Some People And John Jr Versus Some Soldiers And The United States Secret Service And President Obama?

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*These were just dreams, and so please do not add me to a terrorist watch list or anything like that, thank you. 😀 *

Last night I had several unusual & realistic dreams that were confusing, because I can not remember the important parts of each dream, and so my unusual actions in each dream are not clear & I am not sure the exact circumstances of each dream; and so I will be making wild guesses sometimes as I try to explain these dreams.

Dream 1

The first dream that I remember is Very unclear and I am not sure how it started, I just remember being in the middle of a small battle during the day in the woods near my parent’s house and in my parent’s yard.

This is a wild guess here but I am guessing that some regular people & some soldiers who might have defected/quit/left the military were fighting against a larger group of soldiers who were better equipped; and I was in the middle of this small battle, which I think started in the woods, but we got pushed back into the neighborhood & into my parent’s yard, due to the other soldiers being better equipped and having us out-numbered.

I remember that the other soldiers stayed in the woods and they started to shoot artillery at us, which would kill several people at a time if you were too close to the explosions, they were using some artillery that reminded me of some designed by Germany(?) back during World War II maybe or something (but I do not know artillery well, so that is a wild guess), maybe another country, and The United States (USA).

We did not stand a chance against their artillery and so I started to climb my parent’s fence to move out of their range, and the others started to charge toward the woods to prevent them from being able to use their artillery if we got too close and/or before they could re-adjust the range of their weapons; I stopped to decide if I should stay further back or should I run closer toward the woods, but then I woke up.

Dream 2

My next dream is also Very unclear and I am not sure how it started, but I think that my family was going to go to a birthday party for my brother GC; but a small family emergency happened that caused my family to have to go to the hospital, maybe one of my indirect family members was having a baby or maybe one of my other brothers had a minor injury or something but I am not sure.

My family drove to the hospital, except my brother GC and I drove to the hospital parking lot, and I guess we were going to have his party there or something maybe; while the rest of the family was inside the hospital.

It was during the day and the parking lot that we were in was mostly abandoned & next to an empty field, and so it was a nice area to have a birthday party & we would be able to easily check on whoever was in the hospital.

Slowly some of my brother GC’s former classmates and some of his college classmates started to come to the parking lot for the birthday party, and we all talked.

At some point either this was a memory from another dream or this happened, I remember dropping off one of GC’s former classmates at his family’s house; and later I remember returning to that same house to give him something that he had either forgotten or that I decided to give to him & his family, I think it was some groceries or something like that.

He was not home at the time and so I gave the groceries or whatever to an older woman who appeared to be his grandmother and another woman who appeared to be his mom, and walking down their street was a man who looked at me but he did not smile or wave back when I smiled & I waved at him, as I drove away.

I returned to the parking lot, but something serious happened but I can not remember what happened exactly; my wild guess is that maybe some soldiers attacked us, some of us died, some of us ran into the hospital, and the rest of us fought the soldiers until we defeated them & we took their weapons.

We then had assault rifles & rifle carbines, sub-machine guns, hand guns, maybe a RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher), maybe a grenade, and maybe a portable anti-aircraft weapon, and maybe a few other things; and I think that my brother GC either died in that attack or he might have died in the next attack.

All of this is unclear and I am not sure what all happened or why, but the next attack came from the air, either Air Force One and/or their escort attacked us from the air; this is a wild guess but I am guessing that President Barack Obama and some other people probably had given some orders that might have resulted in the attack in the first dream & in this dream, and they were probably trying to flee in Air Force One.

My wild guess is that they were going to flee like cowards while us regular people got killed, arrested, or whatever due to their decisions & commands; and that they would go to a secure location so that they could continue to give orders while staying safe from attack; I am not sure what was going on exactly, that is just a wild guess.

Whatever had happened to us was so serious that us survivors who were willing to fight seemed to have decided that we would not let President Obama and the others escape alive and/or allow them to keep making decisions that were hurting people; and we saw Air Force One taking off from an airport near by and we got attack by them and/or an escort as they were flying over our area.

