man on a horse with a kid, I think, came riding by us & the gorilla ran into the woods holding what appeared to be a little girl, it appeared that the gorilla was trying to avoid being seen by the man on the horse for some reason.

The man on the horse seemed to have cleared a safe enough path for us to follow for the moment, and so we followed, hoping to find our automobile around the curve, but around the curve we did not see our automobile or the man on the horse anymore & it started to rain.

The weather was bad & the environment felt dark & we did not like it & we were a bit afraid, and so I started to try to change the dream world and/or teleport us to a new dream world; and so I started to tell my mom & brothers that we were probably dreaming & that we could probably change the dream world if we tried hard enough, and I started to share some of my techniques from past dreams.

I told them to relax, to close their eyes, to tell themselves that this is a dream & that they were dreaming, and I told them to imagine a nice dream world & that we should all try to think about the same dream world at the same time & imagine ourselves there.

I started to describe a new dream world so that we could all imagine the same one and I focused on trying to change the dream world and/or teleport us to a new one, and after a few tries, I opened my eyes & we were in the new dream world that I imagined. 🙂

It was a fictional version of the parking lot by the K Elementary School in D, it was during a beautiful day, and there was a huge swimming pool that took up most of the parking lot, and we were in the swimming pool with some other people; it was very nice, and we walked & swam around the pool talking about how my idea worked but we were not sure if we teleported to this new dream world or if we had changed the dream world, either way it worked.

This dream world felt nice & safe and the other people in the swimming pool were having a good time as well, at some point a man asked to talk with my mom alone, and so I swam away to give them some privacy; and I found a man who was sitting on side of the pool & I got out of the pool to talk with him.

The man had a photograph of a man who used to be his baseball coach (it was an old photograph from when he was younger and he man had medium-dark brown colored skin & he wore an old-style baseball cap & baseball uniform) and he told me about his former baseball coach, who had recently died, and I recognized his description of his former baseball coach.

I remembered that his former baseball coach had briefly helped my dad coach my baseball team as a kid, but he was very mean, and so my dad started to coach our team alone; because the parents, kids, and him could no longer stand the man’s terrible attitude.

As far as I know this is not a real memory and so it must be a dream memory or a fake memory, but in the dream I clearly remembered it oddly; and the man and I talked about our various memories of his former baseball coach.

His former baseball coach had a terrible attitude, but he had a lot of knowledge about baseball; but I woke up as I listened to some of the man’s various memories.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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