A New Dream Phenomenon | A Test & Hidden Knowledge / Information (Waking Reality) & Do Not Share?

Wow! Last night was interesting, my dreams started boring, but ended in an interesting and strange way; and I finally remembered some hidden knowledge/information that was revealed to me by a dream character, but I am not sure if it is safe for me to show what was revealed to me or not.

I no longer remember the hidden knowledge/information that was revealed to me, and I previously was not sure if it was safe to share, mostly out of fear for the possible safety of the dream character who revealed the hidden knowledge/Information; I know that sounds silly, but that is how I felt in the dream & when I woke up, but that feeling is gone now, sometimes feelings from dreams can carry over into the real world for a while until they wear off. 😉

This dream character revealed that she/it/he/whatever (this dream character had the power to change its gender and species and appearance at will like a shapeshifter / face dancer) supposedly had used one or more of my dreams last night to test me/to test my reactions, to see if she/it/he/whatever could trust me enough now to share a bit of hidden knowledge/information and maybe again in the future & part of the dream or dreams probably revealed a bit of hidden knowledge/information without me knowing it exactly during the test(s).

This dream character seemed to have the power to manipulate my dream world, this dream character seemed to have the power to manipulate the dream characters in my dreams, this dream character seemed to have the power to change its appearance at will, this dream character even admitted to manipulating those parts of my dreams as a supposed test or tests, and this dream character supposedly had taken a personal risk revealing itself & revealing a bit of hidden knowledge/information with/to me.

At the end of my last dream, this dream character revealed itself, after I had used my dream powers trying to defend myself against it; and the dream character told me that the dream or dreams had been a test, and that it was not my enemy.

This dream character briefly brought me to another place/dream world/dimension/whatever and it briefly revealed some hidden knowledge/information to me, that was revealed at a personal risk to itself according to the dream character, and I somewhat felt that maybe it was not safe for me to show what was revealed to me once I woke up & typed my dream; and so just to be safe, I will not show what was revealed to me at this time in an open way and I will not even type my dreams in a normal way today.

I somewhat felt that revealing too much information about my dream or dreams from last night would put this dream character at risk and/or myself (mostly the dream character), I know it sounds stupid/silly to be worried about protecting a dream character’s identity and/or hidden dream knowledge/information/secrets, but due to my feelings in the dream or dreams, I do not feel like taking any chances, just in case. 😉

At the same time I need to save some information about my dream or dreams from last night, for my memory, without revealing too much.

I had a dream with me being at a school during the day in a classroom with some of my former classmates like: RM, BH, DH, et cetera.

Outside of the school there was a field next to the school, and near the field there was a gathering/meeting of/for firefighters from various places/cities or something like that.

In a parking lot near the school there was a women’s soccer team finishing their exercises.

After the women’s soccer team finished their exercises I walked over to talk with one of the women on the soccer team, but then we saw something strange in the sky, and the sky in that area started to look darker & strange I think; and we saw a strange tentacle-like thing /object in the sky that appears to be a spaceship maybe & it seemed to be carrying a whale-like creäture in the sky, and the spaceship or whatever it was did not look like anything that I have seen before. (This all looked/felt/seemed eerie/freaky/strange/odd/disturbing in a way(s) that I can not describe)

We saw some larger things/objects in various parts of the sky and we saw more of the same strange spaceship-like things/objects/whatever in the sky, and some of them were carrying more of the whale-like creatures.

I remember seeing this or something like this before in a past dream with whale-like creatures being carried in the sky by spaceship-like objects I think, it happened before, I remember; and I told the woman with me to run to a safer location like the school building.

The woman seemed to hesitate and then I told her that I have seen this or something like this before, and that I think that it might be alien-related or something like that; and I once again I told her to run inside the building.

I told her that I was going to stay outside a bit longer to try to figure out what was going on so that I could decide if there was anything that I could do to help and/or to protect people or something like that, but then the woman shapeshifted into a strange alien-looking being that might have seemed male; and he/it said something in a strange male voice like: “That is what I thought, I can not let you do that.”.

Then he/it attacked me, and then I used my dreams powers to defend myself by shooting light/energy from my hands at it/him, I think; and then he/it stopped attacking me, he/it then told me that he/it was testing me to see if he/it could trust me, he/it wanted to see how I would react, and he/it told me that he/it was not my enemy.

He/it then changed/shapeshifted into another form, but I can not remember what form it took/changed into, and then it transported us to an other place/dream world/dimension/whatever; and to me it seemed that we were going through different layers of reality/dimensions/dream worlds/whatever.

And we reached an other place/dream world/dimension/whatever, which was a small unknown area in an unknown space/layer of reality/dimension/dream world/whatever, and I think that we were floating/standing in a very small space of probably mostly nothingness with some thing around us & probably under our feet that looked somewhat like an energy bubble/circle/flame/aura/barrier/shield/whatever that I think was a whitish color but I could be wrong.