They just happened to be taking off near where we were, and we defended ourselves with the portable anti-aircraft weapon but we only had one shot & we probably destroyed the escort; and so we had to all shoot Air Force One with our automatic weapons as they were still trying to gain altitude, and so we had a chance to actually shoot them down if we were lucky.

Whatever had been done to us and/or we were afraid of continuing was so bad I guess that our only focus was to kill President Obama, the other higher level people with him, and anyone who tried to stop us; I remember us shooting Air Force One with all we had, as they were trying to gain altitude, but our bullets were not doing enough damage.

But someone either hit one of the engines with a bullet or some bullets and/or the RPG, and so they stopped gaining altitude and I remember us shooting & shooting & reloading as Air Force One was smoking from one engine/one of the engines was smoking & they did an emergency landing in the field.

All of this seemed pretty realistic, even though it does probably not seem like it if you are reading this, Air Force One was low enough for this to be done; and we had some military weapons to do it, but it took a lot of effort on our part.

Air Force One landed in the field without being damaged during the landing really or not much, and I started to shoot at the cockpit with my assault rifle & I managed to shoot the windows out after many shots & I shot the co-pilot & the pilot as they were waiting for The United States Secret Service to come & defend them.

My only focus was to live long enough to kill President Obama at least and hopefully anyone else who had done and/or was doing whatever was so bad that had caused us normally peaceful people to defend ourselves & then attack our own leader(s)/government/military/intelligence community(?)/whoever; I guess we wanted to stop them from escaping like cowards, we wanted to stop them from being able to give the orders to hurt more people, and we probably wanted revenge.

I was not afraid and my main focus was to kill President Obama and anyone in my way, two or three or more Secret Service Agents jumped from the broken cockpit to prevent us from boarding Air Force One; they reminded me of agents from the film The Matrix, they had black suits, black ties, black shades, and they seemed to have no fear either.

I respected their courage and they forced us to take cover, and I had to reload my assault rifle; and The Secret Service Agents had us pinned down at first, they seemed to be trying to distract us long enough for the other agents to either prepare defenses inside Air Force One and/or to give them time to get President Obama & the people with him away from Air Force One.

I realized that they were distracting us and so I did something crazy in my effort to try to reach President Obama so that I could kill him, I ran out of cover/from behind cover,  which surprised the few Secret Service Agents; and I shot them.

The others and I then ran to the cockpit area to try to board Air Force One, but a few more Secret Service Agents inside shot at us and we shot back killing them and maybe a few other people; but we found out that The Secret Service Agents had the first area full of innocent people who they were using as shields and as distractions, and so I told the others to stop shooting.

We managed to kill the few Secret Service Agents who were using the innocent people as shields and distractions, and I stood outside of the plane helping people get off of the plane; and my mission then became to help the innocent people escape before we killed President Obama and whoever else was with him.

I had run out of bullets and so I picked up one of the dead Secret Service Agent’s sub-machine guns, I helped people get off of the plane one-at-a-time, I gave orders for the others to secure the area where the innocent people were, I gave orders for the others to also secure the outside of Air Force One so that President Obama & the people with him could not escape, but there was not enough of us to secure the back of the plane.

I told the people who we were saving to run into the hospital, but some of them joined us & they picked up weapons from some of the dead Secret Service Agents; but I was afraid that some Secret Service Agents might be pretending to be with the innocent people, and so I told the others to be on the look out for surprise attacks by Undercover Secret Service Agents.

I kept trying to look around for threats as I helped people off of the plane, I had my sub-machine gun in one hand, I helped people off of the plane with my other hand, I was giving orders to people inside the plane & outside of the plane, and I was hoping that President Obama & the people with him had not escaped; and so I was eager to get everyone else off of the plane as fast as I could so that I could kill President Obama & the people with him before they escaped, if they had not already escaped.

