A Stealth Invasion Of The United States (USA)?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I remember part of three dreams.

Dream 1

The first dream took place at my parent’s house during a storm or something, that took place during the night, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

The second dream took place in a room with a lot of glass windows on the right side of the room, and the room was like a modern apartment & other people were there like some of my former classmates such as: KB; and it was is during the night & we could see the stars, parts of a city (maybe), and a body of water (sea?) by our building that might have had a port-like area or something near our building.

KB and I saw something in the sky that looked almost like a shooting star or something that flew past & behind the clouds where we could no longer see it but no one else saw it, and later we saw an object that appeared to possibly be the same object from earlier fly & stop in the sky & it changed directions & it flew where we all saw the bottom of it & it was a black triangular unidentified flying object (UFO) with probably reddish colored and/or whitish colored lights on the bottom of it that were lined up on both sides of the triangular-shaped bottom; and it flew by our windows.

We all started to look out of the windows, and then the object flew around in the sky above the water and we could see the top of the object this time & it looked somewhat like an American Black Stealth Fighter Jet like the Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk or something, but it probably was a new type of plane/spaceship & I remember seeing something written on the aircraft maybe but I am not sure if it was writing and/or a symbol but I think that the writing and/or symbol probably was associated with The United States Military and/or NASA and/or something owned by the USA; and then we all started to think that it was just the US Military and/or NASA and/or The US Government testing a prototype or something.

As we looked out of the window we then saw what somewhat looked like an older-style plane flying low & slowly like it was trying to avoid being detected on/by radar that reminded me of an old World War II Japanese and/or Chinese fighter plane or something but I could be wrong, and then to our surprise the triangular black aircraft shot the older-style fighter plane out of the sky & it exploded, and then we saw some ships/boats arriving from the darkness & maybe fog in the water carrying a lot of soldiers who appeared to maybe be Chinese soldiers(?) or something & I remember seeing the color yellow associated with these ships/boats and/or soldiers, but I can not remember if the color yellow was on some of their uniforms and/or ships and/or something else; and the ships were arriving to the port-like area, and it appeared that they were doing a secret/stealth invasion of The United States (USA).

We started to see more older-style fighter planes arriving in the sky & some of them were being shot down by the black triangular aircraft and/or aircrafts and/or a few other US Military aircrafts that had come to attack the invaders & more invading older-style fighter planes were arriving & more boats full of invading soldiers were arriving at the port-like area, and some of the soldiers got on land to attack; and then everyone inside my apartment started to panic.

I ran out of our room and we lived on one of the upper floors and I ran down a stairway that led to a lobby, and the lobby was full of panicked & angry people who were trying to escape to the subway, which was connected to our apartment building strangely; but the police were not allowing anyone to leave the building or to escape through the subway, and so almost everyone was standing around panicking & complaining.

I saw my former classmate AM among the people in the crowd, some people were crying, some people were yelling, some people were talking on their mobile phones, et cetera; and there was a mass panic basically, as people realized that an invasion of the USA was taking place right outside of our building and probably other parts of the USA.

I wondered why the police were forcing us to stay in the building, but then the front doors of the lobby burst open, and maybe Chinese(?) soldiers and/or some unknown soldiers with wood (most of the stocks were wooden) & metal (the rest of the parts were metal) somewhat older rifles with bayonets attached came charging into the building yelling & screaming in an unknown language, and the dream felt real at this point; and one of the soldiers came running & yelling in my direction and the dream felt so real that I instantly felt completely vulnerable since I had no weapons or armor & I felt that the soldier could actually kill me by shooting me and/or stabbing me with his bayonet, and I feared for the safety of my family & friends & myself.

It felt so real that I felt my mortality (I felt that I could die & I was afraid of dying & I was afraid of everyone in my room dying & I felt weak & I felt completely unprotected) & I was not worried about helping anyone else except myself & the people in my room, and I ran up the stairs pushing people out-out-of-the-way in the panic trying to warn everyone in my room before it was too late, as people ran around screaming as the soldiers ran into the building yelling, and I was completely afraid & I was in a panic & I only wanted to survive long enough to warn the others in my room & to lock the door to give them time to escape.

I barely made it to our apartment to lock the doors, and then I ran to the windows to look outside & I yelled to everyone in the room that we must leave the building now & that the building was over-run by soldiers & that we did not have much time, but outside there were soldiers arriving on land & there were soldiers arriving in boats & there were airplanes exploding in the sky & there were probably a few submarines under the water & there was a battle going on outside, and so it was not safe outside either, but inside our building was not safe, and so I tried to decide if we could somehow how escape from the balcony without dying.

I knew that we only had seconds to decide what to do before the soldiers would knock down our door and I was in a full panic, but then I woke up.

Dream 3

My last dream took place during the day as I was traveling by automobile away to somewhere else, and I stopped at a Dollar General store?

I saw my former classmate/schoolmate MF working in the store, and as I looked around the store I think that I started to remember some of my experiences from the first two dreams; and I remember thinking that I had not went to sleep in a while, and I felt a bit tired & worn out from all the stress of what had happened during the storm & the invasion?

I took something to the cash register to buy where a man & woman were/was working, and I talked with them as I paid for my stuff & I remember seeing the total cost of what I was buying was $2.Something at first but then it changed to $4.Something later; and so I told the female cashier about the price change, and I counted my dollars & my coins. (It is rare for money to be in my dreams & even rarer for amounts of money to be visible in numbers & I even was able to count my money & the money looked real)

I remember telling them that I had been through a lot recently and that it would take too long for me to explain all the crazy & terrible things that I had experienced, and I told them that I had not slept in a while & that I was not even sure if my family was still alive or not & I did not know where my family was after all the chaos.

I could not remember what happened to my family, but I hoped that they were okay and I hoped that I would find them again; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