Pauline Croze In Mississippi | A Meeting Of Various People From Around The World ?

Last night I had several dreams, but I can only remember part of two dreams; with the first dream taking place in Mississippi?

Somehow I was seeing/watching a scene that showed the musician Pauline Croze in Mississippi, and she was taking part in a program that built free houses for people (maybe something like Habitat For Humanity or something like that) and she was probably touring in the USA for the first time & she was probably promoting her new album that was to be released or that was already released; and I was seeing various scenes with her in them.

All of the scenes took place during the day, and some scenes showed Ms. Croze listening to a translator trying to explain how to do some of the construction work as the builders in charge spoke in English & the translator spoke in French & Ms. Croze spoke in French & she asked questions in French; and most of these scenes showed Ms. Croze making serious faces, listening to her translator speak French, and asking questions in French as she tried to make sense of how to build a house.

Some of the scenes had fictional Pauline Croze songs playing in the background, and some scenes showed various clips of Ms. Croze & her band exploring & touring the USA & funny/silly behind the scenes moments during those times & as they helped to build free houses for people in Mississippi.

Some of the scenes probably had interviews of various people from the construction projects, of Ms. Croze, of band members, of Ms. Croze’s management/promoter(s)/whoever, and random people.

I am not sure if I ever was directly in the dream or not, and that is all that I can remember.

My last dream is unclear & I am not sure where I was exactly, but I remember being part of a group of people who were chosen to represent our birth countries at a gathering of people from around the world; and we were all dressed up in dress clothes like suits, et cetera, and I was wearing a bigger version of the suit that my Mad Men Avatar is wearing.

I noticed that most of the other people had dark greenish colored clothes, and a person in my group told me that the recommended colors for the gathering this time was/were greenish colors; but I had not know about that, it seemed that I had been recently chosen to be part of the group representing my birth country this year & I was not familiar with the rules & recommendations yet.

My group & I stood in line with various other groups of people from around the world during the day on the sidewalk outside of a townhouse-like building in an unknown location, and we were in a nice quiet neighborhood with no one else around but the groups of people from around the world sent to represent their/our birth countries.

I saw, I listened to, and I spoke to various people from probably almost every country on Earth; and I heard many languages, some known & some unknown.

Each group & person had to be cleared before we could enter the townhouse-like building, and so we each had to show proof of entry & we each had to pass security checks; but it was not annoying like at airports, and so it was not a problem.

Eventually my group and I were cleared & we went inside of the townhouse-like building, which was not very big, and it had an older look & feel to it; and it seemed that the townhouse-like building had probably been a meeting place for many years, and there were paintings and/or photographs of various people who had met there in the past.

I am guessing that maybe once a year, various people are chosen to represent their countries, and they are sent to have a special meeting at the townhouse-like building.

There were chairs lined up facing a projection screen that was on the wall, and a woman started to go over some of the rules & she showed us some examples of negative past situations so that we could avoid them happening again; and one of these negative past situations involved a past group of people who were chosen to represent their countries, and some of them were swimming in a pool at the townhouse-like building.

A group of people from the USA were swimming with a group of people from Russia, and a man or woman from Russia (whose name was said, but I forgot their name exactly, but it did sound Russian) was swimming under water as a man from the USA went to dive into the pool over the person from Russia who was swimming under the water; the man from the USA did this as a joke, but the water was too shallow in that area of the pool, and so the man from the USA accidentally did a belly flop on the person from Russian, which seriously injured the person from Russia’s arm.

The injury was so bad, that a medical surgeon who was at the townhouse-like building for possible emergencies, had to do emergency surgery to save the person from Russia’s arm; the surgeon was able to save the arm, but the person from Russia’s arm is still not functioning normally even now/today.

And so the woman was stressing the importance/seriousness of the safety rules to help make sure that everyone stays safe, and she did not want anyone else to ever get hurt or seriously injured like that again; and surprisingly the man from the USA who had accidentally seriously injured the person from Russia, was once again in the group of people chosen to represent the USA.

I woke up as the woman was showing and explaining various rules to us.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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