I remember seeing a few kids and babies who parent’s could not be found, maybe their parents were accidentally killed during the shoot-out or something, and so I kept asking people who the babies & kids were for but no one knew; and so I had to hold a baby in one hand, and I told some of the other people to take the other kids & babies inside of the hospital with them.

The baby who I was holding was very young and it held on to me like a baby monkey or something, it gripped me very hard like babies do when they are very young usually, it was gripping me so well that the baby probably would not have fallen even if I had let go 😀 ; I was holding the baby in one hand, I had my sub-machine gun in the other hand, I was still helping people off of the plane, I was still looking for threats, and I was still giving out orders. 😀

We were stretched too thin & we did not have enough people & we had no training in combat and clearing out all the people was too big of a distraction, but their safety was more important to me than killing President Obama & the people with him, but my main focus was still to at least kill President Obama (all I know is that President Obama was not to escape, he was my main focus it seemed, and I only wanted to at least kill him before I died) even if it would cost me my life & I had no fear & there was to be no talking/no compromise, just killing, no mercy, no surrender, & I was not to let anything or anyone stop me from at least killing President Obama; but I woke up as I was still holding the baby, and doing everything else.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


John Jr Scares Chucky

Seed of Chucky poster, version 2
Seed of Chucky poster, version 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last night I remember part of three dream fragments, with the first dream fragment taking place in an unknown building, and I was there with my dad and my cousin DE.

This was one of my Deep Dreams (I guess you could call them that), which are somewhat rare, and in these dreams there are usually toys & various other objects & memories from my childhood; in these types of dreams, it seems/feels like my mind taps into old memory banks in my brain & it explores them in the dream state or something.

The building was dimly lit and it probably appeared to be a red colored brick(ed) multi-floor/story building in an unknown city, and the building appeared to be abandoned.

I remember my dad, my cousin DE, and I walking around making sure that the building was clear & we tried to secure all the doors & windows; and I remember feeling/sensing that there was possibly a threat that was somewhere near and/or would come at some point, but the building itself felt safe.

As we cleared the building and as we tried to secure all the windows & doors, I remember that we found some old toys & other objects from my childhood, and we found an underground entrance to the underground museum-like place of ancient cultures or something like that probably that has been in a few of my dreams before in the past.

Like in the other dreams the underground entrance to the underground museum-like place of ancient cultures was a sturdy metal bunker hatch/door or sewer type round hatch/door with maybe some concrete around it or something like that, but we did not enter the entrance, because I wanted to make sure that the building was safe first and I wanted to secure the building to prevent any possible threats from entering the building while we were exploring the underground museum-like place of ancient cultures.

I remember doubling checking that the windows and doors of the building were secured with extra chains & various other things, and I remember that there was a shelf near one of the windows; and on the shelf were some of my old stuff animal toys from my childhood & a fictional Chucky-like doll that looked somewhat like Chucky from the Chucky horror films.

I used to be afraid of Chucky as a child and he used to haunt some of my dreams, until I finally faced him in a dream once, and then I was no longer afraid of Chucky; ever since then, I usually kill him when he appears in my dreams, and I have killed him several times in dreams throughout the years but he still sometimes comes back.

Every time he is in one of my dreams, he is trying or wanting to do something negative, usually trying to kill or hurt someone, and I usually end up having to kill him; and I probably would still kill him anyway, since I hate him for haunting my childhood & I vowed never to let him terrify my dreams again. 😀

*Note to my Dream Security: There is a Kill Order on Chucky, if Chucky is ever spotted in my dreams, please kill him on site/sight & destroy his body (I usually burn it if I can); thank you. 😀 *

Anyway, I checked to make sure that the Chucky-like doll was not alive and I checked to make sure that he was not Chucky, and he was not alive & he was not Chucky; but I sensed that maybe the threat that I sensed/felt was/would be Chucky.

