A Video In A Childhood Photograph | Spaceships In The Sky Again | Beings / Creatures Attack?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I was finally able to sleep normally due to being back to my less than busy schedule and I had a lot of dreams, and I remember some parts of some of those dreams.

The first dream that I remember involved my parent’s and I walking near an unknown fictional lake in an unknown fictional area in the woods during the day, and we walked past the deeper parts of the lake to the shallow parts of the lake.

I remember my parent’s finding an old fictional(?) photograph of me when I was a kid, but I am not sure if they found it among their things or if they found it near the lake; and we stopped to look and talk about the photograph, which was a wallet sized photograph.

Suddenly as we were looking at the photograph & talking about it, I started to hear sounds & the photograph started to play an old video of/from a segment from an old news program, which was about Dipping Tobacco (I think that is the word that they used).

The news reporter was covering a story about Dipping which was a technique that some parents would try/use to help their kid(s) deal with/overcome their fear of swimming/water after near drowning experiences, and the parents would take their kids into the water & they would dip them under the water for about a second or two, then they would let them recover, and then they would dip them again & they would do this over & over again for a certain amount of time.

The reporter was showing a group of parent’s using the dipping technique at the same shallow area that my parent’s and I were standing near, but this was a scene from the past, and to my surprise my parent’s were there with me as a kid; and they were using the dipping technique on me, along with the other parents who were using the dipping technique on their kids as well.

In real life I almost drowned once as a kid in a motel swimming pool on vacation (that is the closest that I have come to dying so far & it was the closest experience that I have had to a near death experience so far) and I was afraid of swimming after that, until I eventually overcame my fear with the help of a few basic swimming classes.

Anyway, I was surprised that this old wallet sized photograph was able to play video/audio from a scene from the past, and I was confused about how that was possible.

Some of the kids were crying as their parents dipped them under the water, and the news reporter said that the dipping technique did not seem to help most kids overcome their fear of swimming/water, but it did help some kids & some parents to better connect with each other & to learn to better cope with their fear of swimming/water or something like that.

I think that I then went into the scene to experience it & my parent’s came as well, and we were in the water with the parents & their kids; and we walked through the water re-living the scene, and I think that we saw ourselves as well, since they were there as well using the dipping technique.

As we looked around, I noticed some alligators around various areas in the lake, and I told my parent’s that we should get out of the lake; I might have mentioned the alligators to the other people, but they were going to stay in the lake & they did not care about the alligators.

My parent’s and I swam across the lake from the shallow end into the deep end dodging & pushing a few alligators out-of-the-way, until we reached land & we climbed out of the lake; in most of my dreams alligators & snakes usually do not bother me too much, but I do have to dodge them & they will seem to try to attack if I get too close to them sometimes, but I am usually able to avoid them but I usually keep seeing more & more of them for some reason.

You see one snake or alligator, and slowly you keep seeing more & more magically, which happened in this dream as well; but as usual, we were able to avoid being attacked, by keeping our distance and/or dodging them and/or pushing them out-of-the-way.

I woke up as we walked off, after we had climbed back on the land.

The second dream that I can remember took place outside of my parent’s house during the night & some indirect family members were arriving at my parent’s house, but then we started to see some strange spaceships & the whale-like creatures or whatever again in the sky; and this time I got a good enough image in my mind to possibly draw what they somewhat looked like, except for the whale-like creatures or whatever they were.

The spaceships and whale-like creatures or whatever were black I think, and the spaceships were V-shaped or triangular-shaped with an opened bottom, with blue lights going down the left & right V or triangular-sides on some of them & red lights going down the sides on the others; and the whale-like creatures or whatever were vertical in the sky with their heads/the top of their bodies facing up with the bottom or the other side of bodies which were flat facing us, like an Algae Eater or something & so you could only see the flat all black bottom/side of their bodies, and some of the spaceships would attach/land to/on that part.

There might have been some larger spaceships and/or things in they sky as well, but I can not remember, I just remember us running inside to see what was on the news; but I can not remember what happened, except that we woke up the next morning, but I can not remember what we saw when we looked outside again & I woke up.

The next dream that I remember might be connected with the second dream, but I am not sure; and I remember some of my direct family, some of my indirect family, my former classmate BH, and I helping to fix up the inside of the green colored house that my grandfather owns.

But as we are inside the house we heard & saw some strange creatures led by some human-like beings and/or humanoids, charging toward the green colored house to attack, and my cousin CE, my former classmate BH, and I hid in a hole in the roof of the house; as the creatures and beings killed everyone or almost everyone.

One of the creatures and/or beings looked into the hole in the roof, but we were hiding, and it did not see us; and I heard two of the humanoid beings talking, one seemed to be in charge & the other seemed to be second-in-command.

They had killed almost everyone or everyone in the house, but some might have escaped into the woods, and so the leader was going to take all the creatures with him to search the woods & then they were going to finish attacking the neighborhood and/or city and/or world I guess; and the second in command was going to personally stay at the green colored house to watch it burn down, to kill anyone that might be still hiding in the house, who might try to escape the fire.

The leader and the creatures then left to search the woods, after setting the green house on fire, and the second in command stayed to watch the house burn down alone or with one or two creatures as guards maybe; and my cousin CE, my former classmate BH, and I started trying to sneak out of the house as it was burning.

We had to sneak quietly and the over-confident second in command was patrolling the outside of the house, and he saw one of us moving out of the house, well he saw some movement; and he walked around trying to see what had moved, and we had to keep moving to avoid him seeing us.

At some point either we escaped unseen or we escaped seen or we were seen & I killed the second in command as he attacked us & then we escaped, but I am not sure which; then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