The other place probably was a void with nothing or no one else around/in it, except for us in the energy bubble/circle/flame/aura/barrier/shield/whatever, and I guess that it was a safer place for it to reveal a bit of hidden knowledge/information to me; and I think that it said that it had risked its own personal safety by revealing itself and by revealing some hidden knowledge/information with me and/or I felt/thought/assumed that but I am not sure.

It then revealed some hidden knowledge/information to me by showing it to me & by telling it to me, but I can not remember what was shown or said to me exactly, but I do know that it showed me Waking Reality (I think that is what it/he called it) and I saw myself asleep in my bed in the real world even though I was dreaming; and it was like looking through a barrier/layer, that might have somewhat looked a bit distorted like looking through moving water or something like that, maybe. (I could even see the clock by my bed & the time & it seemed to be what was really going on in the real world as my body was asleep dreaming)

It appeared that Waking Reality was probably just one Layer Of Reality/Dimension(s)/Whatever, and I think that it showed me several other Layers Of Reality/Dimension(s)/Whatever or something like that, and I remember seeing at least three Layers Of Reality/Dimension(s)/Whatever or at least three Layers/Barriers Of Something At The Same Time/Simultaneously; one of which might have been Waking Reality with my body in bed asleep still. (I remember saying something about how that/this all made sense, in reference to the hidden knowledge/information that was revealed to me, which I have forgotten)

After it finished showing and telling me the hidden knowledge/information, it told me that it was going to take me back to Waking Reality, and then I think that I went through/was sent through the Layer of/to Waking Reality with my body still asleep in bed & I think that I went back into my body and/or I instantly & smoothly woke up in the real world & I got straight up out of bed saying the last thing that I was saying to him/it as I went through/was sent through the Layer/Barrier of/to Waking Reality; but I guess that the Layer/Barrier/Portal had closed & I could not see it anymore.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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I love this! How you said you had to keep information secret to protect the dream character. I think it is so kool when the feeling from the dream carries over into the waking world. This used to happen to me quite often, but not so much anymore. What a powerful dream experience to have the essence of it follow you through the transition of waking.

You were actually speaking when you woke up? If so, that is super kool. I only ever had 1 experience similar to that, sometime last year, where I woke up laughing. I was laughing in the dream, and then still laughing when I woke up. I didn’t remember the dream upon waking, but the joy and good vibes carried with me throughout the day.

Wow, that is so kool that the ‘thing’ brought you to waking reality. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything like this before. Could you see the time on the clock? I often see times on clocks in my dream (they are easy to read, not garbled like people suggest) and I try to remember the time and compare it to the waking world’s time. They never match up though.

Thank you for sharing this dream. It sounds like a very memorable one.

side note – Could you tell me how you add a link to a word in your comment? The way you did with ‘facedancer’. I can do it in my original post, but not a comment. Thank you.

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Hello Lost Truth,

Yes, it is amazing how that happens sometimes, and usually the feeling(s) slowly fade throughout the day but there have been a few dreams where the feelings lasted and effected / affected me for longer like one dream where whenever I heard a deep jet engine-like sound or something like that in the sky in the real world I would get the feeling (fear) that I had in that dream:

Yep, I actually woke up saying the last thing that I was saying in the dream, I am surprised that you have not had this happen to you more often.

It is rare for this to happen to me but it has happened several times, the worst and most was during a brief few months when I was taking 20mg of Fluoxetine for social anxiety disorder and depression, and one of the side effects was that sometimes I would wake up doing the last thing that I was doing in the dream.

But instead of just saying the last thing that I was saying I would sometimes wake up physically doing the last thing that I was doing in a dream like: a chokehold (I woke up and I had my pillow in a chokehold, and so while I was doing it in the dream I must have also been doing it in the real world I assume), headbutting (I was fighting a dream character and I started headbutting this dream character in the dream, and I woke up headbutting my pillow), elbowing (I was elbowing a dream character during a fight, and I woke up elbowing my pillow), punching (I was punching a dream character, and I woke up punching my pillow), et cetera.

*Jibber Jabber Alert*

I did not like that at all, that can be dangerous, I only took that medicine a few months before I stopped after I started having some very strange things that stared to happen to me in my sleep where I thought that I was dying and I had to go to the emergency room once.

They assumed that it was a panic attack, I have had several panic attacks in my life, but that experience and several others were different from my previous panic attacks.

Things did not work out with my doctor (who I would only meet through a web chat, and never in person at the only mental health clinic available to me in my area because I was jobless during that time) and my anxiety levels got worse after dealing with him after he became mean and dismissive and rude, and so I stopped getting treatment for my social anxiety and depression back then until this day (the counseling was not good (the counselor was nice, but she did not really counsel and she just did a bit of small talk without teaching me anything or really counseling), and the medicine helped with my depression but it only barely helped with my anxiety).