I could see out of the window that was near the shelf that had some of my old stuffed animal toys on it, and outside it was during the day & I could see part of an alleyway with maybe a large trash dumpster underneath the window & I could see part of a fence; and the window was up higher from the ground & so someone would have to climb on the dumpster & climb up to reach the window, and so I guess we were on the second floor maybe.

It seemed that the building might have been in a quiet corner of some unknown city, but I could not see any people, automobiles, or other buildings from the alleyway.

I took a moment to look at some of my old stuffed animal toys and I noticed that the chain on the window was not properly secured & so I stopped to properly secure it, and I told my cousin DE that we would explore the underground museum-like place of ancient cultures when I finished my last check of the building’s defenses; and my cousin DE walked off to another area to continue the security check with my dad.

As I was still securing the window properly, I then noticed someone standing on the large dumpster outside below the window, and then I felt/sensed the strong feeling that showed that person was the threat that I had felt/sensed the entire dream; and it was Chucky standing on the dumpster smiling with an evil grin while looking in my direction.

I was a bit shocked at first and he did not seem to see me at first, and when I realized that it was Chucky, I went into a frenzy; and I started trying to undo the chains & locks on the window so that I could jump out of the window & kill Chucky AGAIN. 😀

I started talking trying to tell Chucky that he was not going to come into my dream & try to terrify me & that I was not afraid of him & that I was going to kill him again if I could and Chucky saw me and when he realized who I was, his face changed from a confident evil grin into a terrified face of fear, and he seemed to have remembered that I have brutally killed him in several dreams in the past.

I am not sure if he started trying to run away or not, I was too busy trying to get the window open, and I woke up. 😀

My second dream took place in a classroom and my aunt DE & my uncle EG were the substitute teachers for my class, and I remember the dream being like an old elementary class or something but I was an adult still or almost an adult; and the dream was just a boring regular classroom experience, but it was pretty realistic, but that is all that I can remember.

The last dream took place in a small room with a boxing ring and a small crowd of people and I were watching various forms of entertainment, one of which was an entertainment wrestling match with Stone Cold Steve Austin beating up a man to entertain the crowd; and I went into the ring at some point.

Mr. Austin was having fun & he was trying to make the crowd laugh, and he put the knocked out (he was faking, this was entertainment wrestling 😉 ) man on a table & he looked at the crowd trying to see what they wanted him to do next; and I was standing behind Mr. Austin for some strange reason.

Mr. Austin did not know that I was there and his back was facing me as he looked at the crowd smiling, and then he ran against the ropes & he acted like he was going to jump on the table to do his finishing move (The Stone Cold Stunner or something like that 😀 ) on the man through the table; but he was only joking, and him & the crowd started to laugh.

I guess that I was going to stop Mr. Austin if he decided to slam the man through the table or something, because I left out of the ring once I saw that he was not going to slam the man through the table; and I went back into the crowd.

More and more people were coming into the building, and a few celebrities would come into the building to join the crowd; and this would cause a big scene that distracted many people from the entertainment.

One of the celebrities was Arnold Schwarzenegger who was wearing a more causal cream-colored checkered suit coat with brown dress-like pants, he wore a big ring on one of his fingers, and I think he had a cigar; and he sat in a sit in front of me with another celebrity.

Each celebrity seemed to be trying to have a bigger entrance than the other celebrities, and I remember hearing Mr. Schwarzenegger complain that he should have had a bigger reception from the crowd, since he was more famous than some unknown celebrity who walked in; and I remember thinking how sad & annoying that was that these rich celebrities were complaining & trying to out-do each other to get a bigger reception from the crowd, but I realized that some people are just like that. 😀

At some point something big happened, but I can not remember what happened, and people were running & some people were getting attacked; it was almost like a riot or something, it was chaos.

I remember running to a corner of the building with my former classmate MT and something happened to me, but I can not remember what happened, and I just remember being so injured that I could not walk; and MT was trying to kill me for some reason, and I was asking him why was he trying to kill me.

