9-6-2011 | Dream Fragment | Muad’Dib Or Mahdi Or Something/Someone Like That?

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Last night I had several clear dreams again, but I only remember part of my last dream at this time, and it took place in a fictional version of downtown D on a nice & sunny day.

I think a few of my brothers or someone and I went to a small fictional shop on top of one of the downtown buildings, that was owned by an older woman with whitish colored skin & gray/white colored hair, and she seemed to be a nice woman.

She was selling various old used items, and we looked around her shop & she told us about various items that she was selling.

The downtown area was busy with a lot of people walking around shopping and doing various other things, but the older woman’s shop on top of one of the buildings was not crowded, and her shop was literally on top of a building; and so we were actually outside on the roof of a building. 😀

She stopped to help a few other customers while my brothers or whoever and I, continued to look around her shop, but something strange happened; I think that I started to get very sleepy in the dream, and I might have lost consciousness in the dream at some point or something strange like that.

I remember waking up in the dream still in her shop and then something else strange happened, and I remember seeing a creäture/non-human animal (I think it was just a real world animal like a wolf or a predator like that or a wild boar or something) that looked a bit fake like a hologram or something but I was not sure if it was real or not; and it was about to attack my brother or someone in the shop, and so I ran over to push that person out-of-the-way & defend them against the creäture.

I pushed them out-of-the-way as the creäture charged at us and it missed and/or it scratched the person that I pushed out-of-the-way in the face but I am not sure, and then I went to attack it, but I think that it disappeared or it got distorted when I tried to kick it or something; but I am not sure.

The older woman told us that Someone/They/Whoever(?) sometimes fly around and Project(s)(?) Things/Holograms/Whatever(?), and she pointed out a helicopter that was flying in the sky somewhat hidden behind trees in the distance; it was pretty quiet/silent & it was barely noticeable, and it was pointed in our direction & so it seemed to have been the source of the Creature/Hologram/Whatever(?).

Whoever was flying the helicopter knew that we could see them, and so they flew further behind the trees so that we could no longer see them, and they flew off I guess or they disappeared.

I think that the older woman and I guessed that maybe they were doing experiments with new technology and/or playing mind games with people and/or something like that; either way, the older woman had noticed them several times before in the past, and she did not trust or like what they were doing & she felt that they were up to no good.

Something else strange happened, but this part is unclear, I remember a tall man in the shop who looked a bit like Hoyt from the TV show True Blood who had a scratch or symbol or something on his face and/or neck that was bothering/irritating him; but I am not sure if this was from the creäture attack or from when we lost consciousness/went to sleep in the dream or what?

Something seemed to be happening to him and so we asked him if he was okay, and he said that he was okay; but then his personality started to change, his appearance started to change, and even his clothing changed.

He became shorter, I think he suddenly had a turban-like head-wrap or something like that maybe, I think he suddenly had an ancient/older style maybe Middle-Eastern-like tunic/robe-like outfit, his skin color might have darkened a bit to a tannish/light brownish/whitish color maybe, his shoes might have become sandals or some type of ancient/older style shoes maybe, and suddenly his presence started to effect/affect other dream characters in the dream.

Other dream characters started to stop and look at him in awe, like he was an angel or god or messiah or something, and then he slowly walked down the steps of the building to walk down the sidewalk with the crowd of other dream characters walking around downtown; but another dream character and I felt like we were supposed to protect him for some reason, and so we tried to catch up with him to make sure that he stayed safe.

The crowds of people walking around downtown would stop and stare at the man in awe as he walked down the sidewalk, and some of them would quietly say a name or word that somewhat sounded like Muad’Dib or Mahdi or Something/Someone Like That, like maybe they thought that he was A/The Messiah or something & they were amazed by his presence?

The other dream character and I tried to quickly move through the crowds of people to reach the man, we felt like it was our duty to protect him and we felt that he was in danger, but suddenly a large crowd blocked our view of the man for a second or two; and when we got around the large crowd, the man was gone, and so we panicked & we split up to find him.

I went down a somewhat dark & quiet alleyway between two buildings, that had a stairway at the entrance, and I saw a man sitting/leaning against the wall who appeared to be the man; but he was dead with an arrow stuck in his heart.

I was still in a bit of a panic and I felt that I had failed in protecting him and I felt bad, but I shook those feelings away; and I quickly went to try to find the assassin(s) before they escaped.

I felt that the assassin(s) were probably professionals and I felt that they would be very dangerous, and so I quietly moved down the alleyway & I went into a small courtyard; but then I heard foot steps coming down the stairway at the entrance of the alleyway, and so I looked around the corner to see if it was the assassin(s).

I saw two women with small/tiny ancient maybe Chinese and/or Mongolian style curved shortbows & arrows, and they appeared to be some of the assassins & they had the appearance of maybe the stereotype of ancient Chinese and/or Mongolian assassins/warriors/citizens; they had whitish/yellowish colored skin, long black colored hair, ancient/older style clothing, and their eyes & faces had the appearance of the stereotype of a citizen from maybe China and/or Mongolia.

They started to prepare their bows & arrows to shoot me once they saw me looking around the corner and so I hid by/behind the corner, and I heard one of them running up the alleyway toward me; and I attacked her when she came around the corner, and I grabbed her & I took her bow & arrows & I took her as a hostage & I used her as a shield.

The other assassin tried to come help her but I either shot her with the bow & arrow and/or she was afraid to shoot at me, because I was using the other assassin as a shield, and then other assassins started to come out as I backed into the courtyard using the assassin as a shield & hostage.

The assassins started taking positions with their ranged weapons and they told me to let the assassin go, they all seemed to be part of one family maybe, and they really did care about the safety of the assassin who I was using as a hostage & shield; and a probably unarmed elderly woman with the assassins, did most of the talking/negotiating with me.

I then started to talk to them and the assassin who I had as a shield & hostage, about the situation, as we all had a stand-off; I was alone and out-numbered, but I was not ready to back down.

The assassin who I was using as a hostage & shield and I started to have a good conversation, and to the surprise of all of us, she seemed to like me; and then she begged the other assassins to not harm me.

They and I were shocked, and they asked her if she was sure and she said yes, and so they then lowered their ranged weapons; and then she hugged me and/or kissed me & then she told me something about the future, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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