Anyway, this stopped when I stopped taking that medicine once I ran out of it after that emergency room experience, and after abruptly ending my treatment without warning.

Yes, it did bring me to Waking Reality or at least where I could see it from the other side of the barrier or whatever it was at first, and then it sent me through the barrier or whatever directly into the real world which sent me back to my body and I woke up.

Unfortunately I can not remember if I saw what time it was, I wish that I could remember so that I could have compared it to the time in the real world when I woke up, but normally times and text are readable in my dreams.

You are welcome, it was definitely an unusual dream experience.

Unfortunately making words into clickable links on is not as easy as it should be because the comment form lacks a direct option for this, and so you have to either copy and paste a word that is already set up to be a clickable link (for example you could use the Editor that you use to make posts to do this and copy and paste it into the comment form) or you have to manually use HTML ( I recommend using the example listed under HTML Links – The Target Attribute if you decide to use the HTML approach because that one will have the link open in a new tab instead of the current one.

I hope that will improve their comment form to give us this option one day.

-John Jr

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Thanks for for replying and sharing your experiences. I’m sorry you had to go through all of that with the medication. Many different pills can have crazy affects in different people. It’s a wonder these drugs are legal. It’s especially unfortunate when the doctors and therapists are not informed enough to easily make connections between the pills and experiences individuals are having. Or to down play how serious the affects and effects may be. It’s sad that in the US (are you in the US?) it’s so difficult to find quality care, especially in regards to mental health, but I believe in regards to most everything. We are supposed to have some of the best health care available, but it is lacking in many ways, aside from the obvious which is accessibility. I can rant about health care all day long. I have seen a few different therapists in my time, mostly in younger years, and I believe they were all a joke. It is rare to find the gem of a person who can think outside the box enough to truly help you get to the root of your problem. They are out there though. But the trial and error can be expensive. Too often I feel people want to cover up all problems with a bandaid, which can be beneficial in the initial phase of healing, but is not a solution in the long run.

Thanks for the info about putting links in comments. I don’t think I really understood your HTML attachment. I’ll just not worry about it, I thought maybe it was something easy that I was missing.


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Hello Lost Truth,

You are welcome, and thank you for the support.

I completely agree with everything you just said there, we are completely on the same page on this issue, and that is how I see the current state of mental healthcare and healthcare for many in The United States.

I have read and heard and talked to many people from The United States who have experienced all of those things, and who would agree with us on this issue.

It is sad that a country like The United States (the self-proclaimed greatest country in human history and Earth history and known history of our universe) has mental healthcare and healthcare that is this lacking and unbalanced and expensive and limited to those who need it the most, and that the poor and the lower class and those with mental health problems and those in small cities et cetera suffer the most under their current system.

Publicly I used to have Elephant Island, Antarctica as the place where I live because I do not like to put my location online publicly, and I think that it is interesting to keep people guessing and to see where they assume that I am from.

But I have told a few people online where I live privately when they have asked, and so feel free to contact me privately if you are curious as long as you agree to not share that classified information of course. 😉

I hope to see mental healthcare and healthcare in general improve around the world including in countries who proclaim to be the best at almost everything if not everything like The United States, because many people are suffering under some current systems, and we know that we can do better and for less money if proper price controls / et cetera are implemented.

You are welcome, on your own blog you can edit comments after they have been posted by clicking the Edit next to the comment, and then you can make words into clickable links that way; but you can not do this without HTML or copying and pasting if you are commenting on someone else’s blog on at this time unfortunately.

What I usually do is just copy and paste the full URL either in ( ) or on a separate line below my sentence.

You can copy and paste that HTML example in that link into a comment, and then adjust it to include the link that you want to share and the word or words that you want it to show.

Thank you very much for sharing that,
-John Jr


Thanks for your reply. I respect your privacy in regards to where you reside. I think I assume everyone lives in the US because that’s where I am and it still boggles my mind that we can communicate with people all over the world on the internet. I was writing with the assumption that you were in the US, and then realized there’s a good chance you are not.

I think most people agree with their being a problem with health care in the US. The problem is everyone disagrees on how to fix the problem. I too would like to see better and more accessible, affordable care. As well as a nice blending of eastern and western medicine.


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You are welcome Lost Truth.

I agree that it is amazing how we can communicate with people around the world now thanks to the internet, you may be surprised if you learn where I live, remember you are free to contact me privately using the contact form on my About page if you want. 😉

Once again I agree with you there, even with your idea to blend Eastern and Western medicine, thank you for replying. 🙂

-John Jr

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