I was too injured to walk, stand up, or defend myself (maybe MT had attacked me from behind or something); and so I could only lay on the ground & ask MT why was he trying to kill me, I was defenseless.

MT said that he knew that I was single and that I had no kids, and so if he killed me, there would be no wife without a husband to worry about or no kids without a father to worry about; and he said he would have killed someone else but he did not know them & that he did not want to kill someone who was married and/or who had kids, and he said that no one would really miss me if he just killed me instead & that my parent’s had several other sons & so they did not really need me.

MT then put his foot on my chest and he started to push down on my chest so that I could not breathe and he was going to kill me that way, and so I could not breathe & I was slowly dying & I could not defend myself; but then my former classmate JF came & he pushed MT out-of-the-way & maybe he even killed MT.

JF asked me if I was okay, I told him that I could now breathe but I was too injured to walk or stand, and I thanked him for saving me; but I told him to save himself, because it was too risky for him to try to help me escape through all the chaos.

But JF refused to leave me there to die, even as I tried to convince him to save himself, and I woke up as we were trying to figure out a way that we could both escape the chaos alive.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


Pauline Croze In A Kitchen

File:Guitar 2.jpg
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I remember part of one dream, and I remember finding a website that had one or more new fictional Pauline Croze songs (which were all in French as usual) available for download; and one of the new fictional songs was a special fictional new song that Ms. Croze had performed only once in a video, but someone had converted the audio from the video to MP3 and they had the song available online for free & so I downloaded it.

I then searched for any other new Pauline Croze songs, but I can not remember what happened next exactly, except that I remember walking into a kitchen that looked like my grandfather’s kitchen.

I am not sure when or how the people arrived in the kitchen with me but I remember a man with medium-brown colored skin & short black colored hair standing in front of me to my left next to the refrigerator, I stood in front of the sink, to my right was a man with whitish colored skin & light-medium colored hair, and in front of him & I was Pauline Croze sitting on a stool between the man by the refrigerator & the stove; and I am guessing that she had a classical guitar (an acoustic nylon string(ed) guitar).

Ms. Croze spoke & sang/sung only in French the entire dream, the man by the refrigerator spoke only English, the man next to me spoke English & French, and I was too busy focusing on translating from French to English in my mind to talk. 😀

Ms. Croze would talk a bit before and after each song that she performed, which were all in French, and most if not all of them were fictional songs; and I focused hard on trying to understand and/or translate from French to English, which was fun.

I was able to understand a few words here-and-there and I was able to understand/know/guess/comprehend some of what was being said without translating exactly, and I focused on various words, pitches, tones, facial expressions, et cetera to help me understand what was being said.

I was focused very hard on trying to make sense of everything that was in French and I was able to focus more than I usually can in dreams, since I did not have any other distractions, and so I was able to enjoy the moment(s) listening to & trying to understand her songs & what she talked about before & after each song.

At some point Ms. Croze stopped to let us ask questions and the man by the refrigerator asked her a question in English about a certain type of school(s) that I can not remember & he wondered if they had that type of school in France or not; but Ms. Croze had a hard time trying to understand his question since it was in English & the way the man asked the question, and the man next to me had to translate for her in French & he explained it better in English.

The man next to me described the schools/that type of school in English as Makeshift Schools or something like that, and then Ms. Croze started to answer the question in French as the man next to me translated what she said from French to English so that the other man could understand her answer; and I listened intensely translating and trying to understand every French word spoken.

Instead of asking Ms. Croze a question myself, I decided to continue to focus on each French word being spoken instead.

The man next to me asked Ms. Croze a question in French and she responded in French, and this is my French to English translation of what they said:

“Man: Ms. Croze when and how did you come up with that special new song that you had previously performed only on video (but it was one of the songs that she performed for us in the kitchen)?

