A Dog House On Fire

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

Last night I barely remember part of a few dream fragments, with one dream that involved two sisters fighting over a boy who they both liked, and I had to keep breaking up their fights.

Dream 2

In another dream fragment I was angry with someone and I went outside to get some fresh air & sunlight in my parent’s yard, and I saw a fire burning one of my brother’s dog’s house; and it was a pretty big fire.

I went into the house and I yelled that there was a fire and for my family to call the fire department, and then I ran outside to get the water hose so that I could try to put out the fire; I did not see my brother’s dog and I was not sure if he was in the fire or not, I thought about it, but my focus was on putting out the fire which was spreading toward the storage buildings.

Outside of the fence near the fire were some of my aunts & uncles, such as my aunt DE and my uncle CE, and they were watching the fire instead of helping; and I started spraying water on the fire with the water hose trying to put out the fire, as my aunts & uncles watched & they made a few annoying comments & they asked me a few annoying questions, which made me even more angry.

I was already angry and a bit panicked by the fire and they were just standing there watching & not helping, while talking & asking me questions annoyingly, and I angrily told them that I did not feel like talking with them or answering their questions & I asked them to stop bothering me and/or help; but they still did not help and so I put the fire out by myself, and then I started to wait for the fire department to arrive even though I had already put out the fire, as I tried to ignore my aunts & uncles, and I started to relax & get over my anger, but I woke up.

When I woke up I looked out of the window to make sure that there was no fire, because earlier this year I helped save my parent’s automobile (which only partly got burned) & storage buildings (which only an electrical cord got burned) from a fire, because I woke up out of my dream smelling smoke & I saw the fire outside; and I woke everyone up & I ran outside to try to put out the fire with the water hose but it was a chemical fire & so the water was not working, and I had to drive my parent’s automobile away from the fire & my dad drove the other one away from the fire; that was a scary experience, because I had to jump from the dream state to a panic state and then to a save everyone state very fast which got my blood pressure & pulse up pretty high. 🙂

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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