Snoop Dogg Sells Some Cigarettes To A Kid? | How To Parachute

Dream 1

Last night I had several dreams, but I only remember part of two dreams, with the first dream taking place at a fictional version of W Park in D during the day.

I was sitting on a couch and/or a bench among other couches and/or benches with my cousin ME and a group of unknown people from Eastside, and the singer/rapper Snoop Dogg was there at some point; everyone was hanging out relaxing, while I felt like exploring the park, but I did not want to be rude & leave so soon & so I stayed for a while.

I think that Snoop Dogg and some of the people who came with him seemed to be about to start drinking alcohol & smoking cigarettes, and so I started to get ready to leave; but then an unknown boy from Eastside walked up to Snoop Dogg asking to buy some cigarettes.

The boy and Snoop Dogg spoke in a type of slang that even I did not understand exactly, but I knew what they were saying to an extent by using my knowledge of various slangs; and I got the feeling that the cigarettes probably contained some marijuana, and the cigarettes were cut thinner than normal, strangely & I remember Snoop Dogg saying that you were supposed to slowly smoke them to enjoy them.

Snoop Dogg and the people with him were impressed by the boy’s knowledge of the cigarettes and with his knowledge of their special slang, and so Snoop Dogg looked around to make sure that the police were not around.

He told the boy that the cigarettes were special high quality cigarettes with custom/special ingredients 😉 & that they would not be cheap; this was mostly spoken in their special slang, but I could translate some of it & so I understood most of what they were saying to an extent.

The boy said that he had enough money for it and he paid for one pack, but Snoop Dogg gave him a few extra cigarettes with the pack, since he was impressed by the boy; and then they all laughed a bit, and they said a few things in their special slang as they pretended that everything was normal while looking around to make sure that the police were not around.

I had wanted to leave sooner, but I did not want to look suspicious while they were making their illegal sale of cigarettes to a boy.

I was even more uncomfortable (I do not like cigarette smoke, I do not like to be around people doing illegal activities like that, and I do not like to be around people drinking alcohol usually).

I told my cousin ME that I was about to leave, but then his dad/my uncle CE & my mom came.

My mom recommended that I leave & go to another area of the park away from the current group of people, which I wanted to do & which I was about to do, but my uncle CE recommended that I stay; and so my mom & my uncle CE had a small argument about the situation, and then I brought the argument to an end by joking around.

I stood up on a bench making fun of my mom as she spoke, pretending that she was a preacher preaching & that I was a member of the church audience encouraging the preacher as the preacher preached; and my uncle CE joined in.

Then my uncle CE started to relax, and my mom started to relax, and then we all laughed.

I told my uncle CE & my cousin ME goodbye, and then I walked off with my mom to walk around the park; but then I woke up.

Dream 2

My next dream took place in an unknown country/place that I think was in Europe & where I think a lot of people had blond colored hair, whitish colored skin, blueish colored eyes.

They could speak in an unknown language that was not familiar to me, but they spoke English too.

I was in an airplane with two other men, a woman, and who ever was flying the airplane and/or on the airplane.

One of the two men was our instructor who had medium-dark brown colored skin and short black colored hair, the other man & woman with me had whitish colored skin & we were being told how to parachute by the instructor.

We all had parachutes on and the instructor was going to parachute with us, and we were standing near the open door on the side of the airplane; and I could see the sky, clouds, and the land below.

It was a nice & sunny day and everything seemed realistic, the wind, the sounds/noise, et cetera; the instructor was rushing and giving us a quick crash course, and then he sent the other man with us to jump first.

Then he sent me to jump second, then he sent the woman to jump third, and then he jumped last.

It felt so real, it was amazing, the wind was blowing & I could feel it & I could hear it & it was blowing my clothes, I could feel the warmth of the sun.

I could feel my self falling through the air, I could see the land below from high in the air & I could see the land better as I got closer to the ground.

I could see some other people falling further away from me. 🙂

I remember trying to remember what the instructor had told us about how to land properly and when to release the parachute.

I remembered that he told us to bend our knees as we were approaching the ground & how to land to help avoid injury.

I released my parachute and I started trying to decide where to land & there were small mountains, rocks, a beach, a sea and/or lakes, and land; and I started trying to land on the land near the rocks & near the beach.

I accidentally went past the land, I had to land & run over the rocks, and I barely avoided falling into the sea and/or lakes. 😀

I gathered my parachute and I started walking toward where I saw the other man landing, he landed near one of the small mountains I think, and then we went to where the instructor was landing & he landed on the beach and/or land I think; but the woman was missing.

The instructor led us to a building with a nice outdoor eating area, and the family of the woman was there waiting for the woman to land.

They were worried about her safety too, since she had not landed yet; and so we all started to look around for the woman as the sun started to set.

At some point we saw her landing near/in the sea and/or lakes, and we ran over to try to find her; and I saw that she had landed on a dock area on the sea and/or lakes, and I ran and/or swam to help her.

She was okay, I helped her carry her parachute, and we walked over the dock back to the land, where her family greeted her, and then we all went back to the building to celebrate; we all were going to spend the night at the building, which was like a hostel or something, and then some of us were going to leave the country or place the next day.

There were other people living in the building which was a one story/floor building with a lot of bedrooms and shared areas, and the woman & man & I were shown to our temporary rooms for the night by the instructor.

The instructor to my surprise was very mean at this point, and he had a bad attitude, and we were a bit afraid of him for some reason, and he seemed to be in charge of the building probably.

We all took our showers/baths, changed clothes, ate & drank, talked with some other people, and then we went back to our rooms; but the instructor gave us some orders, and mine was to take his shower shoes to the bathroom & to run him some bath water in his special tub or something silly like that. 😀

He told us in a mean way, and we obeyed like we were afraid, strangely, and I did as told; but a group of people who lived at the building stole the instructor’s shoes after I finished running his bath water.

I asked them to give me his shoes back or the instructor would be mad at me, but they refused, and some of them seemed to be acting like a gang or something; I wanted to avoid violence, and so I tried to talk them into giving me the instructor’s shoes.

I am not sure if I had any luck or not getting the instructor’s shoe back, but I do know that the instructor was mad at me, and he yelled at me; and I remember that I could not wait for the next morning to come, so that we could leave that place.

The country/place was nice, but I wanted to be away from the instructor, but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr 🙂

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