Ms. Croze: Well, one day I got an invitation to perform in (a city that started with a M, I think it was Marseille), and I was surprised & honored & I happily accepted the invitation.

Ms. Croze: When I got to the city the weather was great that day, the people were nice, and I came up with that new song that day; and I performed it during the concert which was recorded on video.

Ms. Croze: I had a lot of fun performing that day and the crowd enjoyed, we had a wonderful time.

Man: So what is that song about exactly and what were your exact inspirations for it?

Ms. Croze: *Smiles, Laughs* Well, (The rest I was not able to translate to English, but I did understand some of it, but I am not sure how to type it in English exactly). 😀

Man: *Smiles* (Speaks In French, but I can not translate but I can understand some of it, but I am not sure how to type it in English exactly). :D”

While they are talking in French, I am intensely listening & I am understanding some of what they are saying, but the other man by the refrigerator has no idea what is being said, which I find to be funny/amusing. 😀

Instead of talking out-loud with them, I start trying to practice words & sentences in French that I can use to talk with them, as I follow some of their French conversation, which I seem to be following without translating much & by knowing/understanding/guessing instead.

I tried to go over some possible French responses in my mind first, so that I would not have such a hard time when I started trying to speak with them.

Since I was able to understand some of their conversation in French, I even laughed & smiled at some parts of their conversation that I could understand, which was fun. 😀

Before I prepared my mind enough to start speaking French with them, I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


9-18-2011 | Dream Fragment | SS Back From SK

PC Box cover

Last night I remember part of my last dream which took place in D during the day, and my parent‘s and I were driving by my former classmate SS‘s parent’s house; and we saw his automobile, and so we stopped to see if he was back from SK.

The house was open and we walked inside calling SS’s name, and a man came downstairs who I was not sure if it was SS or not; and then he invited us inside, but I can not remember the next part clearly.

I just remember my parent’s and I talking with SS, who was dressed oddly, and there were two women from SK with him; and one of the women seemed to be his girlfriend & the other woman seemed to be her friend, but it was never mentioned in the dream if she was his girlfriend or not.


A Stealth Invasion Of The United States (USA)?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I remember part of three dreams.

Dream 1

The first dream took place at my parent’s house during a storm or something, that took place during the night, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

The second dream took place in a room with a lot of glass windows on the right side of the room, and the room was like a modern apartment & other people were there like some of my former classmates such as: KB; and it was is during the night & we could see the stars, parts of a city (maybe), and a body of water (sea?) by our building that might have had a port-like area or something near our building.

KB and I saw something in the sky that looked almost like a shooting star or something that flew past & behind the clouds where we could no longer see it but no one else saw it, and later we saw an object that appeared to possibly be the same object from earlier fly & stop in the sky & it changed directions & it flew where we all saw the bottom of it & it was a black triangular unidentified flying object (UFO) with probably reddish colored and/or whitish colored lights on the bottom of it that were lined up on both sides of the triangular-shaped bottom; and it flew by our windows.

We all started to look out of the windows, and then the object flew around in the sky above the water and we could see the top of the object this time & it looked somewhat like an American Black Stealth Fighter Jet like the Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk or something, but it probably was a new type of plane/spaceship & I remember seeing something written on the aircraft maybe but I am not sure if it was writing and/or a symbol but I think that the writing and/or symbol probably was associated with The United States Military and/or NASA and/or something owned by the USA; and then we all started to think that it was just the US Military and/or NASA and/or The US Government testing a prototype or something.

As we looked out of the window we then saw what somewhat looked like an older-style plane flying low & slowly like it was trying to avoid being detected on/by radar that reminded me of an old World War II Japanese and/or Chinese fighter plane or something but I could be wrong, and then to our surprise the triangular black aircraft shot the older-style fighter plane out of the sky & it exploded, and then we saw some ships/boats arriving from the darkness & maybe fog in the water carrying a lot of soldiers who appeared to maybe be Chinese soldiers(?) or something & I remember seeing the color yellow associated with these ships/boats and/or soldiers, but I can not remember if the color yellow was on some of their uniforms and/or ships and/or something else; and the ships were arriving to the port-like area, and it appeared that they were doing a secret/stealth invasion of The United States (USA).

