Walking On Water & Fishing

Dream 1

I remember part of a few dreams from last night, with the first dream taking place in a building with many floors, rooms, and stairways; and all that I can remember is walking around the building.

Dream 2

The second dream that I remember took place outside during the day at a lake that my dad, my grandfather, my uncle CE, my cousin ME, my former classmates J & L & their dad, and I once fished at in real life.

In the dream, my mom, my brothers, and I went there to fish.

Strangely, there was shallow water where the grass should be, and we could walk on it.

I remember carefully walking on the water toward my mom, who had called me, as my brothers fished.

I remember looking around to make sure that no snakes were around as I walked toward my mom and as I talked to my mom.

Furthermore, I remember picking up a stick to use it as a defensive weapon, just in case.

Not only that, but I remember that the stick was hallowed, and so I threw it on the ground, to make sure that a snake was not hiding in it.

I remember hearing loud splashing noises in the deeper parts of the lake, and we wondered if it was a big fish or something else; but then suddenly my mom & my brothers wanted to leave, and we started to leave.

As we left, we noticed an automobile near the lake, and we wondered if the splashing noises had been people jumping into the lake, but I woke up.

Dream 3

The last dream that I remember took place at my grandfather’s house at night or very early in the morning when it was still dark.

I went to check my grandfather’s mail & newspaper & I went to see if he needed anything.

My grandfather was sitting in the living room, and I asked him if he wanted me to turn on the lights, and he said yes.

So I tried to figure out which switches controlled which light, since there were several switches.

As I was turning on various switches, I noticed that two of the switches controlled the lights inside my aunt JE’s house, and I saw the lights turn on in her house.

She panicked, I turned off the lights, but she called the police.

She had no idea how the lights had come on and off, and she was in a paranoid panic as she talked with the emergency operator.

I had no idea that those two light switches controlled the lights in her house until that happened, and I felt a bit bad that it had accidentally caused my aunt to panic & call the police.

I told my grandfather what had happened, and then I was waiting in his living room looking out the door, waiting for the police to arrive at my aunt JE’s house.

So that I could explain to them what had happened, but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr 🙂

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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