Talking With A State Trooper

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Last night I only remember part of one dream, I remember walking into a place that looked like my grandfather’s living room combined with an unknown place or several unknown places, and I remember that a city police officer and a state trooper pulled out their pistols & they pointed them at me & they started yelling at me.

There were other people in this place sitting down talking and doing several other things that I can not remember exactly, and I must have accidentally done something or had something that caused the city police officer and the state trooper to almost shoot me.

I remember standing in the entrance and I think that I was holding something, but I can not remember exactly, and they both kept yelling at me to do something but I can not remember what they wanted me to do & they were pointing their pistols at me; and for some reason I was not afraid.

I felt that they were over-reacting and/or mistaken, and I was smiling & I might have even laughed a bit, because I thought that the situation was a bit funny; but they were serious, and they were seriously close to shooting me.

I tried to explain something to them but they kept yelling commands at me, but I was not obeying their commands; and eventually they gave me a final warning and they threatened to shoot me if I did not obey their commands.

I came close to just letting them shoot me because I was not afraid at all, but then I decided to obey their commands instead, to avoid any unnecessary violence; but I can not remember what happened exactly, and I just remember that they realized that they had made a mistake and/or they realized that they had over-reacted.

The city police officer left the place angrily or something like that and the state trooper sat down angrily complaining that I was stupid for not following their commands, and that they almost shot me or something like that.

I was still not afraid and I was still in a good mood and so instead of letting the situation stay or end negatively, I decided to sit in a chair next to the state trooper & I began a nice conversation with him, to try to end the negative mood.

He was still angry at first, but I smiled and I asked him a few questions, and then he stopped being angry.

Our conversation went something like this:

“Me: So Mr. State Trooper, how do you get to be a state trooper, do you have to be a police officer for a certain amount of years first or something like that?

Mr. State Trooper: Yes, you must have been on the force for a while first and the best & brightest can train to become a state trooper if they want to one day; I started out as a city police officer and I worked my way up, and I became a state trooper.

Me: So basically state troopers are the élite or special forces of law enforcement/police or something like that right, *Laughs*?

Mr. State Trooper: *Laughs* Yep, basically, we are the special chosen few, the cream of the crop.

Me: The few, the proud, the state troopers, *Laughs*.

Me: So Mr. State Trooper, why are the city police getting new fancy automobiles, while you state troopers still have the old Ford Crown Victoria; shouldn’t y’all get the new automobiles before them, *Laughs*?

Mr. State Trooper: Yeah, good question, we were wondering the same thing too, I have no idea, *Laughs*.

Me: They are not even getting energy-efficient automobiles, I think that the old automobiles were good enough, if they were not going to at least replace them with more energy-efficient automobiles; so that the tax payers & the city could save some money.

Mr. State Trooper: Yeah, but I would rather have more durable & more powerful & faster automobiles instead, I do not care about those new energy-efficient automobiles because they are too slow & weak; give me power & speed & durability over energy efficiency, any day.

Me: *Shakes Head In Disagreement While Smiling*

Me: Well, it was nice talking with you Mr. State Trooper, I will let you get back to whatever you were doing, and good luck with getting some new automobiles, *Laughs*.

Mr. State Trooper: *Laughs* It was nice talking with you too, thank you, and have a good day.

Me: Thank you, you too, bye.”

Then I started to walk away, but I woke up.

Then end,

-John Jr 🙂

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