We started to see more older-style fighter planes arriving in the sky & some of them were being shot down by the black triangular aircraft and/or aircrafts and/or a few other US Military aircrafts that had come to attack the invaders & more invading older-style fighter planes were arriving & more boats full of invading soldiers were arriving at the port-like area, and some of the soldiers got on land to attack; and then everyone inside my apartment started to panic.

I ran out of our room and we lived on one of the upper floors and I ran down a stairway that led to a lobby, and the lobby was full of panicked & angry people who were trying to escape to the subway, which was connected to our apartment building strangely; but the police were not allowing anyone to leave the building or to escape through the subway, and so almost everyone was standing around panicking & complaining.

I saw my former classmate AM among the people in the crowd, some people were crying, some people were yelling, some people were talking on their mobile phones, et cetera; and there was a mass panic basically, as people realized that an invasion of the USA was taking place right outside of our building and probably other parts of the USA.

I wondered why the police were forcing us to stay in the building, but then the front doors of the lobby burst open, and maybe Chinese(?) soldiers and/or some unknown soldiers with wood (most of the stocks were wooden) & metal (the rest of the parts were metal) somewhat older rifles with bayonets attached came charging into the building yelling & screaming in an unknown language, and the dream felt real at this point; and one of the soldiers came running & yelling in my direction and the dream felt so real that I instantly felt completely vulnerable since I had no weapons or armor & I felt that the soldier could actually kill me by shooting me and/or stabbing me with his bayonet, and I feared for the safety of my family & friends & myself.

It felt so real that I felt my mortality (I felt that I could die & I was afraid of dying & I was afraid of everyone in my room dying & I felt weak & I felt completely unprotected) & I was not worried about helping anyone else except myself & the people in my room, and I ran up the stairs pushing people out-out-of-the-way in the panic trying to warn everyone in my room before it was too late, as people ran around screaming as the soldiers ran into the building yelling, and I was completely afraid & I was in a panic & I only wanted to survive long enough to warn the others in my room & to lock the door to give them time to escape.

I barely made it to our apartment to lock the doors, and then I ran to the windows to look outside & I yelled to everyone in the room that we must leave the building now & that the building was over-run by soldiers & that we did not have much time, but outside there were soldiers arriving on land & there were soldiers arriving in boats & there were airplanes exploding in the sky & there were probably a few submarines under the water & there was a battle going on outside, and so it was not safe outside either, but inside our building was not safe, and so I tried to decide if we could somehow how escape from the balcony without dying.

I knew that we only had seconds to decide what to do before the soldiers would knock down our door and I was in a full panic, but then I woke up.

Dream 3

My last dream took place during the day as I was traveling by automobile away to somewhere else, and I stopped at a Dollar General store?

I saw my former classmate/schoolmate MF working in the store, and as I looked around the store I think that I started to remember some of my experiences from the first two dreams; and I remember thinking that I had not went to sleep in a while, and I felt a bit tired & worn out from all the stress of what had happened during the storm & the invasion?

I took something to the cash register to buy where a man & woman were/was working, and I talked with them as I paid for my stuff & I remember seeing the total cost of what I was buying was $2.Something at first but then it changed to $4.Something later; and so I told the female cashier about the price change, and I counted my dollars & my coins. (It is rare for money to be in my dreams & even rarer for amounts of money to be visible in numbers & I even was able to count my money & the money looked real)

I remember telling them that I had been through a lot recently and that it would take too long for me to explain all the crazy & terrible things that I had experienced, and I told them that I had not slept in a while & that I was not even sure if my family was still alive or not & I did not know where my family was after all the chaos.

I could not remember what happened to my family, but I hoped that they were okay and I hoped that I would find them again; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