9-18-2011 | Dream Fragment | SS Back From SK

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Last night I remember part of my last dream which took place in D during the day, and my parent‘s and I were driving by my former classmate SS‘s parent’s house; and we saw his automobile, and so we stopped to see if he was back from SK.

The house was open and we walked inside calling SS’s name, and a man came downstairs who I was not sure if it was SS or not; and then he invited us inside, but I can not remember the next part clearly.

I just remember my parent’s and I talking with SS, who was dressed oddly, and there were two women from SK with him; and one of the women seemed to be his girlfriend & the other woman seemed to be her friend, but it was never mentioned in the dream if she was his girlfriend or not.

The woman who seemed to be SS’s girlfriend could speak English better than the woman who appeared to be her friend, they both had somewhat heavy K-English accents, and they both did not speak much & they both sometimes spoke in K instead of English.

SS’s parent’s were not at the house and some unknown kids, possibly familiar members of the two women, were at the house instead.

After a short conversation my parent’s left, and I stayed to visit with SS and the two women; and then we went upstairs to play some video games & talk.

We played three fictional video games on a big screen TV but I can not remember the first game, but the second game was a cool multi-player game that all four of us could play, and it took place in a medieval-like setting; and I was able to experience the video game from different points-of-view(s) at various times.

During some parts I was experiencing the game from the room, during other parts I was inside the game seeing things like a camera person, and during other parts I was a character in the game.

The game was a split screen game where one or more characters controlled/played a king or queen in a castle and either an invasion was happening of their castle/kingdom and/or a civil war was happening in their castle/kingdom and/or a citizen rebellion was happening in their castle/kingdom and/or the royal families were fighting for control of the castle/kingdom (I think that the scenarios varied for each player & several of these things could be happening at once/the same time, and the scenarios were random for each player); and each player started with their king or queen in their castle throne room or secure room in their castle, their loyal servants/followers/citizens & guards were in the other parts of the castle/kingdom and/or outside the castle/kingdom, the people trying to kill and/or overthrow the king or queen were either outside of the castle/kingdom and/or inside the castle/kingdom, and whichever player was able to survive and/or reach a certain area in the game would win, but each player had to survive various obvious & sometimes hidden dangers to survive & you would lose if your king or queen was killed and/or defeated.

I remember watching the others play several matches first, and then I played; and I was inside of the game at some point, and I was the king.

My king/I (I was not myself exactly, I was somewhat controlling an obese man with whitish colored skin, who probably seemed to be a bit cowardly & selfish) started in a secure area of my/the castle alone, with people loyal to me guarding areas inside of the castle/kingdom and outside of the castle/kingdom, and I decided to try to run to reach the area of the game that allowed you to instantly win the game so that I could win before my castle/kingdom was overthrown and/or I was killed; and my character had a crown and a thick royal cape & robe-like outfit a bit like the kings from the old Age Of Empires II video game.

My castle was not very big, it was an old & sturdy stone castle, and I did not have many people loyal to me to protect my castle/kingdom; and I remember running out of my secure room to escape to the area of the game that allowed you to win automatically.

I ran into a hallway where I saw one or more guards, and I heard angry mobs/crowds of people outside of the castle/kingdom; and I ordered the guards outside of my secure room to secure the entrances & exits & that I would continue alone down the hallway.

The guards were afraid for my safety if I traveled alone, but I told them that securing the entrances & exits was more important; and I thanked them for their concern, and I continued to run down the hallway.

It seemed that some groups of people in the castle/kingdom were trying to overthrow me but some still supported me, not many but some, and there were some assassins in the castle pretending to be supporters that I came across as I ran; and they chased me through the castle trying to kill me.

Most of my supporters were not guards, most of them were women and men with no armor or weapons, and so I probably told them to escape & save themselves.

I ran from the assassins since I had no weapons or armor, and I had no guards to help me; and at some point I heard that the main castle doors had been breached by the angry mobs of people.

The situation seemed lost as I ran from the assassins toward a small exit of the castle, and I ran past some of my guards & I yelled/begged for them to stop the assassins, and they stopped to fight the assassins as I continued to run toward the small exit; and the area to win the game was not far outside of the small exit of my castle, which led to a courtyard with a symbol that represented the Instant Win area or whatever.

But suddenly the small exit door burst open and a few angry men with weapons ran yelling at me trying to kill me, as my guards were still fighting the assassins, and so I ran backward dodging their attacks.

I somehow managed to get around them by running toward the battle between my guards & the assassins, which cause the group of angry men to join the battle against my guards, and then I ran through the exit door to the courtyard outside.

It was a cloudy day outside and I could hear fighting on the main side of the castle/kingdom, but the courtyard where I standing was abandoned & quiet to my surprise; and I saw the large Instant Win Symbol or whatever it was painted on the stone ground of the courtyard.

I smiled and I laughed at my luck/fortune, and I ran to stand in the symbol to quickly win the game before SS and the others could win their games; and I won the game, and then I was back in the room with SS and the others.

We talked about my close & surprise victory, and we had a few good laughs; and I remember talking with the woman’s friend a bit, whose English was pretty hard for me to understand, but I was able to somewhat understand her enough to have an idea of what she was saying.

She asked me a few questions and I asked her a few questions, and I had to try very hard to understand what she was saying; but I am pretty good at that, and so it was not a big problem or anything.

The third and last game that I played was a Super Smash Bros-like game that I played against SS, and we had a one-on-one fight/battle; and SS barely defeated me, and it was a close & fun match.

We then went outside to talk and watch the kids play, as I prepared to leave, and I remember wondering if SS’s brother MS was still in SK since I did not see him; but I did not ask.

I also wondered if one of the women was SS’s girlfriend, but I did not ask.

I wondered where SS’s parent’s & grandmother were/was, but I did not ask.

I wondered who the kids were, but I did not ask.

I wondered how long were SS & the women going to stay, before they would return to SK, but I did not ask.

I wondered what was it like living in SK compared to NK, and so I asked them & they tried to explain what SK was like and their experiences & opinions about NK; and I listened closely trying to understand them, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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